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  1. "Plain rice would be gluten-free. Most items with only one ingredient are safe, unless the ingredient is obviously a gluten source such as flour." I unfortunately had a bad experience with rice. I had Unico long grain rice and OH boy I was in pain for days. I added other ingredients such as eggplants and lentils I had those both by themselves and was fine so rice had to be the culprit. It's such a pain because it's not listed anywhere on the packaging "may contain wheat, soy etc." I'm going to shoot them an e-mail about this see if there was some cross contamination.
  2. This is quite an old post so here's some updated information on the matter. I also live in Canada where labelling laws seem to be different. I was having some bad reactions and decided to further investigate what I was consuming. WARNING: Advil Liqui-Gels (green colored capsules) have gluten in them. It's found in the sorbitol from what I remember the Customer Rep telling me. I also asked them to e-mail this information so I had a hard copy. I'll post this when they send it.