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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I'm so glad this thread is here. I was way too lazy to cook before gluten free (like bce?). I'm making this brown rice pilaf with prosciutto and sun dried tomatoes from the gluten free recipes android app. I've tried the broiled citrus & herb fish recipe from there, and it turned out great, and easy! I couldn't find prosciutto, so I just bought some other ham, hope that works out. I haven't yet thought of what to put over it, might just consider it a dish in itself. Summertime changes my appetite, so the rice pilaf itself with some raw veggies on the side kinda sounds better than a heavy, meaty meal.
  2. My sister has been having chest pains for several months. She has no digestive complaints, but she was diagnosed with diabetes 22 years ago. 5 1/2 years ago she had half her thyroid removed. She also takes antidepressants. A couple of months ago, she underwent a stress test which found nothing. Our grandfather has celiac disease. Because I've been looking into my own symptoms, it has been on her mind lately, and she feels that the pains tend to coincide with eating gluten. Has anyone ever had gluten related chest pain?
  3. My daughter's symptoms aren't that bad.... yet. She sounds like I did at her age, though, and I'm pretty miserable at this point. By experimentation with diet, we both seem much better gluten free. When our results came in, I gave her the choice whether to adhere to the diet or not. She chose chicken nuggets from burger king. It was the first gluten meal for both of us in 4 days. She decided to go gluten free after her first trip to the bathroom. The next morning she still wanted gluten food the next morning, and we both had frosted mini wheats. The evening, we lined up at the bathroom at the same time. That night, she complained of hemorrhoid like symptoms. This was two days ago. She has since been with my parents for the weekend, and my mom is to be keeping a food journal for me. I don't think she's seriously ill at this point, but I believe she is headed that direction. It's just so much easier to be angry and defensive over your child than yourself. I'm afraid it does seem necessary to have her diagnosed to be taken seriously by the school. I realise I could just pack her lunch in future years and be good, but she's starting kindergarten where I know there will be daily snacks in the classroom.
  4. What I really want is scientific proof to throw in his face and scream STFU! or maybe I just want to rant. In his mind, no tangible evidence = nothing there
  5. I'm wanting to be told something other than "its all in your head". i was even straight called crazy yesterday. my incredibly supportive boyfriend/father of the five year old child occasionally doubled over in pain from cramps thinks a negative blood test is sufficient reason to forget all of this. he even suggested I let him support us and.go back to school or at least begin socializing more with friends to get myself to stop creating health problems for myself and dragging our daughter into it. I'm making sure I'm not just missing something here in that my experiences are lesser or different than those of you who can actually prove something is really going on with you.
  6. I'm not sure of the correct place to pose a question about everyone else. Kind of gross question: Is it "normal" to have frequent, almost daily, constipation with cramps that rapidly transforms into extreme urgency and diarrhea? Is it "normal" for this diarrhea to involve such things as undigested food, malabsorbed fat, mucus, and blood? Do these things happen when there is nothing wrong with a person? Was I lying when I told my daughter that she had to have blood work because most peoples tummies do NOT hurt everyday and diarrhea is NOT supposed to be the normal form of bowel movement. Seriously, can we have all these issues without there being anything wrong with us?
  7. I feel exactly the same way. I wish it were just doctors, though. my boyfriend of nine years is telling me its all in my head. I wanted the test so badly just so I could prove I had a justifiable concern. I read a study someone had mentioned on a forum by Dr Peter green at Columbia. he looked at blood test results for biopsy diagnosed patients and found that in practice, the tests are only 70% accurate. for those without complete villous atrophy, the positives were below 50%. he also found no positive ttgs in that group. apparently the rate of iga deficiency in celiacs is 20%. it really made me feel like the test is practically useless. I'm sorry to hear about your trouble, but its nice to find someone else in the same situation. I think everyone I know is getting tired of hearing about it.
  8. I have always had an 'allergy' to soap. I've never had it checked out. Every time I bathe, I get this itchy rash all over, mostly legs arms and belly. The absolute worst is dial bar soap. That is so bad that if I shower after it has been used I practically scratch my skin off. Could this be a gluten thing? If so, what ingredients should I be weary of?
  9. [quote name='Jestgar' timestamp='1307099249' post='7052 If you were vegan would you ask for a doctor's permission to feed your children a vegan diet? If you were asian would you worry about them eating rice
  10. Forget it! Thank you for the response, but I have changed my mind. Immediately after starting this thread, I ate two slices of wheat toast to start preparing. I hurt before I even finished and was in the bathroom before I could even wash my plate. If two slices of bread make me feel like I'm dying, I'm done with it. As of this moment, my daughter and I are both self diagnosed celiacs just because I said so. Skeptics can call me a hypochondriac all they want, but they're not the ones eating this way.
  11. I finally found an affordable estimate for testing. Now I just need to get my doctor to send in an order. How long do I need to go back onto a gluten heavy diet to get a positive result?
  12. I am currently in the process of performing a gluten elimination test on myself for possible self-diagnosis because of family history and a plethora of symptoms. I'm doing it this way because I realized testing is not financially feasible for me. My area does have government funded health care for low-income children. I have an extremely mature five year old. Everytime I turn down a food item, she says, "its wheat, isn't it." So she asked what I was doing earlier which was talking to my sister about possibly having her family tested. This led to a discussion about genetics and the likelihood of checking her out as well. When she objected, I mentioned the one symptom I knew she had, occasional but severe "C". This started at the same age my mom says it did with me. This led to an overly descriptive discussion of her bms. I found out that she has "D" more often than not which is always followed by a tummyache. The child is terrified of needles, and has begged me to just put her on a gluten-free diet instead. How important is it to actually have the tests performed? Is it enough just to make her gluten-free or to follow up in a few months with a gluten challenge like I'm planning for myself?
  13. There's a potluck style family gathering coming up. I never know what to bring even without dietary restrictions. The hosts are grilling burgers and hot dogs. I know of one person bringing potato salad. Anyone have suggestions/recipes of something suitable to contribute? The other people with dietary restrictions include diabetes and an allergy to alcohol. There will also be lots of children.
  14. Your number 1 is exactly the "feeling better" I was talking about. Along with the constipation (I know, those two opposites do not belong together, right) and horrible pain.