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  1. Thank you all for your comments and concerns. I did not realise that aspirin could cause an allergic reaction. I will look into that. I am feeling much better today. My digestion is terrible and going on day 4, but my others symptoms, anxiety and depression are much better. Somone made a comment about taking a painkiller after ingesting gluten. I am not sure why this is not healthy? I get mirgaines after eating gluten, and I have had migraines that last three days.
  2. I have been gluten free for 2 and a half years. I have on ocassion tried a small amount of a product with gluten or accidently ingested something with very bad side affects. Until this last time it has been migraines. I used to cope with at least a mirgaine a week before giving up gluten. I had to take very strong pain killers and I would miss classes, as I was in university at the time. It was miserable. But I feel that I coped with it better than I do now when I have a reaction.However, I have found that taking aspirin right after being contaminated with gluten can prevent a mirgaine. This is great news. But, I had some other side affects this time, not to mention a strong emotional reaction. I had an emotional reaction before too, but I thought it was because of the migraine pain. Now I am thinking that the emotional reaction is actually an allergic reaction. I instantly got bloated and I am on my third day of cramps. I could not go to the bathroom for two days. I have some relief today. I had a low fever for a day and a half, and swelling in my hands and feet. Emotionally, I feel so misunderstood. By my partner, colleuges, everyone. The minute my colleuges decided to go to a place that sold fried food instead of a restuarant with more choices, I became anxious. I felt like crying. I was so afriad that I would accidently come into contact with gluten, but I was not able to express that. I asked if the menu had choices and everyone said that it did. I did find an item on the menu that was fine. However, I decided to eat some home fries and I instantly began to react with the bloating as I said above. They must have been fried in the same oil as ongion rings and contaminated with gluten. I have been off and on crying since it happened and extremely depressed and anxious. I refused to go to the store the other night and I have been anxious about my partner. I feel so frustrated that this happens and I feel that I have no control over it. Then with feeling misunderstood, I feel so alone.