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  1. 6 weeks after positive tTg result, my son had his biopsy today. The specialist came and spoke to us afterwards, and said they'd found duodenal ulcers, so took biopsies from duodenum, stomach and gullet to look for inflamation as well as the ones from his small intestine. Has anyone had a child with coeliac and duodenal ulcers? The specialist said if the biopsy shows standard coeliac my son can continue to be treated by his consultant at the local hospital, but if it shows complications he'll have to go back to the children's hospital to see the specialist again. He didn't say what the complications might be though, does anyone have any ideas? My 12 year old daughter's tTg also came back positive for coeliac last Friday, so we'll be going through all this again in a few weeks.
  2. To All Our Guests....

    Kareng - thank you Jestgar - , I've been reading up on that - is there no such thing as a flase positive on the blood test then? The paediatrician has referred him to the dietitian already, so as soon as the biopsy is out the way we can start the gluten-free diet.
  3. To All Our Guests....

    Hi My son (9) has just had a positive blood test for coeliac and is waiting for the biopsy. In the mean time I've been reading everything I can. It's been quite a shock, but this forum has been a real help. Reading peoples posts, and realising we're not alone in this and we'll get the hang of it has really helped. My daughter and I are being tested tomorrow, but I'm not worried anymore - we'll deal with this as a family anyway. Thanks for being such a friendly supportive community
  4. My 9 year old son started suffering from terrible stomach pains in February after being really sick with tonsillitis. These pains lead to him being seem by many doctors, spending a night in hospital, and an entire month away from school. We were told lots of 'it could be this, that or the other, but probably either stress or IBS' with no real answers. Finally this week (nearly 5 months later) we got told his blood test came back positive for Coeliac Disease and we're now waiting for a biopsy to confirm, but paediatrician seemed fairly certain. The more I read about celiac disease the more is falling into place. I just wish it had been picked up sooner so he didn't have to suffer so much. I have been reading lots of threads on here, and it helps to know so many parents have been through similar situations. I hope the biopsy appointment comes through quickly so we can start getting Alex well. My 12 year old daughter and I are going for our blood tests on Tuesday. Paediatrician thinks there is a strong chance that the IBS I was diagnosed with 10 years ago could be celiac disease.