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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Why are you scheduled for a CT scan? If you knew the amount of radiation involved, you would avoid this. You had a positive blood test for Celiac but you're eating gluten? For what reason? Are you getting an upper endoscopy and biopsy? That's what you should be having - not a CT scan.
  2. Two examples about the stupidity of the doctors

    I feel your pain. I was undiagnosed Celiac for decades because even when a doctor finally said hey, you kind of sound like you could have Celiac, because I have constipation, we didn't test for that. I really needed my doctor to know that even a Celiac can have constipation. In my case my colon is too long and therefore has extra twists and it doesn't work right. I was always afraid to give my whole list of complaints to a doctor because they say that if you have more than 3 complaints, you are just looking for attention. Actually it tends to mean you have something complex like an autoimmune disease. One that causes absorptive problems causes malnutrition. When you have malnutrition, you have lots of strange symptoms including the skin (so why aren't most dermatologists involved in getting lab tests and making an actual diagnosis?!) or doing a skin biopsy? A correctly obtained skin biopsy could have diagnoses my DH and therefore my Celiac disease back in 1990. Didn't happen, even though I specifically suggested a biopsy, although I didn't know what we were looking for. It is the rare doc who takes an interest. It's not like I tried to go to the ER, like many people do for involved and chronic problems.
  3. No, it's not crazy. I never had allergy testing, but I used to be allergic to plant pollen, many cats, roses (as in if I touched a rose to my face, my face blew up). I took an antihistamine every day. When I had to go gluten free, I stopped needing an antihistamine.
  4. Celiac disease causes nutritional deficiencies. One of the common deficiencies is magnesium. Magnesium is the relaxation mineral. You can speed the healing of your gut with L-Glutamine. The best food source of magnesium is beef liver, because it is in perfect balance with other minerals. You should also take a magnesium supplement. My digestion runs slow, so I take magnesium citrate. You should research available forms of magnesium to get the one that is the best for you. Mag oxide does not absorb well, and yet it is most commonly available. I took prescriptions in my 20s because my Celiac and colon deformity were undiagnosed. These just caused my brain to slow down and I wish I hadn't caved in and thought Rx meds were any kind of a fix. There is an herbal supplement called Rescue Remedy. It uses plants, but of course make sure it's gluten free. I was also helped by yoga and relaxation therapy with biofeedback.
  5. I am sorry you are not getting the corner piece to your health puzzle. I was extremely similar, except that I didn't test til I got off gluten, tried to get back on gluten, but maybe a month wasn't long enough. Also, I had genetic testing and it was definitely in my genetic makeup. Also, recently I found out my grandmother did not die of leukemia; it was lymphoma. My surgeon (gallbladder) didn't care what my tests said because when I got off gluten my symptoms dramatically improved, including new symptoms of erythema nodosum, migraines. Malaise improved with magnesium, iron, vitamin B (shots), calcium, vitamin D. Don't take mag and calcium at the same time. Mag in a.m. and calcium at night. You can take probiotics or prebiotics. I can't handle nuts or dairy. Always had headaches and migraines as a child, plus Raynaud's, rashes, probably DH about a year before diagnosis of my gallbladder. I never showed this to a doctor. I was so sick at that time I was a complete hermit, working at home, sleeping my days away.
  6. Sleep Paralysis?

    I used to have all sorts of issues when I was in my 20s, before I figured out all my problems. I had serious constipation before the Celiac was ever discovered, and I therefore don't know if I always had Celiac or the Celiac only popped up after my gallbladder surgery. But I always had headaches, migraines, insomnia, daytime falling asleep (even standing up), malaise, low weight, couldn't gain weight, skin problems, Raynaud's, and on and on. I noticed a problem with peanuts causing headaches when I was little, although family members scoffed over this. I also had some improvement with phlegm and maybe some other things by stopping dairy. Since having my gallbladder out and having the surgeon tell me I had Celiac disease and stopping gluten, I stopped having Raynaud's. My insomnia seems more linked to constipation, but I supplement all my deficiencies, and that seems to be helping the insomnia also. My pain issues (aching bones) is resolved now. I take magnesium in the morning, calcium and vitamin D (2000 IU) at night, and 25 of zinc.
  7. Hi! You are having a rough time. The anemia is the worst thing, although vitamin D deficiency can also drain you some. I would suggest supplementing it in the morning and also getting at least 15 minutes of time in the sun as possible each week. I also take magnesium every morning and calcium at night. I had not heard that calcium and iron were incompatible, but you can probably take them at different times and be fine. Take the calcium at night.
  8. Please note that Kirkland's chocolate covered raisins have new labeling that states they are processed on dirty equipment (equipment that also processes items with wheat and nuts, etc.). The product looks different also. The size of each choc-covered raisin is much bigger than previously. I am told the bite sensation is different as they are harder now, almost as if they are stale. So at least we aren't missing much.