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  1. Gi And Dietitian

    I'm sorry I haven't replied back in such a long time. I was actually hoping that I would have all of my "mystery test results" back by now before I replied here. But weeks later and most of them are still a mystery! All I know at this point is I definitely don't have Crohn's or cystic fibrosis, and I have a weak positive on an ANA test, and that my IgG is positive. It was 70-something, but I was told this patchy news by a very incompetient receptionist. Everyone seems to be scratching their heads, and my GI wants a rheumatologist to comment on my results. I'm assuming this is because of the weak ANA positive and his insistence that my problems are not food related at all. Despite the fact that for whatever reason, gluten/wheat/barley DOES bring on 80% of my symptoms. Most of the others seem to be triggered by the other foods I'm beginning to figure out. Besides, isn't the IGg something to do with the celiac panel? Thank you for the advice, both of you. I have been trying to simplify things and stick to foods that seem safe to eat for now. So far it's chicken, turkey, lamb, most fish, gluten-free pasta, gluten-free rolls, plain tomato soups, and gluten-free cornflakes (though I'm slightly suspicious of Corn at the moment) brocolli, green beans, lettuce, hazelnuts and almonds, spinach, quinoa (I seem to have issues with rice, but quinoa is fine) other veggies in very small amounts, bananas, blackberries, raspberries, white grapes, and dairy. I'm very reluctant to cut out dairy because of my weight problem, dairy is a very easy way for me to try and add extra calories to the day and it doesn't seem to cause me any problems. I'm able to handle vanilla icecream, custard and dark chocolate as long as it has no added nasties like gluten, fructose corn syrup, and so on. I've gained a couple of pounds eating this way for a few weeks, so until I know what's going on with my doctors I'll just stick to this and keep an eye on corn and dairy for a bit. I also started taking some papaya enzymes with larger meals which seems to help a LOT. I'm just a bit scared still with how insistent the GI is on my problems being something like Lupus, and I'm worried that this weak positive is beginning to indicate I could have something like that on top of all of these food issues. I will definitely get copies of all of the tests I had done as soon as I can figure out where to get them from, seeing as it seems like my GI doesn't even have all of them himself yet! Is there any point in me going to my GP to ask if I could have some blood tests done to check vitamin levels? Because everyone is still ignoring my anemia, my B12 and folate levels haven't come back yet, and I'm curious to see if I'm lacking in anything. Maybe I could see if I'm low in anything and try taking some suppliments in the time being to see if it helps with my health in the meantime?
  2. Gi And Dietitian

    Hello everyone, I'll apologise now for the length of this post. Last week I finally got around to seeing a GI and a dietitian and both were useless. The GI insisted quite rudely that because I suffer from constipation rather than diarrhea that this means I don't have Celiac. He mocked any examples I gave him of reactions to certain foods (one for example, being bedridden with pain for 7 days after eating a muffin.) and then told me that a lot of his Celiac patients often "cheat" on their diets and consuming gluten doesn't cause them such severe reactions. I've recently discovered that I have a terrible problem with eggs and that the egg in the muffin is what probably contributed to the pain I experienced during that example, and I have also been having pain, bloating and cramp-like sensations when I consume fruits or veg high in fructose, or anything sugary that's sweetened with fructose syrup? So those are also possibilities. I'm willing to accept perhaps I've been mixing up what I thought was "gluten reactions" with some of these other food issues, but removing gluten/wheat from my diet for a month definitely did alleviate a lot of my symptoms. If I don't have full-blown Celiac, maybe I'm a bit wheat intolerant? Either way, I'm appalled with how the GI assessed my situation. Instead of exploring all of these possible food intolerances, he literally tried to force a diagnosis of Lupus Disease on me. Even though I have NO symptoms whatsoever. Then he tried to blame all of my problems on stress. Then he changed his mind. An argument then nearly broke out when he refused to listen to what I had to say about my BM problems. I have no idea why medical professionals do not seem to care in the slightest that I can't gain weight and that I have LOTS of white "bits" and mucus in my constipated BMs. Surely, that's undigested food? Anyway, they took stool, urine, and lots of blood samples to check for a long list of things that he didn't bother to explain to me. The only thing he did comment