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  1. Thanks for the welcome! I'll be checking on these forums frequently and hopefully get to know you all. Lisa
  2. Oh great, I've been giving him gluten! Well, I'm glad I asked and thanks for your help. I've got the Lil Critters but I feel like I need to find something with iron to help him grow. I'll keep looking.
  3. Thanks so much for sharing your story. I love your son's story. Being so new to this it's really helpful to hear from others who are further down the road. Yes, bone age was tested and he was 12.6 bone age/14.4 chronological age. The most amazing thing to me is the almost immediate lifting of fatigue since he's gone gluten-free (2 weeks now). He used to go through bouts of sitting on the couch, pale, unable to move. He has not had one of those episodes since. But I know the damage has been done and I'm beating up on myself for not pushing harder/sooner for a diagnosis.
  4. Hi, I'm new here. My son was diagnosed two weeks ago with celiac (he's 14). We don't see the dietician for another week. I've been giving him: One A Day Teen Advantage Complete Multivitamin, for Him. Does anyone know if these are gluten-free? Their website (wegman's) is not clear on it. Thanks!
  5. Wow, that's pretty substantial growth for your daughter. My son has been glueten-free diet for two weeks now. I am really looking forward to him growing. He starts high school in the fall and he looks like a baby compared to the kids there!
  6. Hi all, I'm glad I found this board. My 14 year old son was diagnosed via bioposy (blood tests neg) with celiac. He has been gluten free since then and has not had ANY GI or fatigue symptoms! He has had depression, anxiety, ADHD and short stature (3rd percentile in height) for years. Don't see any improvement yet in behavior. So my questions are - how many of you have seen catch up growth in your children? And what about psychological symptoms reduction? Thanks!