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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sulfite Allergy?

    I have reactions to sulfur dioxide, sulfites in wine & sulfa type medications. I get more or less the same reaction with the sulfur dioxide and sulfites - itchy, annoying little bumps/hives all over my torso. My reaction with sulfa medications however was on my face and way worse (maybe due to the concentration). I had red blotches all over my face that hung around for several weeks. I avoid all sulfur dioxide and sulfa medications but I still drink wine once in awhile because I can tolerate that. Some kinds don't bother me at all, others will leave me with annoying little hives for a few hours then go away. So, I tend to stick to the brands of wine that i know won't don't cause me any trouble. Organic/bio-dynamic ones are often best. My niece is also allergic to sulfa type medications (she had the same rash on her face as I did) and my mother will turn beet red if she has a glass of wine.
  2. Hair Color

    I have medium to dark brown hair - was blond as a kid. I started to get grays very early. Now I have a problem that every time I dye my hair brown to cover the grays it turns red, no matter how much ash is used. Interesting article on the redhead connection. http://howtobearedhead.com/2011/09/to-go-gluten-free-or-not-that-is-the-question/
  3. I am so glad i read this. I am researching the Feingold diet right now. I know I have major sensitivities already to sulfites, MSG and many fragrances. I follow a strict gluten-free diet. I think it could really help me. Thank you for posting
  4. I find your theory interesting. I've read a lot about how a person's inability to digest certain foods because they are lacking in enzymes is connected to diabetes, celiac, hypo and hyper thyroidism, lactose intolerance. I remember reading this about this a year or so ago and thinking I should give enzyme supplements a try as I have Celiac, misdiagnosed for years. Both my parents are diabetic, my brother has Graves disease (an over active thyroid, my sister has the under active thyroid and my other sister and niece are lactose intolerant. So, I thought maybe an inabiity to produce and break down certain foods is in our genes. I've been taking enzymes for about a year now and I find that when I don't take them I suffer. I still avoid all gluten but now with the enzymes I can enjoy an occasional glass of wine or gluten free dessert (before too much sugar would make me sick), once in awhile a piece of cheese and a high fat food (dairy and high fat used to also upset my system for days). Now enzymes and probiotics are staples for me. I also find it interesting the connection between the bodies ph. I was told for years that my system is too acidic and that's what my problem was. I was given several anti acids which never helped, in fact they made me feel worse so I stopped taking them. Then about 2 years ago I went to a kinesologist who explained that an 'overly acidic system' is often the reverse - an overly alkaline system. Interestingly enough I read that Protease deficiency creates alkaline excesses in the blood. Protease is the enzyme that digests protein. I'm really interested in picking your brain about this and the research you've done to come up with this theory.
  5. I have the same pain. Upper left side and it's like a gnawing/raw feeling that comes after I eat and just sometimes on it's own. It can be constant and also have moment of being so sharp I feel dizzy and almost lose my sense of equilibrium from it. I am on a gluten-free diet, unconfirmed Celiac but I refuse to eat Gluten anyway because I feel like crap if I do. My doctors think it's gas. I don't have any problems going to the bathroom I just have a lot of burping a little while after I have the pain. I don't eat super fatty foods and the pain comes no matter what I eat, salad, protein, veggies etc. It doesn't wrap around to my back but stays localized in the upper left quadrant of my stomach, right under my rib cage. Enzymes help. I don't always have the pain but I can't figure out why I sometimes do. I'm extremely careful with my diet and unless I'm unknowingly poisoning myself with Gluten I have no idea what is causing it and how to make it go away. It's very uncomfortable when it happens. Anybody figure out how to make it go away?
  6. This is exactly where I have my pain! Upper left side a little to the right and just under my rib cage. It's right after I eat and sometimes just on it's own. My doctors keep telling me I have an acidic stomach and that's it. I was never properly diagnosed with Celiac because I had taken the tests years after being on a gluten-free diet which I'm still on. My last endoscopy showed erosion, damaged cells and mucosa in the duodenum part of my stomach which my doctors never told me could be related to Celiac but I found a few articles saying it is. Does anyone know for sure if it is? And, has anyone figured out what this pain on the upper left side means and how to get rid of it?