on was that some of the blood tests I had back in June that my GP said were "nothing to worry about", are something to worry about! So I'm having my B12 and folate levels checked. I was also offered a biopsy to test for Celiac if I can do the gluten challenge for 4 weeks. But to be honest, his general attitude about it made me feel like a hypochondriac. I've decided to wait for all of these mystery test results to come back before I decide about going for the biopsy. After that horrid appointment I was so upset I came home and decided to start eating gluten again, and I've been experimenting with it for the past week with confusing results. For the first two days wheat actually seemed to regulate my BMs and I wasn't having much discomfort, but then I started experiencing constipation that was only relieved (rather painfully) after taking a laxative on Saturday. I continued to eat glutenly food for several days after that, and had no normal bm. In fact yesterday, I started passing mucus, or what looks like undigested fat. Along with that, I've magically started developing cystic acne once again, my abdomen feels very achy and I've lost a further 2 pounds, despite the fact I'm eating more calories. My insomnia and brain fog have also returned in full force. The dietitian I saw was a nice lady, but just as useless as the GI. Her main goals were to help me gain weight (I'm 5'4'' and can't stay above 96 pounds now) and to regulate my BMs. (BMs that are more regular on a gluten-free diet...) Her advice? Drink a pint of milk a day, and start including WHOLE MEAL bread with my meals. I tried to explain my current issues with possible food intolerances, wheat, and the fact that eggs and fructose-filled foods seem to cause me pain and cramping, and she said nothing. In fact, she told me to start drinking fruit juice again despite the discomfort it causes. I'm supposed to see her again in 6 weeks to see if I can gain weight by eating this way. I'm actually off to see my GP in a few hours to see if any of my results are back. I wasn't even told how or when I would receive them. Though I'm dreading it because as I said above, she considers most results to be normal even if other professionals don't. And that's that really. I have a casual GP that never takes any of my medical tests seriously and rarely investigates them, a rude GI who made me feel like a hypochondriac, and a dietitian who wants me to eat gluten. I don't like to be dramatic but I feel really depressed about my life now. I feel as if I'm being treated like an anorexic patient and that the only reason I have problems is because I'm not eating enough. No one seems to understand that I used to eat everything I wanted! I had a very healthy, full diet, but that didn't stop my health from deteriorating the way it has in the past year or so. My family who were being supportive before are now losing their patience with me and the entire situation. I don't blame them, but I am upset that the majority, including my boyfriend, believe I am clinging to Celiac for no reason. If it isn't Celiac I'm fine with that! I love food, and I'd love to go back to eating whatever I want without issues again, but it's not that simple. I just want to get healthy so I can live my life again. If I drop any more weight I'm scared I'm going to end up in hospital. Anyway, rant over. I'm sorry it went on a bit. To sum up: Egg is a definite problem, fructose could be a problem, and wheat/gluten could also still be a problem. I'm anemic and probably deficient in B12 and folate. I can't gain weight, but did gain weight and muscle when I went gluten-free for a month. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do from here? A month ago if I had known my appointments were going to be this disappointing I would have just gone gluten-free anyway by myself. But the reason I'm relying on medical professionals now is ever since I had this weird incident with eating a muffin that made me very ill for a week, that was when the extreme sensitivity to egg started, along with the pain/cramps from too much fructose. Before that, eggs made me feel a bit sick but I could tolerate it as an ingredient, and I didn't seem to have much of a problem with fructose at all. So naturally I'm a bit concerned with what is going on inside my gut! Thanks for reading.
  3. Mcflurries?

    Thanks T.H, I understand. But does that really mean that something labeled "gluten free" that includes dextrose or glucose syrup that could be from wheat in the UK? Looks like I'm going to have to harrass some companies if that is the case because that could be why I haven't been seeing as much progress in the last couple of weeks. About a week ago I tried some rice noodles that were supposed to be "suitable for celiacs", but they contained barely amylase? Result was immediate bloating and problems the next morning. I'm beginning to feel like I can't trust any food company now! Gluten free really should mean 100% GLUTEN FREE.
