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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Endoscopy/colonoscopy "normal"

    Also what do I do about this gas and cramps post-procedure?! Now I feel sick AND have no answers. Trying to be positive, but UGH.
  2. Endoscopy/colonoscopy "normal"

    Cramping and gas in left waist area after a BM and loss of appetite, early fullness, abdominal pain. Biopsies were taken- not sure what to hope for.
  3. I've had every test known to man, including a colonoscopy and endoscopy done yesterday. The GI said everything looked normal, which on one hand is great but on the other hand is confusing. What is wrong with me if nothing appears to be wrong??
  4. Upcoming Colonoscopy/endoscopy

    Thanks for the response!! So do you think if I just eat very moderately before Prep Day I should be okay? I'm only 95 lbs and just over 5 ft. so I can't really hold that much food in me as it is
  5. I have my first Colonoscopy/Endoscopy on Thursday and am deathly nervous....not of the procedure but of the PREP. I have major issues with "going" (primarily "C" and cramping + bloating after each visit to the toilet) so the thought of the whole preparation makes me very nervous and uncomfortable. I am very small and sensitive to medication and already have a VERY unhappy digestive system. I have two days to prepare for the test- how can I make the prep day easier on my system? Two-day liquid diet? Starting laxatives now? Juice cleanse? Heavy narcotics? (Kidding...sort of ) I don't want to be up all night Wednesday going to the restroom! Or in the restroom all day! Oy....