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  1. Coping With Uninformed People

    LOL Jestgar, how could I be so insensative? I think next time I'll bring a tub of lard and draw a big smiley face in it! And Takala I agree with you, homemade gluten-free products - to me - taste far better than a lot of the stuff I use to buy from the store. Sometimes the crusts/etc. were so burnt or overcooked that you just couldn't cut it, let alone eat it! And I've only started eating Gluten Free so I am FAAAR from accustomed to the taste of gluten-free foods (though I have to say, it really isn't that big a change - expect for the smaller serving suggestions). Too be honest I think I like gluten-free pretzels more than I ever did wheat ones! Skylark I think you miss-read my post, I wasn't looking for support from my coworkers, and I certainly didn't seek it or attempt to draw attention to myself. I was approached by them, and only when asked did I say anything about gluten. The flier thing was only a joke, hence the (haha). I'm not going to shove awareness down their throats. As for the pie, plenty of people bring "peanut free" or "dairy free" (etc) desserts to these functions and all are labeled, so really bringing gluten free wasn't really a stretch in my eyes, but I do see your point. However, gluten does sound like it could be some scarey, super processed, artificial substance to those who don't know (or perhaps people would just assume it is sugar free haha) so maybe I came off as a health nut, but hey, as Takala pointed out I should have realized I was suppose to bring unhealthy food! (Haha) The only 'support' I was looking for was from people on this site who have to deal with uninformed people as well. The gluten free I am pretty sure I can deal with, it is the other people that can make it difficult. But thanks for your tips, I will certainly use the distraction method in the future. Oooh! Gluten Free beer, I wonder if it is good? I'm perfectly fine with a glass of wine though or being a DD. Good suggestion, thanks.
  2. Coping With Uninformed People

    Sorry for the long wait guys, I decided after reading my post again that, "what the heck, why let THEM decide when I spend my leave/sick leave?" and I pulled myself together and strolled into work, head held high with my gluten-free chocolate muffin (that I have fallen in love with) and my lunch in hand, and just acted like nothing had happened. A few people asked if I was feeling better and one lady even took the left over pie because guess what? HER GRANDAUGHTERS HAVE CELIAC and they loved it. She thought it was so considerate of me to cook something special for people and she even said that the pie tasted just like a s'more (granted she was probably over doing it a bit, though I think it was yummy) and asked me for the recipe. Talk about coincidental. I did get some odd looks (perhaps my immagination) and one lady ask me how my "diet" was going. Ahh if only I read this forum earlier, I would love to use the drama-filled "my doctor is worried" line. I just said that it was hard getting use to such a big life change, but that I discovered some of the best gluten free snacks and treats. Implying that this change is both recent, and a lifetime change AND that I am still eating. It is so lovely to have a forum where people in the same boat can talk and actually understand what you're going through. Hopefully all this "diet" talk in the office will blow over with the next 'office scandel', which reminds me - make a mental note to stay out of the office gossip. I am really glad I sucked it up and went into work today because I think maybe it would have just caused more gossip "Ohh, Jan didn't come in to work today... wonder why?". Being an adult can stink sometimes! My personal friends are still adjusting to the Gluten-Free me, and sometimes forget that, no, I don't want to go in for a pitcher of beer on girl's night out. I just want to say that you are all wonderful and thank you for the support, such good advice given. This is going to be a tough adjustment, though being able to vent like this and get advice and support is going to make it a lot easier! Thanks guys!
  3. I don't know if anyone else has come across this, but I am sure you all have at one point: People who have no idea what it means when you ask them "Do you know if there is Gluten in this?" or understand what it means when you say you are "Gluten Free". I am a recent new addition to the gluten-free community and just yesterday went to a company picnic where it was catered by a local business and we picnicers could bring dishes if we would like. I brought a gluten-free smore's pie and put a little sign "Gluten Free" in front of it, and luckily I'd called ahead to the place catering and asked if they had anything gluten free, and the lady was quite well informed and said that everything had the risk of being contaminated and that even their corn tortillas had a little flour added into the mix and that their fajita meat was marinated in a sauce containing soy sauce. So, I planned ahead and packed myself a little gluten-free lunch (gluten-free BLT, chips and some cookies) and brought it with me. The lunch starts and I sit down at a table and pull out my little lunch and someone asked where I found the BLT and I told her that I'd brought it from home because I had a gluten intollerance and had to be careful what I ate and she said "Oh you can't eat sugar?" and I replied "No gluten is in wheat, barly, rye and stuff, so I have to be careful about what I eat." and she looked at my food and said "Oh but you can have bread and cookies?", perhaps she came off ruder sounding than intended (or it was my imagination), but I told her that I buy specially made products that contain no gluten and she just kind of said "oh" and walked off. A little later into the picnic I was finished eating while everyone else was still munching and I got several comments about how I should still be eating, and few of them even suggesting I need to eat more because I am "soooo thin". (I had significant weight loss, but once everything heals I hope to gain weight!) I tried to say okay as best as possible and joined my family at our table (families were invited). Then another person who was eating my gluten-free pie SPIT IT OUT because the graham crackers tasted "funny" and she proceeded to tell me that I used stale crackers in my pie. I tried to tell her that they are gluten free so the taste might be a little different than most people are use to (however I have no problem with the taste, whatsoever.) and she replied "Oh, didn't realise you were one of those organic health nuts." and litterally stormed away. I was quickly feeling like the odd one out (doesn't help I've only been gluten-free for 2-3 weeks...) but what was worst was that I overheard a few of my co-workers talking about how they didn't like my new "arrogant" diet, as if I needed to lose weight. People really shouldn't talk so loudly... anyway, I asked if I could leave early and that I wasn't feeling well and I took today off. I know I shouldn't have but I am so embarassed and I don't know what to do. Print out Celiac and Gluten Intollerant fliers and say "THIS IS REAL!"? (haha) Someone help, the change in diet isn't all rainbows and butterflies and the attitude of some people is just astonishing! I guess I just really needed a place to express myself, this transition is tough.