  4. Mcflurries?

    Thanks for the replies everyone! Whether the problems are CC or an ingredient I'll definitely cut out the Mcflurries now, I can live without them for better health. I'm enjoying healthier snacks now anyway. I know it's been a bit of a risk to think they were okay, I was hoping they were okay more due to wishing I could join in with the household when they fancy something. We have a very nice Indian restaurant locally that claims to serve dishes suitable for celiacs, but I've been glutened from their food twice now. Maybe I will have to suggest a movie night with some safe popcorn. I'm sorry I should have mentioned, I'm from the UK. I'm still struggling to grasp the rules for labeling over here, especially with things like sources of dextrose and glucose syrup. Very rarely have I seen these two ingredients labeled as corn or wheat. Even on some products that are supposed to be gluten free or "suitable for celiacs." Labeling rules should be universal, companies make everything a lot more complicated than needs be. I'll give those links a read. Again, thanks everyone. Lesson learned, McDonalds is not worth it. And I should probably start taking my sensitivity to gluten a bit more seriously.
  5. Hello all. I'm sorry if this overlaps with intolerances to other foods or other boards, if I've posted this in the wrong section feel free to move it mods! I'm currently undergoing diagnosis for celiac and other food intolerances. I initially had a negative blood test but my reactions to gluten/wheat have become so severe that I can't do the gluten-challenge. So I've been attempting the gluten-free diet for a few weeks now while waiting for some specialist input in September. In the meantime I've been discovering that I seem to have a lot of problems with cross contamination, and other food intolerances. Anyway, I need some guidance with a problem I'm having regarding Mcdonald's Mcflurries. My family has one takeaway night a week, and seeing as I spend the rest of the week eating clean with no snacks or treats, I feel I deserve a little icecream. Despite only sticking to Mcflurries that claim to be gluten free and soy free, I seem to always have some kind of reaction to them. Yesterday I ate the Raspberry flake Mcflurry which according to the website, is supposed to be safe to eat. These are the ingredients: Chocolate Flake Pieces: Milk, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifier (Ammonium Phosphatides), Flavourings Icecream: Skimmed Milk, Cream, Sugar, Whey Powder, Glucose Syrup, Stabiliser (Guar Gum, Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Nature Identical Flavouring, Carrageenan, Dextrose) Raspberry Sauce: Raspberries (45%), Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Thickener (Pectin), Acidulant (Citric Acid) As soon as I had finished eating I felt irritable, my abdomen swelled up to pregnancy size and my intestines became hard and lumpy. What is causing this reaction? I know the obvious answer is milk, but (fingers crossed) I don't have any issues with milk and dairy normally. I'm fine with milky teas and coffees, cheeses, and icecream is perfectly fine as long as there's no gluten or wheat added. In fact, a glass of milk, cocoa or some gluten free vanilla icecream really helps to settle my stomach if I'm having some issues. I don't know what out of those ingredients could be the cause. Unless there's some sort of contamination with how Mcflurries are made? The only other thing I can think of is sugar content, since the sugar content of Mcflurries is rather high. As a comparision, if the family fancies some KFC instead I usually have a cup of their plain dairy icecream with no toppings, and that has never caused me any problems. If anyone could offer some input it would be very much appreciated. Dealing with Celiac seemed manageable at first, but now I have begun to realize I could have multiple food intolerances AND that I seem to be highly sensitive to gluten, it has made me feel quite lost and frustrated. I'm reading and trying to learn as much as I can but I always keep making mistakes.
  6. I've definitely experienced this recently. Before I realized it could be gluten that was bothering me, I had problems like severe insomnia, constipation, bloating, constant brain fog and lightheadedness, higher anxiety, etc. These things are bad, but after having doctors tell me there was nothing wrong I was beginning to just accept this as something to expect every day. Everything was getting worse at a slow pace. I went gluten free for 3 or 4 weeks, and now my reactions are terrible. I've spent almost a week now recovering from a stupid experiment that involved eating a muffin. I was bed-ridden with stomach cramps that prevented me from walking, terrible nausea, constipation, bloating, and I was on the verge of having panic attacks on my worst day. I felt like I was dying! The week was comparable to how ill I felt when I got swine flu, and that was no fun at all. For some people, I think once your body knows what it's like to be free of a substance that is causing it damage, it REALLY lets you know if you're under attack again. Whereas before if you're eating daily doses of gluten there is no real time for your body to swing from recovering to being newly damaged again. If that makes any sense.
