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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Iodine And Dh

    Thanks! Very helpful! I am so anxious to get the results of her test!! But I suppose it doesn't really matter since we are def gluten-free since her skin looks so much better. But I also read that Gluten and Dairy can cause atopic dermatitis as well so that may be why she is healing too.
  2. Maybe Celiac Realized Thru Dh

    Thanks! What kind of lotion do you use and how long does it typically take for you to break out when you have eaten gluten? Have you ever tried calcium supplements to keep your immune system from leaching it from your skin? My chiro suggested it for my daughter and if she misses any doses of it I see a real difference in her itching and her lesions.
  3. Maybe Celiac Realized Thru Dh

    I read somewhere that some tea bags are made using Gluten. Who knows I have read so much in the last 3 days. Where did you buy Cerave? I couldn't find it at Target or Walgreens. One of our derms rec that.
  4. Maybe Celiac Realized Thru Dh

    If she has it will the gene test for sure come back positive???
  5. Maybe Celiac Realized Thru Dh

  6. Iodine And Dh

    I suspect my daughter to have DH and we have been gluten-free for about 6 weeks. Her skin is looking loads better, but still has flair ups every so often. I am just reading implications of iodine. Can anyone help with that? What do I need to know about this as it pertains to the healing of her DH??? Thanks!
  7. Does Citrus Aggravate Dh?

    My daughter's Chiropractor says that citrus fruits, pineapple and tomato are the worst things for her skin :-( but he wasn't treating her for Celiac so this may not help you.
  8. Maybe Celiac Realized Thru Dh

    By the way how do I take my address off of my profile page? I don't want all of my personal info showing :-/
  9. Maybe Celiac Realized Thru Dh

    Thank you! I was afraid of that. Basically I am committed to a gluten-free diet with her with the new knowledge of the expanse of Gluten, but was hoping for the clinical factor for dealing with the issues with my mother in law. She needs western medicine approval for everything and I NEED her buy in for my daughter's health. Sometimes going thru all of this even with my family makes me feel like a quack and I wish I had the "proof" for them. I know that sounds terrible Do you have DH??? What can I put on her skin for relief? Moisture? Currently we do only Aveeno and an over the counter antibiotic when the drainage is yellow. She is looking so much better. I know I have to give up the Aveeno now since I read about the oats, didn't even think of that. When we started the Monday after Easter he said minimal grains, then Wheat Free, then NO grains. To me this meant no bread or cereal and the obvious. I can't wrap my head around all of this cross contamination and gluten fillers. Why do they need Gluten in tea bags???? REALLY!?!?!?
  10. I am new to the board....My daughter is 3 and we have been dealing with SEVERE "eczema" for at least 2 years. We have been do so many doctors and prescribed so many steroids, cortisones and even anti depressants to deal with her skin. She is extremely reactive to many things and has lots of allergies. We recently have been seeing a chiropractor who suggested leaky gut and a GFSFDF diet. She has digestion issues too. She has been on this for a little over a month. She may have been exposed to gluten several times through contamination and items that I didn't realize I had to be looking for HOLY COW I didn't realize the degree of its exposure in our food!!!! She has had ups and downs. Her poops look a whole lot better, behavior has improved, paranoia(sp?) is almost gone. I have researched so much for her and this is my last option. I had her tested yesterday. They did the gene testing and the other two, not sure??? Will her test be accurate. She was on FULL gluten up until 6 weeks ago and has likely been exposed through daily lotion (TONS of Aveeno) and supplements and even food even tho most of her food has been cooked from scratch from me. What should I expect? IF she does get a positive where do I even start? I am so overwhelmed, but slightly hopeful that we may have a path to walk down to improve her path instead of suffering in the dark watching my child scratch off her skin and endure all these other issues!!!! Thanks I have already learned a lot from this board by reading the responses to my questions thru google that have inevitably landed me here