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  1. Hi NoodleUnit and Wheelez, Sounds like we all hit rough patches at the same time and are now trying to get back into a routine! Recovery, I'm finding, is a long-term path to follow. I really did think I'd be back to normal by now, but I now realize that was naive. However, when I compare now to last year, I'm much better. Do you all feel the same? NoodleUnit: How is your knee coming along? We're getting colder here too, so I'll definitely be transitioning to indoor workouts. I tested allergic to corn when they found the Celiac, and they told me the reaction to corn was most likely a temporary thing due to the inflammation from the Celiac. At the time, I was to wait 6-12 months and then test corn. Well, I tested it a couple of weeks ago (at the six-month mark) and I had a bit of a reaction to it, so I'm hoping it will eventually go away completely. In the meantime, I've shelved corn until December. You may be having a similar reaction. Glad to hear that you're able to add some dairy back in and that your grip is improving. Great news! Wheelez: Hope you're feeling better after the cold, etc. It's a hard time of year to stay well with the constant weather changes and the holidays coming. I'm starting to feel pretty worn down myself. Good luck with getting back to your routine at the gym. I'll have to re-start the c25k again too. But, first, I'm going to build some endurance with walking (although I may not be able to resist some jogging). For my workouts, I did cardio three times this week. Nothing too major, just walking on an incline. Am going to do four days this week, with a few jogging intervals. In the meantime, I'm continuing to be really happy with my progress in strength training. I go in on Tuesday for my 6-month blood tests to see how things are going, so I'm anxious to get those results. I'll let you know how they go. Have a good week! Greenling
  2. Hi Jessica, I had this exact same problem when I went Gluten-free six months ago as my doctor recommended I look at all the products I use. I also wanted organic/natural products. So I have a few suggestions for you: Shampoos, Conditioners, Hairspray: Can't help you on hairspray, but for shampoo and conditioners, I suggest either "Avalon Organics" or the "Yes to" brand (available at Wal-Mart, Kroger's (in the Natural Foods section), etc.). "Yes to" comes in "yes to tomatoes", "cucumbers" or "carrots" depending on your hair type. Very affordable both brands. Laundry detergent & Fabric softener (sheets for fabric softener only please.): I like "Zum" brand, but it's expensive, so I usually buy "Ecos" (I get this at my Kroger's store, Hy-Vee also carries it). Dishwashing liquid (Joy, Dawn, Palmolive?): I use "Seventh Generation" (available at Target). Lotion, Body wash, Hand Soap: I like "Yes to", and "Dr. Bronner's Castile" (liquid or solid). "Zum" soaps are also wonderful. Toothepaste: I use "Crest" (it's not organic or natural, but it contains flouride and I want flouride in my toothpaste). Facial cleansers/moisturizers: I like "Yes to" facial cleansers and moisturizers, but I currently use just unpasteurized, raw honey. (Google "Crunchy Betty" for more information). My skin looks great and no moisturizer is needed. If you wear make-up, you might look into oil-cleansing methods as well (also on "Crunchy Betty"). It works like a charm (and my skin is sensitive and likes to break out). Bathroom & kitchen cleaners: I make my own cleaners (see "Crunchy Betty" recipes) and they work amazingly well. I also steam clean things a lot (with a Han steam cleaner). As a general reference, "Crunchy Betty" has given me lots of ideas for how to do just about anything naturally and low fuss. Hope this helps! Greenling
  3. Hi everyone, I hope that you're all doing well. Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for a while. Work buried me, and I started having fatigue issues and cross-contamination issues (because of my nephew who's living with me this semester). Can't say that I felt horrible (like I did before), but I had no energy by the time I kept up with work (and neuropathy issues started creeping back along with the fatigue). The only workouts I've gotten in consistently since mid-September were weight-lifting. That has gone incredibly well (as I've gained strength back quickly). But I've hit a wall with cardio and have to be careful not to push it or I'm wiped out. I'm back to starting over (almost) with the c25k, but am hopeful to get going again with it this week. NoodleUnit, hang in there with the extended runs. I can understand how frustrating it is to compare past performance to your current abilities. But think how far you've made it this summer/fall. Also hope that things are looking up for you and your family job-wise as well. That is a tough blow, but it sounds like you've handled it very well. Wheelez, hope your stress level has gone down a bit and you're able to get back to the gym. Hopefully, everyone will stay healthy for a while and allow you to get back into a routine. Gladi8tor, thanks for popping in with words of wisdom. The New Year will be here before we know it, so not a bad time to pre-start resolutions. Talk to you all again soon! Greenling
  4. This is an interesting thread, so thanks for posting it. My info: Age diagnosed- 41 Gluten free- 6 months (yea!) Recovery so far: 60-70% I cannot believe how much better I feel.
