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  1. Many thanks for the ideas, I really am hopeless, i can manage preparing food for my daughter so I should take a leaf out of her book (she was born with a bowel malformation and underwent so many surgeries and endured a temporary colostomy, she is now 7 and will only eat healthy, refuses to eat junk (processed food) as she has learnt that anything like that will cause her constipation, she also controls her own laxatives now lol...), will have a clear out in the kitchen in a couple of weeks and go shopping again (husband normally does the shopping)...
  2. I really feel for you, it's so awful what you have been through... It is always possible to have false negatives and like other diseases even people with coeliac, still with gluten in their diet can have negative bloods - rheumatoid arthritis for example, you can have all the outward symptoms and bloods for inflammation are high, but the key diagnostic test can come back negative - thankfully that is well recognised and is now called sero negative RA - I have been doing a food diary for the last month and this helped to pinpoint a pattern between my rash and the arthritis flares and all the GI issues, definitely helps to show any patterns/trends between symptoms you have and foods that you eat etc. I hope things continue to improve for you now you are gluten free
  3. Help Please!

    I would definitely seek medical advice from your doctor, especially if the pain is unbearable. If anything, they'll hopefully be able to give you something to help ease the pain and discomfort in your abdomen. I also agree with the post above - this is your body's way of telling you it really doesn't like gluten, especially with the positive bloods etc....you never know what damage is going on internally and what it can lead to in later life... I'm newly diagnosed and it's a steep learning curve, I'm awaiting a biopsy before I go gluten free and I know it's going to be very difficult..... Hope you start to feel better soon
  4. Thanks for the replies - so glad I have found this site and found so many wonderful people who truly understand. Thankfully I have never met this woman and I don't think I'd like to, judging by some of the stories I've heard about her. Just getting to grips with basics now - I normally reply on the hospital restaurant for my breakfast and lunch (I'm a research scientist working on rheumatoid arthritis) but the realisation that there was nothing gluten free hit me today - even the salad dips etc I can't really be sure of, and the jacket potatoes are right next to things like sausage rolls etc... Any tips for varying lunch ideas (I'm in the UK btw) would be really great lol...I'm hopeless with cooking and thankfully my hubby does all the cooking. The only things I ever cook are cheese on toast, beans on toast etc haha
  5. Having only just being diagnosed I'm still trying to come to terms with things and preparing for a gluten-free lifestyle after my skin biopsy on the 14th. All the people I work with and my family have been great, really supportive, asking lots of questions and looking round the supermarket for food they can prepare for me when I go and visit them - at barbecues etc. A woman I have never met, who works with my husband, was discussing coeliac with him last night during their shift, apparently she has coeliacs disease. He was telling her about my symptoms and how I'd been diagnosed and she said that I must be making it up, apparently there is no way that my rash is anything to do with coeliacs - there is no such thing associated with it! This is from a woman with coeliacs - she is also very lucky in that most shifts she works she is able to go and eat in McDonalds - as yet I have not found a single thing in McDonalds that I can eat that is gluten free - yet she has absolutely no reaction - I know I shouldn't judge her but she has really upset me - my husband basically told her that she must be more medically trained then than my GP, rheumatologist and dermatologist!!! Aaaaaaagh!!
