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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Fed Up!

    I have been gluten free for approx 4 weeks now on the advice of a GP, i am now not having pain, the runs etc but my stomach is still blowing up after eating anything. So yesterday i ate bread to see if the symptoms returned and sure enough i had pain and swelling and frequent trips to the loo. Today i saw another GP who looked at her computer and said id tested negative last year for caeliac disease but if i wanted to cut out certain foods that was ok. She has prescribed me "Ispaghula Husk" sachets. I have them here and they are fibre bulk forming things, the other GP told me to cut back on my fibre! Who do i go along with! Helen x
  2. Weight Gain

    Ive read a lot on here about people losing weight before diagnosis, however in the last year ive put on at least a stone! Its very hard to shift it too! Any ideas how too? Helen x
  3. Bloated Big Time!

    Hi there, ive been gluten free for 4 days now! The bread that is gluten free has been fabulous! However this evening i had it toasted with a tin of tuna and im bloated quite a lot, my stomach is noisy too! Its not painful which is at least good. Does anyone else suffer with a nosiy stomach? Tiredness is also getting me down this week. Helen x
  4. New Here

    Oh wow! That is a bit of good news! Thank you x
  5. New Here

    Wow thank you very much for your reply, i visited the supermarket today for a really good look at the range of gluten free stuff, i was surprised really, it seems gluten is in so much stuff!I will study this site which i must say is a godsend, thank you again, Helen xx
  6. New Here

    Hi there, my names Helen, im 42 and live in the UK. Ive just been told by my doctor to try a gluten free diet for a while. For over a year now ive had what appeared to be IBS , recently it seems im becoming more and more intollerant to food. I cant eat burgers, sausages etc as they give me a bloated stomach and terrible pain. Other foods bloat me and make me uncomfortable like potatoes, chips, apples, fruit juices etc. Some foods just bloat me without making it too uncomfortable, like ice cream! It literally takes minutes to happen and after meals i end up looking pregnant. It just seems more and more foods are doing it! I did try gluten free bread and it was much better. There are very few foods that i can eat without a reaction. Can anyone offer any advice, thanks, Helen x