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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. About a year after I got diagnosed with celiac disease I was diagnosed with hashimoto's. They tested my thyroid at the same time they gave me the celiac test and my thyroid was fine. A year later all my thyroid tests were severly bad. I think this is no coincidence. In fact I've read there are proteins in your thyroid that are very similar to gluten. It makes me wonder if when you remove gluten from your body, those antibodies you have go attack your thyroid. I have no idea if it works like this, but just makes me wonder . . .
  2. For some people, being gluten free is not enough. Unfortunately I am one of those people and have needed to eliminate grains and a lot of other foods to feel better. I've been following the specific carbohydrate diet (SCD) which helped me start an elimination diet which helped me figure out what other foods are bothering me. I would recommend trying this if being gluten free is not resolving issues for you. As you tested positive all your first degree relatives should be tested for celiac. It is very common for siblings, parents, and children to have the disease even if they don't think they have any symptoms. My brother thought he was fine but he was diagnosed in the early stages of the disease. This is when you want to catch celiac disease. By the time you are showing symptoms or it has gone undiagnosed for years this is when you have trouble healing. Good luck.
  3. I went to this education session on inflammation by a chiropractor's office and they recommended for people with autoimmune diseases, cancer, and bunch of other problems to do the cellular healing diet. I had not heard of this before and learned it is very similar to the specific carbohydrate diet, paleo, and GAPS (grain free and sugar free). I've been following the SCD diet with much better results then just doing gluten free. I was curious if anyone had tried this cellular healing diet and what your experience has been. Thanks!
  4. The doctors did find that I had hashimoto's disease this time (really high antibodies for this), so perhaps as suggested this is why I'm still showing a positive result with the TTG IGA. Blah, hope I don't get anymore autoimmune conditions.
  5. Yep, checked with the manufacturer on the thyroid medication before I bought it. I've found that I have a lot of food intolerances so now I mostly follow the SCD diet which is completely grain free. That has helped with symptoms quite a bit but the few foods I don't react to give me a very limited diet. I saw my GI doc today and he told me to keep doing what I'm doing, nothing else will help he says.
  6. Interesting to hear how long it took you to heal. I've heard it can take a long time if you've had the disease a long time. I was pretty patient the first 6 months and got antsy after the GI said I should be better by then. I've read it can take as long as 1 year for blood tests to normalize. But I'm past that. I know it is close to normal. Just wish I would hurry up and heal and stop developing other new health problems. I spend way too much time researching my health issues.
  7. I'm not really upset, just a little frustrated and curious if others have taken longer than a year to get a negative score. My GI had mentioned after my 2nd test that some people never test negative but he still wants to keep testing me. And I'm still having issues. But just found out I developed thyroid disease in the past year so that might explain issues as I understand that can mimic some celiac like symptoms.
  8. Just got back my latest TTG IGA results. I've been gluten free for almost 15 months now and was really hoping this test would be negative. It was close, but still positive. They say anything less than 20 is negative. My score was 20. My first TTG IGA was 125 followed by a score of 33 7 months later. Now 7 months later it only dropped 13 points. I know I should be testing negative by now. I'm very careful in what I eat and have eliminated grains, processed food, and most other food. So I don't think I'm contaminating myself and my doctor agrees. I've probably had the disease for about 38 years. I know that can slow down the healing. I'm curious if others have had similar experiences and how long before you finally tested negative?
  9. What do they 6 - 8 weeks to be completely gluten free? If you've had the disease a long time it can potentially take a long time for all this stuff to really get out of your system even if you are not consuming it. I may be an extreme example as I think I've had this disease since I was a small child and I'm 38 now. I've been gluten free for almost 15 months now and just went to get my latest celiac blood test and it STILL is showing positive. It has been decreasing since I went gluten free and I'm just 1 point away from testing negative, but still. I'm very cautious about what I eat, etc. so I don't think this is due to me consuming gluten (my GI doc said the same thing).
  10. Good to know. My GP is clueless about treating anything beyond a cold. I'm trying to get into see someone who I've heard is good but can't get an appointment until March. What medicine are you on Pricklypear1971 that you like?
  11. Thanks Pricklypear1971. I'm not sure which all of my vague symptoms are related to thyroid. My main complaint was thinning hair and heavy periods. Other things I'm not sure if they are unresolved celiac or something else. After trying the initial dose the GP gave me, when should I go back (GP didn't mention going back).
  12. A little over a year of being gluten free and found out my thyroid has now gone bad (hashimoto's disease). I asked for more than just the TSH they wanted to give me. All tests turned out significantly messed up so probably didn't need all of them but I thought it was interesting that thyroid peroxidase antibody came out really high (493 where normal would be less than 35). Clearly my body has been attacking my thyroid after I pulled out the gluten. My mom told me she thought I should find an endocrinologist to manage the disease with instead of my GP who is clueless and quitting as of this week. I've heard most endocrinologists treat diabetes and don't know much about thyroid. For those of you with thyroid issues, what kind doctor do you see? Also anyone know if the generic levothyroxine at Walgreens is gluten free? I'm trying to call the manufacturer but apparently when I called was past their operating hours so have to wait. So I'm curious to know! Thanks all!!!
  13. I'm almost 15 months gluten free. I'm still having a lot of problems. I think I've had this disease undiagnosed for 38 years so that probably explains the slow recovery. I also just went in for a check-up and just found out that my thyroid is all messed up (it was fine a year ago). Kind of makes me wonder if my body is attacking my thyroid since I took the gluten out. Fun. I've heard thyroid issues can cause digestive problems so maybe once I get that corrected I'll feel better. I hope you heal much faster than me. When I've heard of people with a ttg iga score of 300+ I've also heard mention of them suspecting cancer. Not sure if that is always the case with scores so high.
  14. My first TTG IGA was 125. So your score is also quite high. I have seen people on this forum posting they had scores of 300 or higher. So it definitely could be worse. I haven't had any food tests but I've found through elimination diets that I have problems with a bunch of other foods too.