  4. Ahh, thank you all for answering so quickly! Prevented me from making that bowl of oatmeal (so glad I checked first!) and probably saving a lot of hassle. I am glad to hear that blue cheese is on the safe list (I do love snacking on my blue cheese - Celery and Carrots + Blue Cheese Dressing = absolutely lovely!) and that someone has tried the San-J tamari and approves of it. The nearest Whole Foods is about an hour away, so I'll probably just buy one at first and then buy in bulk if I can. It is sad to hear about the oats - but I'd rather not eat them than have the negative experiences I've been trying to stop. Oats and risk "disruption" or my oh-so-tasty Gluten-Free chocolate muffin? I think the choice is pretty simple! Maybe I'll try oats again in a year or so, but probably take the suggestion to buy gluten-free oats just to avoid any contamination and certainly will keep it to 50g a day and probably then (if I can tolerate oats) only on occasion. I am so thankful for this site, it is making going gluten-free less difficult. Everyone is so friendly too! Ohh, and just saw the post about Kikkoman's gluten-free soy sauce, I'll start looking for it in the store to. So happy that it seems there are lots of options out there!
  5. So I've recently started a gluten-free diet while awaiting the results of my biopsy (flat mucosa was found) and learned somethings that I never knew. For one, I didn't realize that soy sauce had wheat in it. I have a gluten-intolerant friend and she eats soy sauce and white rice as a snack a lot! When I told her soy sauce had wheat in it she was shocked. She said she's never had a negative reaction to soy sauce. I'm also a big soy sauce person (I cook with it, a lot) and love to dip my sushi in soy sauce. So, knowing that even if you don't have a reaction, people with celiac can still have damage from eating foods with gluten, I am saying goodbye to my Kikoman soy sauce and am looking for a good replacement. At the store I checked out ingrediants of La Choy and San-J soy sauces. Personally I dislike La Choy, but has anyone tried the San-J soy sauce? Or can anyone suggest a good gluten-free soy sauce? Another question I have is about oatmeal. I am reading lots of different things about how oats effect people with celiac, and that there is debate on whether or not oats contain gluten. Can anyone comment on how oats effect them? Should I try to eat some and see how they sit with me or just avoid it? I am a little confused because couldn't it still effect you but just not give you any noticable side effects? And one last question (sorry I have so many!) about blue cheese. Oh man I love this stuff, but when ordering from Outbacks' gluten-free menu on Father's Day I saw that my beloved Blue Cheese Wedge salad said AVOID BLUE CHEESE DRESSING. I checked my blue cheese dressing at home and it didn't seem to have any ingrediants that had gluten in them. However, after a google search I read that some people say to avoid blue cheese because the culture to start veined cheeses was started on bread and therefore contaminates the blue cheese itself. Could anyone shed some more light on this too? I am quickly learning that going gluten free means I am having to drop a lot of my favorite foods and find new replacements for them, but if I don't have to drop it, I would like to try and keep some of them. So any help is welcomed. This site has already been so helpful! Thanks!
  6. Ohh great! I have an e-reader as well, didn't even think of looking for gluten free books on it. That is a great idea, thanks. Really it probably makes shopping a lot easier too - so you know exactly what to buy for what you plan on making. Absolutely brilliant! Thanks!
  7. Would you mind telling me which book you're reading? I would like to educate myself on this issue as well. I think I have to agree with you on the lab-tech being the problem, since (assuming that is) I am sure that it is more likely to have human error than other things. I guess I can't really say I am relieved to hear that you can get false negatives, but it would make sense. Sorry, I didn't see the other post when I replied. Thank you for the information about the glute-free diet. When my doctor's office opens I will be sure to call, however speaking with my GI is almost impossible, and in the past when I've left a call back message I've never receieved one. I've been researching some gluten-free recipies and am planning on heading to a Barnes and Noble today to see about looking at a few gluten-free cook books. If it turns out to be Celiac, I would like to be a little more prepared.
  8. I know just how you feel. I'm currently in the waiting stage. I really would like to try a gluten-free diet, but was told not to because it can mess with my test results. I don't want to be sick either, but right now I really need answers, so really any hope of telling me what is making me feel terrible all the time. Hang in there. I know lots of people are probably going through similiar things right now too. I'm just thankful I found this site too.
  9. I recently had an EGD and Colonoscopy done and in the report I recieved it says that flat mucosa was found in the bulb and the duodenum and that biopsies were taken to test for Celiac Disease... however I already had bloodwork done to test for Celiac Disease and everything came back normal. I have a follow-up appointment for two weeks from now, July 1st, but the wait is really getting to me. I was told NOT to go gluten free because it can effect the results of a Celiac test, however if cutting gluten out of my diet might make me feel better I am willing to risk it. From reading things online it seems that flat mucosa is almost ALWAYS celiac, but I cannot find anything else that causes it... only things that say stuff like "flat mucosa is almost always a sign of celiac disease" but it never says what other things it could be a sign of. Please someone, help. I am stressing and I don't know which way to turn! Is it possible to have a negative blood test for celiac but still have celiac? Thank you.