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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Vision

    I've also had an experience where my eyesight improved.. I went to the eye doctor, and he exclaimed that my prescription went down and what did I do?! Well, the only thing I changed was going on the gluten free diet!
  2. Depressed About Hair Thinning/ Loss

    Thank you all for your responses... they are very helpful. I'm wondering specifically what kinds of supplemental regimens you all are on to deal with the hair loss and thinning---or any products that have worked, or you think are essential. This is a very sad thought. I understand, but it would be very very heartbreaking if this were the case. I read somewhere that gluten intolerance is not genetic and is very different from celiac in some ways. That in many cases, gluten can be re introduced into the died of a gluten intolerant person gradually. Is this true? I'm going to be returning to my college campus in a few weeks and I can safely monitor what does go into my diet and what doesn't. So I'll try this. What other foods do you suggest I try cutting out? (The essentials that gluten intolerant people have trouble with?) And how do I go about testing for food allergies? Do I eliminate one thing at a time, and for how long? I'm luckily not on any medication, so those wouldn't be suspects. But you mention that you use matrix shampoos. I used to use matrix's biologe in the past a lot. But stopped just because. Is biolage gluten free? Thanks so much for all your help and comments from others would be much appreciated from as well!
  3. Depressed About Hair Thinning/ Loss

    Thank you everyone for your responses! I am looking into biosil, doesn't hurt to try does it? I think I'm going to try and be on it. I forgot to mention, that I've taken multiple bloodtests within the past half a year and each one has come out fine. My doctors have done all the thyroid testing, and my thyroids are fine, I got an ultrasound for PCOS ( as I heard that also causes hair loss). I believe I also got tested for lupus? The doctors are no help, as they are convinced it is nothing. Since I am Korean and Japanese, I have grown up eating a ton of soy as well, and never had issues with it. I imagine it wouldn't make sense if I got a allergic to soy all of a sudden? That would be heartbreaking and ridiculously annoying. I've been gluten free for about a little more than a year and I've not seen any healing at all with my hair......waiting, waiting and waiting, but no results. Anyone else have recommendations?
  4. Hello all, I haven't posted recently due to a lot of stresses regarding internship and I just got a virus so I'm recuperating from that. I wrote an earlier post about how to deal with the amount of hair thinning. Thought I'd suck it up and wait, eat well, continue taking my vitamins. And I was too busy to do much about it either. My health insurance was having issues with renewal, so I was practically waiting for all that to clear up as well. It still is a mess, but I did see the doctor this past week and talked to him about my worries. He seems VERY convinced I don't have it---he only did a bloodtest, but of course i came out negative because I haven't had gluten than more than half a year. It's making me severely depressed looking in the mirror, and I get so upset by this. No one seems to notice, because it's so gradual and of course they don't care. But I can see it so clearly---month by month, it get's visibly worse. It's no doubt about it--the texture is not so silky anymore, my hair is getting lighter from thinning, and it's getting flatter. I feel almost desperate. I demanded the doctor take a vitamin panel bloodtest but he said that testing for Vitamin D and Bs are the only necessary ones and the other tests are just scams.. ? So I'm not getting those tests done. I have no idea what to do. At this rate, I'm afraid I'm going to become a complete obsessive person over my hair. What can I do in the meantime, while I wait or something? I'm taking maxi-hair, omega 3, vitamin C. A lot of people suggest all sorts of things, but it gets to be kind of overwhelming and expensive purchasing all sorts of herbal things, and everything. What do you think are the absolute MUSTS to reviving your hair? I was contemplating taking protein powder, is that a good idea? Also any words of encouragement, or happy stories of people who get their hair back, would be much appreciated.
  5. Hair Regimen

    Hello everyone! This is my first post on this forum and I'm a newbie! I am actually not too sure if I am gluten intolerant, but ever since going gluten free since Italy (aye karamba!) I feel soo much better, better than I've felt in years actually. But one awful side affect I've been experiencing is hair loss/ thinning rapidly, in addition to my skin getting more sallow, dull. My complexion used to be so beautiful, and glowing at all times! I'm getting worried about this and am thinking it's probably due to lack of vitamin absorption. I'm taking Maxi Hair by Country Life right now for one month. But I feel as though my hair is getting thinner (it's not falling out as much though). I'm wondering what all of you are doing for your hair regimen (especially in the vitamin department). I'm just overwhelmed by the things people are suggesting (nearly everything). Also, what do you think I can do about my skin and hair? Thanks so much guys!