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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello all, don't know if it's celiac disease related but I just got out of the hospital on Monday after being admitted with pneumonia and pleurisy. I still hurt, can't breathe well at times but feel a little better overall. I think my immune system has left the building, it's just been a very tough year.
  2. Weird Tickle

    I get that every so often in both legs. I have to get up and walk around and it seems to help. Don't know if it's celiac disease related or not, but it sure is annoying.
  3. A bit of a mutt here too, Native American, Swedish, French and Jewish by my Grandfather (my sister and mother both have Crohn's disease which some claim is higher in Jewish folk). Dark hair (cept for the large amt of gray), green eyes and a round face, medium complexion.
  4. Jello

    Jello/Kraft puddings are safe. When I have a sick stomach, warm tapioca pudding soothes like no other, and I eat the snak paks all the time.
  5. Bloating was a major symptom for me too. Going gluten-free has helped a lot but until I quit ingesting Aspartame I still had some bloating. I was drinking two and sometimes four bottles of diet soda a day with aspartame, since I switched to splenda flavored drinks (diet-rite cola) no more bloat. Might just be me but it's worth a try.
  6. The Medical Community Are Clueless

    Next time I have any medical procedures I am going to print off some info from the internet and take it with me. I forget others that don't have this disease don't have it on their minds 24/7 like I do. But...it's time they have a heads up and learn about it.
  7. Me too, Me too......Winterwoman46@yahoo.com - thank you ... thankyou...thank you
  8. I had a knee arthroscopy yesterday at the hospital's outpatient clinic. All went well, then as I was in the waking up process a nurse comes in with my chart in her hand that had a big red label on it stating GLUTEN INTOLERANCE. It was time for me to start drinking and eating, she says to me, would you like some toast, a bagel or muffin? In my drug induced state I still went ballistic on her, I said didn't you see the front of my chart......NO GLUTEN? Oh, she says I was going to ask you what that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God Help Me! This was not a rookie, this woman was in her 40's and had been a nurse for a while. I educated her and ordered jello and 7-UP, then (excuse the language here) I got the ever lovin hell outta there. I know she wouldn't have intentionally hurt me and apologized, but I can't emphasize it enough folks, be careful out there! And, always have a family member or friend with you who knows your condition when you have a procedure done. My daughter-in-law was with me and would have stopped her from glutening me if I couldn't have.
  9. I would not cheat. I've only been gluten-free for about three weeks and have had a couple unintentional glutens slip in with the results being absolute misery. I had some very good days and want to keep em coming!
  10. Ate Gluten By Mistake

    I did something dumb the other night, made tacos .... used corn hard shells, checked the taco sauce and it was ok....forgot to check the seasoning packet - it must have had gluten because I have been sick for two days. My son at a pop tart and left crumbs on the counter, I brushed them into the garbage with my hand and now my finger has itchy bumps on it. It seems like the longer I try to stay gluten-free, the more sensitive I become to the crap. Do any of you take Imodium for the diarrhea and cramping, or is that not a good idea?
  11. Just before I was diagnosed I was in the ER with extreme pain, before they could do any testing they had to give me some pain killer IV, wish I knew what it was becasuse it really helped. It would be nice to have pill form on hand at home.
  12. I had a couple bagels and a sub sandwich one day before deciding to follow the gluten-free diet. Bagels didn't cause any trouble (that I knew of anyway) but the bread from the sandwich immediately inflamed my tongue and I got little bumps on it. That was the last time I had intentionally ingested gluten. Hopefully, it will be the last.
  13. Dizzy Around Gluten Foods

    I dont get dizzy, but if I smell a strong yeast smell from bread or even gluten-free bread it makes me gag. I used to love the smell of bread baking, not anymore.
  14. I would get checked .... sounds like most of the symptoms expressed here. Welcome and good luck.
  15. Choking On Food

    Hi, sorry to hear you are having such problems. I have have GERD and celiac disease. The last time I had an endoscopy the doc stretched my esophogus because I too was choking on everything. It did help for a while, but has returned so that I have trouble swallowing pills and even fluids. It does help if you take a drink of water before a bite of food, but I choke on that sometimes too. Wish there was an easy answer but I sure haven't found one. Good Luck to you!