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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Accidentally Ate Gluten

    I can relate completely! Hang in there. It's Wednesday and the bloating is only just starting to go down from an accidently CC from sushi on Sunday; back pain still occuring as well. Nothing's worse than realizing part way through eating something that it was wrong! :S
  2. Costco Chicken

    Interesting....but thanks for letting me know. Maybe I'll give my system a few more weeks to continue healing and give it another try (because it's oh so good)
  3. Has anyone ever experienced a reaction to Costco's cooked chicken? Within hours of having some for lunch, I literally felt like I had been accidently drugged. I got so instantaneously tired that I had to lay down because my body felt like it had shut down - all energy drained....
  4. For those in Atlantic Canada, Gluten Free Chex (rice or honey) are officially available at Atlantic Superstore $5.49 a box (yikes) but worth the treat!
  5. Superstore?! Really?! YAY!! I've been waiting for this! I will be on the hunt on Saturday! haha Thanks for the update
  6. Eyesight Problems

    Hi MickeyG, Others with long term experience with Celiac may have more to add but here is my take on it: I'm only newly diagnosed, however, I had been experiencing the same vision problems. Before learning of my diagnosis I couldn't understand why my vision would constantly go blurry - night time, morning - depended on the day. I was concerned and saw my optometrist who assured me that my eye sight had not changed AT ALL. Clearly I wasn't dreaming the vision problems. Fast forward to my first meeting with my nutritionist, post diagnosis and BINGO! She confirmed that as a symptom of malnurishment, the vision problems were due to my body's (villi) inability to absorb vitamin A. So my guess is that upon reintroducing gluten into your system, your body is having a difficult time absorbing vit A....
  7. How To Face The First Year...

    Wow! There really are books out there for everything! haha That's wonderful!! Thanks so much!
  8. Tips For A New Celiac In Halifax, Ns - Canada!

    Thanks, guys!! That's awesome And great to find some locals too
  9. How To Face The First Year...

    Hi Sara (and everyone else!), Thank you all so much for your advice! Certainly sounds managable...with a few treats along the way to help with cravings!! Speaking of which, is the withdrawal process bad? Or does it just depend on the person's system? I'm just looking forward to starting onto the road of recovery! Unlike the clinical norm - weight loss symptom, I've definitely struggled with the opposite over the past 6 months....so I can't wait to NO LONGER feel like an inflated balloon!!! haha
  10. Hey everyone! I'm very new to this (1 week into my diagnosis) and am wondering if there are any Atlantic Canadians out there (or even better yet - from Halifax). I'm trying to figure out the best places in the area: a) To purchase gluten free products To purchase gluten free baked goods c) To eat out (Restaurants) - as much variety as possible Thanks
  11. How To Face The First Year...

    Hi everyone, I am a newly diagnosed Celiac (1 week!) from Nova Scotia, Canada and I cannot express how grateful I am for this forum site! Admittedly, I'm quite green on where to start but have read through countless postings here to get an idea. However, I'm wondering if anyone can detail what foods you stuck to in the beginning - before getting more technical with gluten free baking, etc (figuring out all of the flour equivalents I've read about) - staple foods and snacks! Thanks