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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So, I have had some mild digestion issues for a while now that seem to come and go with no real reason. Sometimes feel constipated, sometimes the opposite. I tried going gluten free for short periods to see if it made a difference and didn't really notice anything, but since my symptoms come and go anyway, maybe I just didn't do it for long enough. I also don't really eat wheat that much to begin with. Spicy foods don't bother me at all. Sometimes dairy makes me ill, sometimes I eat a whole bowl of ice cream. I used to get heartburn but that went away on its own and I haven't had it in a while. I get random intense nausea that will last for a second and then disappear. I've been tested for a whole slew of allergies and I'm not allergic to any foods. I know I have a vitamin D deficiency that I noticed because I was sleeping through most of winter, but I'm pretty pale and don't get out much... my blood sugar is normal, I get a decent amount of exercise and am a healthy weight, my blood pressure is healthy, I try to eat a lot of fiber etc etc... I'm totally healthy except when I randomly feel awful, but I don't have health insurance right now and I can't seem to find any clinics near me so I can't get tested for anything. My family does have a history of colon cancer which worries me... but I feel like at 26 I am too young for that...? A few weeks ago I felt really sick, I had been eating out a lot and after this one meal and a few drinks I felt like the food was just sitting there in my stomach, and I had to go lie down...when I woke up I felt fine, but the next day my whole stomach just felt sore... a dull achey feeling kinda like how your muscles feel after a work out. Not to be graphic but I had this weird thin poop for a day which kinda freaked me out. I had just moved to a new city and was a bit stressed. I didn't seem to be blocked up, didn't feel bloated, and then it went back to normal on its own, and I started feeling better again, but I've heard this could be a symptom of celiac, so I decided to give the diet another go just to see what would happen. I wasn't too strict about it and ate wheat a few times over the next two weeks, a bowl of cereal or a cupcake here and there, and again didn't really notice a change. I didn't feel bad, but I didn't feel really great either. Maybe I was more tired than usual but I might have been lacking in carbs. I did get a strange head/neck ache that hasn't gone away but I think my neck muscles are just tense. I continued to have a wide variety of poo. Some of it had these little white or black dots in it, really small ones, which was bizarre. So I figured that maybe it wasn't celiac after all that was causing this weirdness since it was still happening. I went out and had a giant cupcake and a beer. A few hours later I started feeling really weird, my hands and arms were tingling like they were falling asleep and my heart was pounding really loudly and I felt dizzy. It was kinda like a panic attack except I didn't feel anxious... well until it went on like that for an hour, but that would make anyone anxious I think. Today I feel a bit moody and tired, but it could be from lack of sleep since I couldn't fall asleep after that. I thought I would be constipated but I'm not... probably because I drank a million glasses of water while trying to calm down last night. My stomach is a bit gurgly but doesn't hurt. When I went to the bathroom everything was ok, but I did notice a little bit of red that could have been blood, but I could just have a hemorroid or something. Umm trying not to be too graphic here sorry. I'm just wondering... Does this sound like a common reaction to gluten that anyone's had after not eating it? Was I just having anxiety or a strange reaction to the alcohol or something? I don't drink that much. Do you think I should try going gluten free again for longer or am I totally on the wrong track and this is some other mystery bowel illness? How long does it usually take to notice a difference? How thorough do I have to be with this? I've seen some people on here posting that they had to get new kitchen utensils and stuff... is that a good standard for everyone or just if you're extremely sensitive to it?? Any sites you can link me to, good setups for tracking food, thoughts or whatever are greatly appreciated.