  7. Glutened?

    Don't worry, I did indeed check beforehand. It's been a few days now and the pain has eased off a lot and I can eat food again. I'm just dealing with feeling a bit weak and fragile. Unless my specialist finds anything else in the future, I'm going to assume that this was an example of one of my "bad" reactions to gluten! At least I learnt my lesson, now I have to reverse the damage and somehow gain the 5 pounds back that I lost.
  8. Glutened?

    That's the thing, my doctor still refuses to say the words "it does sound like gluten", even though I have given her a lot of evidence now that says otherwise. She definitely thinks my problems are caused by something in my diet, but seemed keen to blame eggs. Even though I know (at least for now) that eggs don't cause me any problems. You're all so kind, I don't mean to keep coming back to complain but now I am dealing with a seperate problem. I took two Zapain tablets that I was prescribed this morning and within minutes I was having terrible vertigo, nausea, numbness and I've been even more of a wreck today than I was without the pain relief! Turns out I might have an issue with Codeine. At least I could attempt to eat food yesterday, this really isn't my week. I'm probably going to have to get a second opinion before the week is out, thanks again for responding.
  9. Glutened?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and having other's input tends to stop me from fearing the worst. The pain hasn't subsided, but I did get my appetite back yesterday and I stopped feeling sick. Problem is even the gluten-free food is now causing the pain to intensify. I just came back from my doctor who checked my stomach, and she has just given me pain killers and is going to get me a dietitian while I wait for my GI in September. She's advised me to forget worrying about testing and to just stick to foods that I know don't upset me. I was also told that the specialist I've been booked to see is one of the best in our area. That's great, but I still can't eat anything and I'm still worried. I've spent most of the last few days curled up in bed and it's painful to walk around. Is this really how bad gluten can be? I asked several times could it be anything that requires immediate attention and she said no. I wish I could fully believe her. I don't really know where to go from here now.
  10. Glutened?

    Hello everyone. Long story short, I have to wait until september to see a GI and in the meantime I have been unsure about whether to keep eating gluten for further testing, or to start gluten free immedietly. I know I've risked ruining my testing by doing this, but I've been trying gluten free for about 3-4 weeks, though I would call it "gluten-light" because I've been making a few little mistakes here and there. But for the most part I was beginning to feel much better. I was sleeping better, my skin cleared up, I was gaining back some muscle and put on a little healthy weight, my BMs were beginning to look more normal, etc. If I did become accidentally glutened, the worst I would experience would be bloating, ratty mood swings and constipation that would last a few days. Two days ago I began to worry about what would happen if I couldn't get a proper diagnosis, (I already had a blood test that came back negative) so I thought "maybe I'll just eat one item of gluteny food every couple of days now until September." So I decided to have a little chocolate chip muffin. STUPID IDEA. My stomach did what I expected, bloated up, and after a while my head began to feel foggy. All familiar sensations so I thought I could handle it. But as the day went on the brain fog became progressively worse and I started to develop strange pains in my abdomen, which was accompanied by nausea. These became so intense that pain relief didn't seem to aleviate any of the discomfort at all, and by the evening even water seemed to be making things worse. Luckily I was able to sleep through the first night, and I woke up feeling a bit better. The nausea was gone, the only problem I has was my stomach felt as if I had done 1000 situps. But still, I got up and tried to get on with my day, and had a light gluten-free breakfast. But this seemed to trigger off the nausea and the pain again, only this time it was unbearably painful. I spent most of the day doubled over or curled up crying on my bed. There was no position I could get into that helped. And I couldn't stomach water at all. I got no sleep whatsoever, and now I'm awake on the third day feeling terrible. The only good thing that happened is I've been able to pass some BMs this morning and (sorry if tmi!) apart from them looking the way they usually do when I eat gluten, there is no blood or anything like that. Some of the pain has lessened and I feel slightly more mobile, but I still feel nauseus and am still experiencing pain beneath my belly button. I'm too worried to try and eat or drink anything. The pain has been so intense I really am scared, I've never had a reaction this bad before. Does this sound like the typical scenario where if someone avoids gluten for a period of time, reactions to gluten will be a lot more severe? Or does it sound like anything else is going on? I'm considering visiting a hospital if I don't feel much better today, I can't handle the pain. If this is a gluten reaction then I'm definitely NEVER eating gluten ever again and there is no way I'm ever going to do a gluten challenge. If anyone could offer some advice on how to ease the pain, or just some friendly words I'd appreciate it.
