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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A lot of migraines are caused by magnesium deficiency. And a lot of celiacs are magnesium deficient. Take 200 mg of magnesium glycinate (KAL magnesium glyicnate - google that and you can buy this product cheap. No I don't sell it, it just works!) every hour until the migraine goes away. fritzicurls
  2. Hyper Sensitive Tongue?

    I have always had geographic tongue. My tongue is very sensitive to all that you mention above. Plus, I got glutened on Christmas day and my tongue had two big canker sores on the bottom and was lacerated all across the top. Talk about annoying and painful. A very long week ensued! fritzicurls
  3. Yes, I had colon pain every day for about two years before I figured out I had celiac disease. I took an antacid twice a day that whole time and some days it works and some it didn't. Then I come to find out that the antacid I was on was not gluten free. I went off antacids, went gluten free and after a couple of months the colon pain was absolutely gone. I would, however, suggest a colonoscopy to determine if your colon is healthy. A lot of colon cancer is basically longstanding untreated celiac disease. Also, other than bloating I did not notice any problems in my small intestines, either. fritzicurls
  4. Struggling With The Email

    Thank you, Karen, problem solved. I'm afraid I must have looked like Ground Hog Day (the movie), two very similar but not the same emails sent. Live and learn. Thanks so much! fritzicurls
  5. Someone sent me an email through this site and asked me to reply. Twice I have replied and "sent" the email. I get a screen that says 'thank you for sending this and the recipient will be notified that they have an email'. However, there are no sent items in my 'sent box'. So either the person is left hanging with no reply to their question or I look like an idiot because I keep sending them the same email information only with different composition because the first email I composed is somewhere in cyberspace so I rewrite it. So HELP. Thank you, fritzicurls
  6. Born And Raised... First Post....