  5. I can't say enough good things about "Whole Life Nutrition" (google or go to "wholelifenutrition dot net". I followed their elimination diet for 28 days (actually right before I was diagnosed with Celiac) and it was fantastically helpful (and gave me a 28-day headstart on going gluten-free). They explain quite a lot of detail online--they have both a website and a blog (and also give some great recipes). I found their whole process very nutritionally sound. And their focus on whole foods is great for Celiac recovery. I'm still eating their recipes and drinking green smoothies six months into recovery (and I feel great most days!).
  6. Just thought I'd drop in and report. I miss reading everyone's updates. Work is going well, but very busy, and I'm tired by the end of every day. Because of my work schedule (very heavy on Monday, Wednesday, Friday), I've had to move my workouts to the other four days. So I run and lift weights on Tuesday and Thursday, run on Saturday, and lift weights on Sunday. No two days in a row for rest anymore. But I really wanted to get back to three days of weights/week (I need to be strong to help care for my mom and dad). So I may have to place running on the back burner for a bit. In the meantime, I've been running 2.5 minutes intervals with 1.5 minutes walking. I'm finding I lost a bit of cardio stamina with my two weeks off + higher work demands. So I'm focusing on increasing the number of intervals before I work on building time. Today I did 5 (for a total of 20 minutes + warm-up/cool-down). Once I make my way to 2 miles worth (right now, I get about 1.4 miles), I'll start increasing the length of the runs. One of the more frustrating aspects of recovery, I'm finding, is how up-and-down it is (I got glutened last week in a restaurant and it was my own careless fault!) and how slow it is. I told myself this morning on the treadmill, "You were very sick for 10 years (and who knows how many asymptomatic years before that), you can't expect to be at your peak in five months." So, I'm trying to be content with how good I feel in my daily life (how much happy energy I have now, and how many "good days"), and trying not to focus on my "snail-like progress" in my workouts. When I think in those terms, it's a lot easier to be patient with myself (and not want everything all at once). This week is 5 months Gluten-free for me!! Hope you all are well! And that you feel like you're making the progress that you want to make.
  7. I take a generic form of thyroid replacement hormone early morning (around 5:30) and a Calcium + Magnesium supplement with dinner. I've never had any problems with depression from them. Gluten, on the other hand.... So, I think AVR's glutening hypothesis is a good one. Or it may be that you need more thyroid hormone replacement (if that's your med)--hypothyroidism can cause depression-like symptoms. If you only started it a month ago, you may not be on the correct dose yet. Worth checking out if it doesn't get better. Hope you feel better soon!
  8. Hi all, Thanks for the helpful suggestions and words of encouragement! I finally made it back to the gym today (first week of classes has been crazy!). Ran a 5-minute interval, and two 3-minutes at a good speed (better than before) and walked the rest. My running felt very relaxed, my breathing was good, and the heat intolerance was gone. But I didn't want to push my luck since it'd been two weeks off, so I walked the other 19 minutes. Did a reduced weight workout and had a good stretch. In a way, I think my body appreciated the time off as it was able to adjust to a stable dose of thyroid meds and going back to work, etc. So, I hope it continues. In the meantime, I've got to figure out a schedule that works. Wheelez, hope you're feeling less tired and back to your normal self. Gluten Gladi8tor, thanks for your input. Today, when I was stretching, I was the most flexible I've been in months, so consistency pays off. NoodleUnit, congrats on running half-mile intervals and doing Week 5! Not to mention running uphill. I haven't been able to convince myself I want to do that yet.
  9. Hi funnydoc! I was able to add dairy back in after 14 weeks gluten-free, so there is hope for you and regular ice cream.
