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  1. I agree with whoever said it makes you feel set apart when others bring in treats at work. Also, until I got this I didn't realize how much people talk about food and describe the taste. Anyway, I don't really have symptoms either and I never know if I accidentally eat gluten. I tell people it is like smoking--it doesn't appear to do anything to me on the outside but it is damaging me internally--and that seems to satisfy them.
  2. This was interesting reading to me because I have had the same problems. Social situations are often awkward. I feel like I put people on the defensive when I ask ingredients and am often met with the response "what happens to you if you eat it?" I tell them for me it's like smoking--nothing happens to me on the outside but it is harming me on the inside." That usually satisfies. But people seem to think that I am making much too big a deal about this and being much too picky and carrying it to the extreme--like I enjoy doing this to myself! I've had three different people say that they or a relative have been cured of it. When I tell them there is no cure they insist that there is. Oh well!
  3. I have been told by one person that they had celiac at birth but no longer have it. I have met two other people who said they had relatives who once had celiac but no longer have it. Everything I read says there is no cure and yet three people have insisted that they or their relatives no longer have it. It is not just that they are symptom free. Can they be correct?