  11. Hi there Sika. I'm in a similar position to you, I recently had my first blood testing and it came back negative. I explained to my doctor that despite that, I still seem to have celiac-like symptoms and that they seem to improve somewhat eating gluten free. So my doctor has decided to book me in to see a GI for "some specialist input" because she admitted that she has no idea what's wrong with me. But like you said, being in the UK does mean waiting several months. My appointment isn't until September, so now I have to deal with eating gluten and feeling horrid for two months, or messing up my testing and trialing going gluten free. Don't get depressed, you're not a hypochondriac! You're not wishing all of these horrible symptoms to be there, they're being caused by something physical going on in there. But it's worth sticking with the diagnosis process in my opinion if you can, if just to make sure there isn't anything else causing the bloody stools. If you keep getting negative Celiac tests and can definitely rule out anything else, then just go gluten free and feel better. I understand how you feel about having a proper diagnosis though. I have similar thoughts about the situation. Some of my family members are beginning to lose patience with me just for requesting that the kitchen be kept a little bit more crumb-free. (For example, everyone in my house is addicted to fresh white bread and constantly leaves giant crumbs and buttery knives all over the counter and refuses to see how this could cause me harm.). I was glutened several times whilst trying to trial eating gluten free which made the whole thing pointless, as it ended up being gluten-light. I'm okay with the idea of just going gluten free if I don't get a diagnosis, but having my GI confirm that it's a gluten problem would definitely help to deal with some awkward people. I hope you manage to get some help soon. And I hope you can get a diagnosis to get a prescription!
  12. What Do I Do Now?

    That's good to know. My specialist is booked but the earliest appointment that was available is September! Now I face going gluten free and ruining the testing, or glutening myself and feeling horrible for nearly two months. I know I should be eating gluten right now, but I carried on trying gluten free for the past week because I keep feeling like I need "evidence of glutening" and more proof that gluten free is helping me. Silly and counter productive I know, but after yesterday I don't care if I keep getting misdiagnosed, gluten definitely upsets me. I had avoided CC for a few days and was feeling better, then had a cup of cocoa yesterday morning that I thought was gluten free. Wrong! Half way through drinking it I got vertigo and light-headedness, my abdomen did the swelling routine, brain fog set in like a bad storm and then I developed stabbing headaches. It was a bit frightening because it was the first time I've really suffered from a headache that bad from glutening. I didn't start feeling well enough to get up until the late afternoon. And when I did get up, all I could find is the brand of cocoa I had used wasn't on Nestle's "Gluten-free" list. It used to be (I stupidly looked at a list from 2004 at first and then got frustrated. lol) but on the recently updated list it has been removed. So my plan is to try and eat gluten free for one more week, then go back onto gluten until I see the specialist. I'm hoping that should be enough, and plus during my gluten-free trials, I've glutened myself accidentally a few times anyway. Now if only I could stop obsessing that my problems are caused by something worse...
