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  1. I love this recipe! My 8 year old was asking for meatloaf for dinner tomorrow. I think I'm going to use this. Kills 2 birds: no gluten and no unnecessary chemicals! Thanks!
  2. Glutenzyme

    The GlutenEase that I use says to take one before eating a gluteny meal. I take 2 when I feel unsure. Just the other day I ate a magic bar that my mom made (she made a batch with and a batch without and I grabbed the wrong one ). I came home and immediately took 2. I had minimal tummy problems and did have a bit of fogginess, dizziness and joint pain. It was NOTHING like other glutenings I've had. Like I've said (I feel like I can't stress it enough) don't use it as an excuse to gorge on gluten! It most likely won't do anything for intestinal damage and it doesn't eliminate symptoms. But in case of accidental or suspected glutening, it helps.
  3. "can You Eat This? What About That?"

    I felt like that at first too. It seemed like I was all-consumed by it. I read everything I could get my hands on. I was actually in the hospital when I got diagnosed and had my iPad in the hospital with me. I found this forum and read every post possible (I was laid up in the hospital, what else did I have to do? ) I had to explain it to my family and friends and of course they had questions. "Oh you can't have potatoes?" (I don't have a problem with nightshades) "Nope, I can have them." I do still get questions 6 months later. We go to my mom's for breakfast every Sunday and if I want toast, I bring my toaster and bread. If I want pancakes, I bring my gluten-free pancake mix and my mom has a pan just for my pancakes. When I came in with the toaster the first time I had to go through the whole explanation that I can't use the other toaster. Now it's kind of a joke when I walk in with the toaster, "Molly's having toast today." LOL I had to change my way of thinking about it. I started a blog shortly after dx and one of my posts was about feeling like celiac was all I talked about. It's typical that newly diagnosed celiacs seem to be talking about it and the people around us talking about it. You have to change your thinking on it. I talked about it because it was new and scary and very relevant in my life at the time. Others talked about it because they didn't know about it and they're curious. It obviously still comes up but here's a way to look at it...at least they're asking. It shows that they're concerned and they're trying to make the right choices for your benefit. Last week my friends and I got together for Christmas and I spent a lot of time on the phone with the hostess because she was asking questions and making sure that she was getting things that were safe for me. Just take the attitude that people do care and they're trying to figure things out, just like we did after diagnosis.
  4. I'm with you. If I can't eat it, I'm not bringing it. I will either buy a gluten-free alternative or make a gluten-free alternative. Don't like it? Don't eat it! It's probably not that different from yours anyway!
  5. Is it possible that it because our guts have started to heal and a glutening causes new damage? I know I have worse symptoms now when I get glutened than before I was diagnosed. The gluten was in my system so the symptoms were ongoing and didn't seem as severe. Just what my thought has been on this.
  6. Glutenzyme

    Right, but like I said, for accidental cc, it helps with symptoms. It doesn't take them away or stop small intestine damage by any stretch, I'm sure.
  7. What Was I Thinking?

    LOL Yup, pretty much!
  8. What Was I Thinking?

    I'm not beating myself up too much. I just can't even believe I did that. lol I've been so careful for months and that stinkin magic bar got me. I was just so excited to eat it.
  9. I have to say that this post infuriates me! My family isn't very understanding of my disease but they NEVER tell me I can't bring gluten-free things to functions. My friends are really goo about making sure they have plenty of gluten-free items for me and in my house, my hubby (when he makes dinner) makes it gluten-free. I just can't imagine friends and family being quite that un-accepting. You have to take care of you and if your family doesn't get that then I wouldn't visit them!
  10. Glutenzyme

    I keep GlutenEase on hand for accidental glutenings. It doesn't completely take away symptoms but it does greatly reduce them. I certainly would NEVER use it to purposely eat anything gluteny but in a pinch it does help!
  11. Does This Sound Like Being Glutened?

    I would have to agree with dilettantesteph. When I've been glutened, I've had it last as little as a day and as long as a week or more. Depends on your sensitivity and the amount ingested. Some people are much more sensitive than others. I would also suggest keeping GlutenEase on hand. You can get it a vitamin stores. It is definitely NOT a license to eat gluten but it does help me with symptoms in case of accidental glutening. I take it before family functions because my family is really careless about gluten and I never know where it's lurking.
  12. My mom made magic bars for our Christmas feast. She made me a batch with gluten-free graham crackers and batch of regular. I went to her house and grabbed one thinking it was the gluten-free batch. I asked (after I ate the whole thing) if the red container was mine. Nope! The white one was! I immediately went home and took some GlutenEase. I have yet to have tummy problems thankfully! I have, however, had some dizziness and a little bit of fog. I'm hoping that this is going to be the extent of the problem. I can deal with a little fuzziness but the tummy problems always kill me! I just don't know what I was thinking, not verifying first! When I was first diagnosed in June, I had a couple of glutenings but have been super good for months. Duh!!
  13. My friends get it! Last Sunday we had our "chosen family" Christmas get together. The hostess made sure that there was plenty for me to eat and the things she questioned, she kept the packaging for so I could check. I had explained to her previously that not saying "contains wheat" doesn't necessarily mean it's gluten-free (that we have to read the ingredients). She also made sure that she had separate spoons for the gluten-free dip from the dip I couldn't have. She also went out of her way to make sure she bought gluten-free things. Like, went to several stores looking for gluten-free versions of things. Another friend made a potato salad (I know it's a summer food but she knows the recipe is gluten-free) that she knows I can have. Now on to my blood family. Most of them do NOT get it! My sister never asks if I can have certain things, doesn't keep packaging and really doesn't concern herself with whether or not I can eat it. I called her yesterday to see what we were having for Christmas Eve. "Well I am making Swedish meatballs and BBQ meatballs." I told her that I was planning on bringing grape jelly meatballs (FYI, the turkey meatballs from Aldi are gluten-free). She said she would take the BBQ meatballs back then and we'd have my jelly meatballs. There are things that I'll be able to eat but only by virtue that they are naturally gluten-free. No one calls or asks how they can modify things. It's actually pretty easy to make modifications to things. My mom is ok about making gluten-free things but I have to buy the gluten-free ingredients and take them to her but she has no problem going out of her way to buy specific things for my brother-in-law. Not that he has specific dietary needs, just that he likes them. And that's why I call my friends chosen family!
  14. Pie Crust Help Please!

    I agree that it needs to be pressed into the pan. I use Pamela's baking mix for my crust (there's a recipe on the bag) and it is delicious! I had a couple of get-togethers at my house this summer and made a couple of strawberry pies and all my friends loved them!
  15. Looks like we're kindred spirits on Applebee's. Sorry to hear you got sick due to their negligence (or just lack of caring).