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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi there, Thanks to all of you who have been so generous with your responses to my previous posts. I initally logged on because my 11 year old was tested for celiac...the tTg reference range was >19.9 and she tested 73...then confirmed with a scope/biopsy. My husband, older daughter and I had a celiac panel taken and my husband and I tested negative. My older daughter, 12, tested low positive, tTg 21. My primary care doc said she had celiac based on a sibling with it and a low positive, then called back to say he spoke to the ped. gastro doc and it was suggested my daughter take a 30 day gluten challenge. If the test results were the same or higher, then he would do a scope to confirm celiac. Well, just got the bloodwork back and she came in at 7.2! This blew me away because I thought I read here that you can get get false negatives but rarely do you get a false positive. Does anyone have any advice as to next steps? My major concern is that my daughter is 12 and on the cusp of puberty...she's rather short in stature. I'm afraid if I wait too long to figure this out, she'll find out she's celiac too late and won't be able to catch up in growth. My instinct is to put her on a six month gluten free diet and see what happens, but wondered if anyone out there has any insights as to the inconsistent bloodtests and/or next steps? Many thanks again for all of your help. You guys rock. Mary
  2. Thanks to all of you for your responses. I guess I'm the lucky winner of celiac. I appreciate your time and wisdom.
  3. Thanks for your response. Actually, our primary care first called to tell me that my oldest (who is asymptomatic) had it because her TT number came in just over normal and since my other daughter had full blown celiac, he concluded so did she. Then he called me back to say that after conferring with the pediatric gastro doc, they want to make sure of that by doing a challenge (which doesn't cause her discomfort), they can confirm with confidence it's celiac and not an anomoly. Since my initial diagnosis was later changed because of lack of blood/internal biopsy evidence (only punch biopsy at the rash site), I wondered if I needed something more conclusive as well. It sounds like you're saying that I needn't bother with additional tests and should assume we're all celiac, correct? I'm also very curious to know if there's research out there that suggests if you have two kids with celiac, then they must have received it from their parent. (In other words, their parent ALSO has celiac.) Is this true, or just coincidence? Thanks again. M
  4. Hi there, I posted about three weeks ago when my youngest daughter had a celiac panel show positive. Since then she has had a biopsy that reveals she indeed has celiac disease. I went on the gluten free diet with her last week because two years ago I was tentatively diagnosed with Dermatitis Herpetiformis from a skin biopsy, but then they dismissed it because both my blood test and stomach biopsy showed negative. My daughter's gastro suggested I revisit my diagnosis. Last week I had my husband and oldest daughter screened via bloodtest. My husband's came back perfectly normal, but my daughter's test came back positive. Now they want her to do a gluten challenge for one month and then retest the blood work. If it comes back abnormal again, they want to do a biopsy to confirm celiac (which they suspect she has as well). Here's my question (and sorry for the long-windedness): Should I go back on gluten and get retested in a month, or should I assume if both of my daughters have celiac and my husband does not, then I do? I have been trying to find out the answer to this basic question, but can't find an answer anywhere. I see lots of responses to people who ask if they have it then do their kids have it? My question is if my two kids have it, then would a parent have it? Thanks for your help. Mary
  5. I want to thank all of you who replied to my post. Just having people who know what they're talking about give me advice is so comforting. I will take your advice and go gluten free after the biopsy and also have all immediate family tested. I was tested a few years ago because they thought I had dermatitis herpetiformis...the blood test came back positive but the biopsy came back negative. Now I'm wondering... Thanks again to you all.
  6. Good Evening and thank you in advance for taking the time to educate me. I just got the bloodwork back for my 11 year old daughter who has been complaining of severe chronic stomach aches since March. We thought it was acid reflux, then lactose intolerance, and then finally I insisted on a blood test for gluten intolerence. The panel showed: Tissue TransglutaminaseIgA - 72.1 (reference range <=19.9); Gliadin Peptide AbIgA 29.6 (reference range <=19.9); Gliadin Peptide AbIgG 21.2 (reference range <=19.9) The result summary stated: possibility of certain gluten sensitive enteropathie such as celiac disease or DH. My pediatrician was able to get her in with a specialist for a biopsy next week. Given the high Tissue number (72.1), should I be overly concerned? And is it likely it's celiac disease? And do you know if anything else would cause this type of result? Again, many thanks for enlightening me. I'm pretty worried.