  10. Hi to both of you, Hope you're doing well. Where are you in your c25k adventure? NoodleUnit, has your cold gone away? I didn't get to work out at all last week. Work started for me again with orientation for our teaching assistants (whom I supervise). It was a shock to my body to go from working at home (mostly sitting and reading/writing) to 10-hour days at my office. I think I found out I'm not as recovered as I thought. I didn't feel bad, I just was tired at the end of every day and ready to sleep. So, I'm determined to get back to the gym tomorrow. Am going to take it a bit easy since the first week of classes is always brutal. Don't know if I'll repeat Week 4 or have to go backwards a bit (I'm worried about 10 days off!). But I've decided not to stress about it--I'll do the best I can and see how work and exercise combine. My nephew moved in on Saturday (he's a student where I teach), so my house is no longer 100% Gluten-free. I'm still cooking all of my food, but there will be some foods that he prepares for himself with gluten in them. Hopefully, no CC will occur. It's nice to have him around though. Have a good week! Greenling
  11. Hi, Hope you're both enjoying your workouts and your weekend. Wheeleez, hope you're feeling better as "that time" ends. Sounds like you're still getting in some good exercise. Are you staying with Week 4 or moving on to Week 5? NoodleUnit, I looked at Week 5 and just about swallowed my tongue--that's a big step up! I'm sorry to hear that your right side is causing you problems. I don't know if you've done much strength-training in the past, but I'd recommend exercises that target one side at a time (free weights are good), but still allow you to support/stabilize the working muscles. When I was recovering from knee surgery (right side), I used to do the machines more and I used my left side to do most of the work (I'm left-handed). I ended up being rather unbalanced strength-wise. When I worked more with free weights and forced each side to lift its share, it was very eye opening. As for me, I did Week 4 twice and then my gym closed Thursday-Sunday to move to their new location, so no workouts for me. I'll try Week 4 again this week and see how it goes. Still feeling well, but work is about to get very crazy for me (I teach university and supervise instructors). Classes start in a week, with meetings this week. So my responses may be a bit sporadic for a while until I find a routine that works. Wish me luck as I'll need to be very organized with carrying food! Greenling
  12. You know you're gluten free if you know the best prices and places to buy amaranth, quinoa and teff.
  13. My Experience With Mayo Clinic

    Just want to back up what you're saying about Dr. Murray and the Mayo Clinic 100%! I was there in May and finally got a diagnosis after many years of symptoms. Every person with whom I had contact was outstanding--caring, friendly, and willing to take time to listen. Dr. Murray was delightful and a wealth of information for me (as I had no idea that this diagnosis was coming). The costs were quite affordable, considering the level of care and the extensive eval they had to do. I cannot recommend the Mayo more highly!
  14. Hi NoodleUnit and Wheeleezdryver, I hope you're both feeling better. It is definitely a good idea to rest rather than overdo. Otherwise, those bumps in the road to getting healthy can get bigger. Maybe extra stretching would be helpful? I finally have good news to report. Today I completed Week 4, Day 1 with a medium amount of difficulty. I'm so happy (as I was kind of going backwards there for a while)! I think a number of factors helped here: it was much cooler (70 degrees this morning), the lower dose of meds, and two days rest. So I'm cautiously optimistic that I'll be able to make progress again. I'll try Week 4 stuff Wednesday again and see how it goes. I already know I'll be repeating Week 4 next week as I have to make up some ground. Wheeleezdryver, in answer to your question.... ...I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease (hyperactivity) in 2000, but I was never a 'textbook case'. My thyroid was removed in 2008, but in order to keep symptoms under control (namely an inflammatory response from the uncontrolled Celiac), I had to take "mega-doses" of Synthroid (225 mcg!). One of the first things the doctors told me when I was diagnosed with Celiac is that my dose would go down as I started to absorb better. And it really has. In four months (I went Gluten-free mid-April, was diagnosed Celiac mid-May), my dose has decreased from 225 to 137. So I'm very happy about it as it's my own personal barometer of healing (and I feel like I'm not so up-down-up-down now). But your dose might not change as much or at all (since I assume you're not on a hefty dose now). However, if they're not regularly monitoring it, you might have your TSH checked every so often.
  15. Hi NoodleUnit, Thanks, it is a relief to know I'm healing (even if the side effects kind of drive me crazy). I think the weights would normally be a lot harder for someone to pick back up, but I've lifted for about 15 years. So even though I stopped doing them as often when I was super sick, I never stopped completely. Right now, they're easier for me than cardio. I totally agree with you on the rest for cardio. I can't do it back-to-back and my best days are after two days rest also. It's a funny thing, this "coming back to exercise post-diagnosis". I never know quite what to blame on recovery and what to blame on getting older or being out of shape. Good luck on Monday with your run. I'll be plugging away too. Greenling