    I am wondering if you have Tourette's Syndrome, which is a probable cause for the facial and body tics. I have never read where Tourette's is connected to celiac disease but since celiac can cause neurological symptoms (I have celiac induced epilepsy) it may be responsible for the Tourette's. There are medications that can help some people with Tourette's. I would google Tourette's Syndrome and if you think you have it I would find a good psychiatrist or neurologist to get a med eval if the tics are bothersome enough that you want to get some med help. I am a therapist and can help you with how to find a good psychiatrist or neurologist. E-mail me if you would like some help with that. I, like the others, am not the least bit depressed about celiac disease. I actually am thrilled to have found such a relatively easy cure for managing the disease. No side effects connected with the gluten-free diet!!! And I love feeling so good. fritzicurls
  7. Migraines can be caused by magnesium deficiency. Take 200 mg of a good magnesium every hour until the migraine goes away. Should be no surprise since celiac can't absorb. Lots of celiac symptoms overlap with magnesium deficiency symtpoms. fritzicurls
  8. I started having seizures 17 years ago. Then came the fatigue. I finally figured out celiac disease 10 months ago. By the time I went gluten free I had the following symptoms: seizures, constipation, fatigue, pale, pale face, depression (terrible), horrible anxiety, bloating, yeast infection, high blood pressure, bone spurring, arthritis, uterine and ovarian cysts, and breast cysts. Four days after going gluten free the anxiety shut off like a faucet and never returned. It took about 2 months or so before the depression lifted, but it slowly did and has never returned. My blood pressure dropped 25 points top and bottom (I had done everything to bring it down - no one could figure out why I had HBP because I am thin, run, and meditate). At about three months I had clients asking me if I was tanning - nope just gluten free - because the color returned to my face. The fatigue left at 2-4 months and has not returned. The yeast infection and constipation took more than just gluten-free diet - but with the help of ThreeLac, magnesium, molybdenum, Candex, and Konsyl I have a good one every day, so to speak and the yeast infection (very restisant strain) is getting under control. As that goes away my arthritis pain is so much better!!! How did I cope? Some days not well. Running and meditation helped a great deal, though many days I felt like I was running with buckets of cement on my feet. (My dad was a great inspiration - weeks before his death due to bone cancer he was still making laps around the dining room table with his walker to exercise and keep his strength up in case they found a cure. He had a piece of paper on the table and he would hash mark his laps so he could chart his progress. If he could do that, I could keep running, no matter what.) Having a supportive spouse was helpful, as well as supportive sister who were also working out their own celiac possiblities. The medical profession was not helpful. I went EVERYWHERE in the country to really big name medical clinics trying to find a help for my seizures and NOT ONE person mentioned the connection between celiac and epilepsy. I found celiac disease in a book I was reading and could identify with every published symptom. I have not had a seizure in 13 and 1/2 months - this is not unusual for me so I still don't know if gluten-free will help with that, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am 54 and feel the best of my whole adult life. YAHHHHOOOOOO! So hang in there, keep putting on foot in front of the other, be fearless in talking to medical professionals, and educate yourself!!! fritzicurls
  9. I have degenerative disc disease and bone spurring, calcifications in my brain, calcifications in my breast. A lot of this is related to poor calcium absorption. You need magnesium to absorb calcium. And since we are about poor absorption as celiacs, we need all the help we can get. I started taking big doses of magnesuim and the pain in my back and neck have subsided a great deal. Not gone, mind you, but it is tolerable. Get a good magnesium (google magnesium KAL - it's cheap) and take 200 mg every hour until you reach diarrhea. Keep a written record of how much you are taking. When you hit diarrhea back down to the last dose you took and that's how much you need. Magnesium is like vitamin C and you body will slough off what it doesn't need. I intially went up to 4000 mg before I hit diarrhea (big constipation problems here that the mag has also solved!). I now take 2000 - 2400 daily. I did a lot of research on the internet and talked with the yeast infection person who recommended this technique. I wanted to be sure that this amount of mag would not hurt me. There are really no known problems unless you get to 20,000mg. I feel so much better in so many ways. A lot of my symptoms were related to mag deficiency. I know that it has certainly helped with the back pain. fritzicurls
  10. I am celiac and a play therapist with a lot of kids on my caseload who I believe are misdiagnosed. (See my request for testimonials farther up this board). I also have a nephew who has been diagnosed with Aspergers. I also have a roaring yeast infection of a very resistent strain. At any rate, while trying to find some help for the yeast infection I ran across a fabulous website that is run by some great people. They funded a study of autistic and Aspergers kids - eliminating their yeast infection has improved all the kids in the study and in some cases reversed the diagnosis. This is nothing short of amazing. I truly believe the explosion in autism and aspergers is do to the explosion in eating at fast food joints and sugar laden foods that feed yeast, especially in celiac kids (and adults, I might add!!). Any way, the website is candidafree.com. The couple who runs it are Mark and Alyson Cobb. At the bottom of their homepage is their email address. They promise to email within 24 hours if you have questions, and they do. They are very committed to helping kids. They will send you (they did to me anyway) the results of their study with kids. There are tons of testimonials on this site from parents of autistic and aspergers kids who have found lots of success in getting rid of yeast infection and all kinds of symptoms. My eight year old nephew lost his acne that he had had since about age 5 in two weeks, has lots more energy, lots more focus and concentration, and is lot more appropriately social. I can't wait to see the changes as he gets completely gluten and yeast free. Hope this helps. fritzicurls
  11. A lot of constipation can be caused by magnesium deficiency. I was gluten-free for a long time and no relief for the constipation although I was getting relief for so many other symptoms, so I know I was not getting glutened. Then I found out about the magnesium and combined with daily fiber I have very regualr bowel movements. It can take a lot of mag. I worked with a yeast infection guy who said that the yeast can penetrate the lining of the bowel and really create problems. He told me to take 200mg of mag every hour until I reached diarrhea. Then to back down on the doseage just below that and that would be my daily dosage. It works like vitamin C. The body just sloughs off what it doesn't need. I went to 4000mg before I hit diarrhea!!!!! Once my bowels got working I was able to back down to 2000 - 2400 daily. I am suspecting as my body begins to absorb more and more (I have been gluten-free for 10 months) that I will back down even more. The normal daily adult recommended dose is about 600mg. I did tons of research on the internet and took the recommendations from the yeast infection guy that these elevated amounts would not hurt me. To the contrary I feel a lot better in so many ways. I do not know what the amounts for kids would be but I hope this helps. It just makes sense that we don't absorb magnesium along with everything else!! Good Luck, fritzicurls
  12. Nisla, thanks so much for the article, it was great. It will be so helpful with other parents. Thanks, fritzicurls
  13. I am a therapist with celiac disease. I see it all over my caseload with the children I work with, everything from ADD to bi-polar to Aspersgers and Autism. Some parents will pick up the idea of celiac or yeast infectin and run with it. Other's are very skeptical. I would love some testimonials from parents like you, who have found some successes, no matter how small in addressing your children's celiac and yeast infection problems through testing, gluten-free diets or whatever. Especially as related to behavior and learning problems. Of course, the medical and physical problems are just as important, but in my office we are working on behavior, emotional and learning problems. So connected with celiac! Parent testimonials can be so helpful to other struggling parents. Sometimes they can get through to others like no other information. I would love to have testimonials that I can hand out to clients. Any suggestions and information would be helpful. Thank you for helping the children on my caseload. fritzicurls
  14. oh, wow, thank you so much. It's great to have more than one trick in your bag of tricks. fritzicurls
  15. zmom, when you say the padded pink part of the foot near the arch, are you talking about near the ball for the foot or near the heel of the foot? Thank you for the suggestion. Sounds great. fritzicurls