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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Cravings And Appetite

    Thanks for all these threads! I'm also gluten-free on a budget. Frozen/canned veggies, potatoes, rice, cooking in bulk (chili freezes very well). Also, instead of getting canned beans, I get dried ones. More work but much cheaper! I cook them on the weekends and add some butter and garlic. Eggs are also super cheap and delicious!
  2. Chili's

    I'm a big fan of Uno's. They have gluten-free pizza and, at least the one near my house, has an entirely separate area for preparing it.
  3. Road Trip

    I am in the same boat! I am about to go from Florida to New Jersey. I am going to pack a lot of snacks but also, I thought about a couple of other things. 1. It's the summer - at least in the southern US, there are certain to be a lot of fresh fruit and veggie stands everywhere along the road. 2. I downloaded the "Gluten Free Registry" app for my phone which has an option to locate nearby gluten free restaurants and stores. 3. My boyfriend, with whom I will be traveling, began searching specifically for gluten free restaurants and grocery stores along our planned route. Basically, anything gluten-free is now a destination! Honestly, I don't think it should be too hard. A lot of major brands are labeling gluten now, so even if you can't find specialty places, most grocery stores have some gluten-free stuff. I am from southern WV and when I started finding quite a bit of gluten-free stuff in stores there, I knew it must be almost everywhere! Best of luck and congratulations on grad school!
  4. I love chicken sausage! I actually just pan-sear them without the oil, to save calories, and they're still delicious! Whole Foods has delicious Apple Gouda sausages and the Al Fresco brand is also good.
  5. I'm a big fan of Arrowhead Mill's Maple Buckwheat cereal - delicious and filling. I mostly eliminated gluten-free bread because of the high calories, though I'm a big fan of Udi's packaged (not frozen) bread and it's not too high in calories. Also, Trader Joe's makes some very tasty gluten-free english muffins (toasted with a little Parmesan cheese, which is low cal, is awesome in the morning) and gluten-free french rolls. Also, kinnikinnick's gluten-free muffins in the freezer are amazing. I love their carrot muffins. 30 seconds in the microwave and they're warm, perfect for the winter mornings and only 170 calories. Way fewer calories than most non-gluten-free muffins. They also have chocolate chip and blueberry.
  6. Chocolate

    I kept getting sick after eating Reese's and heard that they are not made on a dedicated line. I also found this to be true for Snicker's (made on the same line as Milkyways which contain malt). I've found a couple of brands at Whole Foods labelled gluten-free which have not given me any symptoms.
  7. Weight Gain On gluten-free Diet

    I learned from my doctor and from reading some books that slight weight gain is common for Celiac's after going gluten-free. I've found that it's much harder for me to lose weight now, and I usually stay about 3 to 4 pounds heavier than when I was having gluten. For me, it hasn't been about more opportunistic eating or pigging out on foods I can eat because of all the restrictions. As I mentioned, my doctor explained that a little weight gain is to be expected as your body is newly able to absorb nutrients, etc.