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  1. I have been going through the same thing for years now, but have recovered a lot. what has been helping me the best is to do all the antifungals at once (if you can handle it) with massive amounts of probiotics. finding the right strains that counteract the type of candida you have can take some time. For example, the probiotics my doctors put me on, didn't do great for me, but the PB8 probiotics from the health food store, I can't live without. In addition, I recently started making my own dairy free yogurt. That is doing wonders due to the hi content of probiotics in it. Plus digestive enzymes are a must with every meal or snack. Something else I'm trying is a protein powder from Metagenics, made specifically for super allergic/ intolerant people called Sustain. It's made for people with Leaky Gut Syndrome, which is what we have that is causing our food allergies from the candida. I mix the powder, with the yogurt, some cinnamon oil for taste. Hope this helps. PS- when you are having major die-off reactions take activated charcoal capsules. It takes the die-off symptoms away.
  2. You may be iron deficient as well. That can also cause the bloating.
  3. I go through this too. Glad to hear it can be healed!
  4. Hi Clock, Thanks for the info on the Glutamine. I have been having severe problems with hypoglycemia since I restarted the glutamine. It makes sense.