  13. What Do I Do Now?

    Thanks again for the responses! I just got back from my GP and I did get my results, but I'm frustrated. It just says Anti-tissue Transglutaminase NEG. Is that it? I thought there were more parts to the test than one straight result. Maybe I should ask to have the dna test? Unfortunately I don't know my father's side of the family so I have no idea what health issues I could have inherrited, and my mother and grandparents passed away when I was a child, so I can't ask them. All I know is my mother once requested a food allergy test, so something must have been bothering her. Then she developed multiple sclerosis in her early 40s. I also had my kidneys checked which were normal, my thyroid is normal, but my blood count and liver have some small oddities. I know this isn't really the place to talk about these kinds of results (sorry!) but on my full blood count my Haematocrit is marked as high and so is my Mean Corpuscular Volume. My doctor brushed past these and said she doesn't think there is a need to worry because they're only slightly high, but I just did a quick google search and apart from serious things like liver disease, they're linked to either anemia, vitamin deficiencies or malnutrition, thyroid problems and celiac disease. But as for other deficiencies, nothing else was tested for. The real reason I'm frustrated is she didn't seem to care in the slightest when I explained the improvements that I had seen when trying not to eat gluten. I was prepared for a possible negative test, but not for my doctor to be so clueless about it. I asked her honestly if anything else could be causing these problems in her opinion, and she said "I've been thinking about everything it could be, and I just don't know." and then asked me what I want to do... I don't know what to do, that's why I booked an appointment! So she's sending me to a gastronomical expert, but I have no idea when this will happen. So yes as you said, now I'm facing that dilemma, to eat gluten or not to eat? And I honestly don't know what to do. Like most people a diagnosis would make life a lot easier but right now I can't even live life properly. I'll have to think about it for a few days. It also depends on how long it will take to see this specialist. I might be willing to suffer for a little while longer, but months? I don't think I can do that. EDIT: I completely forgot to mention I used to go through random phases of having 3 or 4 mouth ulcers at a time and never knew why. I figured my dentil hygiene was pretty good. After the meal last night I can feel two ulcers forming and my gums are a bit achey... Mouth ulcers are linked to celiac right? Maybe I'm just grasping at straws now!
  14. Hello again everyone, I've been waiting close to three weeks for the results of my antibody test and I finally got them yesterday. They're negative. All I was told over the phone by a different lady is that I'm borderline anemic. I have been eating as gluten free as possible for the past week because my results were taking so long, and to be honest, I've still been having stomach problems. (I suffer from constipation, white bits in stools, pale stools, and mucus which usually seems to lessen if I stop eating glutenly products.) But I'm also currently suffering from my dreaded PMS week which always causes me severe constipation, so I have no idea what to blame! The only strange improvements I've seen from trying gluten-free this week is my insomnia disappeared after a few days, my brain fog had cleared up dramatically, I'm not as exhausted during the day and my skin texture looks healthier? At this time during the month I usually expect to suffer from bilateral cysts along my jaw line, but after not eating gluten for a a day or so my skin is, well.. it's CLEAR. And for the most part, my stomach stopped bloating up to the size of a heavily pregnant lady on my gluten free meals. Just a bit sore and worn out I guess. The only times it happened was during times that I think my food was prepared badly. For example, I had some simple soup with a rice bread roll on one day which was completely fine, but I had the same thing a few days later and my step dad prepared it for me. I walked into the kitchen and he was handling the bread roll on a chopping board that was covered with crumbs from a cream pie that he was eating and holding with his other hand! Though I have a hard time believing that I'm that sensitive to gluten if my results are negative. I feel quite discouraged. So discouraged that I gave in last night and had some Dominos Pizza with my boyfriend. And surprise! I bloated up like a balloon and had pains in my abdomen, shortness of breath, insomnia all night and now I've woken up with barely any sleep and I still have shortness of breath. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now, or what to discuss with my doctor. What should my next steps be? Is there any point in requesting my results and bringing them here for one of you lovely people to interpret? Should I be requesting any other type of test? Thank you in advance.
  15. Blood Test Advice?

    Thanks again for the replies. I sort of did this. I carried on eating what I considered a healthy normal diet, but threw in a takeaway or two, some pizza and my favourite muffins! The discomfort was worth it. Well, in some cases. I actually got so sick after a few days of doing this I had to have some gluten free meals just to clear out my body. Does anyone know how long the results will take? Because it's been a week, so I rang my practice yesterday and the receptionist told me that as well as the gluten test, my liver, kidneys, protein levels, thyroid and blood count were also checked. According to her my kidneys, thyroid and protein levels were normal, but the overly polite lady paused when telling me my blood count and liver. "They're... okay.. I don't think it's anything to worry about.." And my gluten test isn't back from the lab yet. I was told it would take a week, but I've seen a few people say the antibody test takes up to two weeks? I hate all this waiting around. I want to start the gluten free diet regardless of results asap, because I think I'm driving my household crazy.