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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I went to the farmers market today and found some HUGE zucchini, so I've been looking about at recipes for zucchini bread, and not finding what I need. Right now, I can't afford to buy xanthan gum or a mix. I only have white rice flour (glutenous and regular), tapioca flour, potato starch, corn starch, and masa flour available for flours. I'm looking for a simple recipe that doesn't use xanthan gum, and uses any combination of the above flours. Is it even possible?
  2. Oatmeal

    Speaking of this, there's a new option for those of us that like oats--Trader Joe's now has certified gluten free oats! I am chowing down on these for breakfast! I am happy to see McCann's is on here, as I was going to be sad that I couldn't have irish oats anymore.
  3. Did Your Blood Test Come Back Negative?

    This pretty much sums it up. I had the same kinds of issues, and after suspecting it was celiac, but getting a negative blood result (and not being able to afford an endoscopy for further investigation) after being nearly bedridden for months, I decided to take the plunge. I felt better within a few days. Now, when I eat anything with gluten in it, its a VERY clear reaction! I have no question now what it may be. Listen to your body, if it helps, then stick with it!
  4. Feel Awful After Feeling Better

    I believe it tests at 5 ppm. But I was eating a lot of it. I didn't know that about the rotational thing. That is going to be a bit hard for me, as I tend to eat the same things for a long time then switch. I am a little tired of having setbacks almost weekly though. I don't see how I can heal if I keep getting glutened, and its frustrating it to keep happening despite my best effort.
  5. The last two days or so I've felt like I did before I started going gluten free, miserable, nauseated, tired, and with the diarrhea again. I know from a previous incident with cross contamination that I have probably been glutened, but I am not sure from WHAT. I've cooked my own food with conscientiousness the last few days, and the last thing that could have done it outside my home was gluten free pizza from a local pizza place. I've also been eating a lot of arepas, and though I know that the flour I'm using (PAN) is tested gluten free in testing, but it still has the processed in a facility that also processes wheat, so I wonder if it is REALLY ok to eat after all. I wonder if I'm eating so much of it that I'm getting a big enough dose to hurt me (even though it is a trace amount each time) since I've been eating a lot of the arepas as snack food. Do you think its the "gluten free" pizza from days ago or the flour is the culprit here? I am thinking the flour could be. I am a little upset that such a tiny amount could sicken me so badly. I did eliminate all traces of gluten from my kitchen, so I know its not a surface that is contaminating me this time if it helps. A little perplexed on what I could have done wrong! Also: Did you guys have experience with being sensitive to OTHER grains once you went gluten free? I am hoping this is not the case, but as I have the genetic history for it, I can't overlook the possibility.
  6. Vitamins

    It has occurred to me that maybe I need to take supplements, but I'm unsure. Are there any vitamins or minerals I need to be aware of while gluten-free that I wouldn't get normally from eating fruits and veggies and other grains?
  7. "fathead"

    After watching this, I almost feel like the trend to eat more wheat has maybe caused our genes to rebel and thus cause an uptick in Celiac. I am glad to see that it is more of a diet that human bodies like to be low grains. I think that this sort of makes up my mind about it too, from years of coming to my own conclusions about what is supposedly "healthy" and what isn't.
  8. Feeling Much Better!

    Reusable, they're actually rather old, and instead of washing them in the dishwasher I'd just wipe them down and refreeze them, so the rims were pretty heavily contaminated. Tingly lips are sometimes a symptom, I have a rash that sort of flares up around my mouth too.
  9. Michigan Gluten Free Seaching For Others

    Sterling Heights here. I'm pretty new to all of this, but I wouldn't mind talking to people!
  10. Anyone In Metro-detroit?

    I don't know if you ever got the info, but I live in the same general area (closer to Warren than Sterling Heights)and have a ton of suggestions for places to get flour! There's a few strips down John R, a little past 13mi across from the Big Boy. The big shop in that set has lots of cheap flour, seems to have all the things that you need to bake really, even potato flour! Thuy Trang has the best pho there, and that's worth a visit for gluten free eats. Um lets see.....you can get PAN from the Tienda Mexicana on John R and Whitcomb. There is a Fuji Market there too, though I don't know if they have good flour (I wasn't looking for flour when I went, its a good shop otherwise). You might find ENO there though. AND there is a HUGE Korean market called eMart that is relatively new (2010, it just had its 1st anniversary) on Dequindre and 16 mile. As for middle eastern markets you might need to be a little specific on what you want, there are a LOT around here. So to sum up: 1) Viet shop just past 13 mile across from the Big Boy 2) Tienda Mexicana and Fuji Market on John R and Whitcomb (in the same place as the 7-11) 3) eMart Korean Market on 16 mile and Dequindre.
  11. So its a little over a week since I started on the gluten free thing, and except for an accidental glutening, I feel FANTASTIC. It's hard to describe exactly, but the gastrointestinal problems resolved first. It's like being in pain so long you tune it out, and suddenly the pain is gone. And it feels like a weight has been lifted. My mind is clearer, it no longer feels like I'm digesting rocks, no more diarrhea! I am even happier in mood. I want to know if this is temporary, or if I'll continue to feel this good? I hope it stays, because it makes it WAY easier for me to deal with because the change is so profound. I wouldn't like to give this up now that I know what "good" feels like! Did it last for you? Though there is one thing that makes me think maybe it's not celiac, but a wheat allergy. I don't make a huge distinction between the two, because the remedy is more or less the same thing, even though the internal cause is different. However, I have these freezer cups, the kind that have water in the walls and it freezes up, made of textured plastic. I was drinking water out of one, and got tingly lips! I thought it was strange, but it didn't go away until hours after I stopped drinking the water out of the cup. So I think they have contaminated rims. So is this more of an allergy reaction, or more of the super sensitivity I've developed from being off gluten?
  12. All We Talk About?

    LOL I feel like I bore my husband with it, especially with my penchant for ranting about subjects! I have two friends with it, but one of them is asymptomatic, so it bothers him a lot less psychologically than the other friend. I rant to other friends, but I don't think they really "get" it. I am glad for this board, because I can ask questions and get knowledgeable answers!
  13. Yeah I totally get this, and don't as much so far (one week and counting gluten free...). I'll be talking about something and just....its gone. Like I never said it. And no matter how much I struggle I can't recall. Like waking up from a dream and forgetting it instantly, only I'm AWAKE when it happens.
  14. Eating Gluten Free At Others Houses

    I am wondering this myself, with the added family holiday thing. I have 6 months to prepare, but I fear I won't be able to eat ANYTHING at their family gathering, but still be expected to attend. I think I can get through to my father in law, but not so sure about MIL. Neither of them are voiced in dealing with any sort of food allergy.
  15. First Run-In With Contaminated Food

    Omg. I didn't know this. I had hashbrowns too! O_O Grrr. Though I have to say I DID have a good experience going out today to Chipotle. I have started getting pretty proactive in researching a place before I go if I'm not familiar with it.