  6. Hi there, I'm a scientist researching RA and even though your bloods are negative it's still possible to have "seronegative" RA. but there is a classification system that rheumatologists follow to aid in a diagnosis. This includes morning stiffness, multiple joint swelling, changes on xrays, presence of nodules, positive rf factor in the blood etc. You have to fulfil so many of the points and been suffering constantly for 6 months at least. There is another condition that has similar symptoms to RA but doesn't cause the joint damage and it also flares and goes periodically. It's called palindromic rheumatism (a condition I was diagnosed with in January). I get all the joint pain and swelling in flares and I also have visible arthritis on my xrays. I'm now taking anti rheumatic drugs to help
  7. So I'm guessing then that the likelihood is I do have coeliac and this awful 11year old rash is the associated DH? Found out today (unofficially as I work in the building where the labs are based) that my coeliac bloods are highly positive :-( Feeling somewhat elated that after 11 years I have an aswer but then downhearted that after my biopsy in two weeks I'm facing a huge lifestyle change with regards to what I eat, how I cook etc....scary
  8. Hi everyone, Since joining this forum a few days ago I've found it to be so so helpful. Lots of information and guidance and helpful advice. Well my RAST results (wheat allergy) and coeliac antibody panel test results are slowly starting to filter through. Only one that's on the system so far is anti-IgA which was 1.7 but at present there are no reference ranges so I have no idea what that means at the moment. None of the others were there before I left work so I'll ask again tomorrow. Just getting so impatient and I want to know if my bloods have shown anything or not. I kind of hope they do so I know it's not just in my head. I feel awful today, extremely tired, in the grips of a bad headache which I've had since the weekend (after I binged on gluten/wheat containing products in an effort to show the doctor on Monday exactly what happens when I do eat the stuff)....skin rash is just awful and has now started to appear on my face, arms are painful around the blisters and as one patch heals another patch starts to form (aaaaaaaaahgh and they're so itchy!!), I do find piriton (in the UK, maybe called something else in the US) slightly helps with the itching...I just feel like my head is being squashed and my chest (I have had asthma since I was a baby) is playing me up making me feel quite breathless....I'm dying to cut out gluten but I know I can't yet until I've had the skin biopsy on the 14th...Just worried that nothing will show up.... I am wondering now if lactose intolerance is linked? When I was a baby I was lactose intolerant and spent my first couple of years on soya milk, something I did grow out of and drinking cows milk etc doesn't make me sick (at least I don't think it does????) This has just been going on for 11 years (that I can remember) and I have had enough now, I hate going back to the doctors asking if it could be this, or that, but this time I am convinced that this is coeliacs with the typical rash DH - everything fits and all my symptoms all fit together to form one large answer - it's just took 11 years to piece everything together (especially as I've had other medical issues such as endometriosis) Sorry for such a long post, I feel completely drained and am lay on the bed with my kitty and my laptop trying to get rid of this headache - I'm taking hydroxychloroquine for the arthritis and I've taken tramadol and paracetamol but still the headache persists :angry: Thanks for all the support you've given me so far - I'm so thankful to know I'm not alone and I'll feel so much better once I know for sure...
  9. I'm new here so still navigating my way around the boards. I have been suffering with my skin for 11 years (along with other symptoms) and have had many diagnoses including eczema, latex allergy etc. My skin is at the worst it's ever been and the intense, painful itching is driving me mad. My GP looked at the rash and said he thinks it's linked with Coeliac but still isnt sure, I've had bloods taken today to test for wheat intolerance and coeliac antibodies. Anyway I've attached a couple of piccies of my rash (as it is today) and when I have my skin biopsy done on the 14th July I'll be showing these photos to the dermatologist (as you can guarantee my skin will look less angry when I go), does this rash look like a typical DH type rash?:
  10. Bones/joints Q

    I'm not yet officially diagnosed but it's likely that I have coeliac and DH. I was diagnosed with a form of rheumatoid arthritis earlier this year. When I eat food containing wheat/gluten my skin starts to burn/tingle. Within 12-24 hours the rash covers my arms. A further 24 hours later and I get a bad arthritis flare. The last bloods showed my inflammatory markers were high too. Very painful and at present I'm waiting for my new meds to kick in (hydroxychloroquine).
  11. Thanks so much for your replies. I have been to see my lovely GP this morning and he can't decide if it's an intolerance to wheat or if it's coeliac disease. So I've had my bloods taken to test for both wheat allergy and coeliac antibodies - I also have an appointment with a dermatologist on the 14th July to have a skin biopsy done. He wants me to go on a gluten-free diet once I've had the tests done (regardless of whether they're negative or positive) and see how I get on, so after skin biopsy I'll change my diet.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new here and found this site after googling for more information. I have not yet been diagnosed with Coeliac disease however it's looking more and more likely that this is what I have. I'm off to the Docs in the morning with my food and symptom diary with a plan of having my bloods done. Basically here's a little about me: I'm 29 and from what I can recall I've probably been suffering with symptoms since I was around 18. However, this has been masked by the onset of severe endometriosis from the age of 13 - as a result of this condition i have had many laparoscopies and two years ago underwent a total hysterectomy with removal of my ovaries. During the hysterectomy the gynae noted that my bowel was attached to my abdominal wall and was in a mess, and if I had further problems I was to see a gastroenterologist - I;ve never really thought about my symptoms as being related until recently and suddenly it all makes sense and is all fitting together. My symptoms started off really mild, irritating itchy rash on my arms, legs and scalp that was at first was diagnosed as scabies, then I was told it was eczema, then I was told it could be to do with my arthritis (I was diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis in January this year) and i have tried so many treatments all to no avail. I have always suffered with my bowels, spasming and cramping pains (truly horrible), bloating, constipation interlinked with diarrhoea. bad trapped wind and indigestion. Also suffer with headaches. Just recently the intense itching is driving me insane, the rash is like clusters of red blisters which when scratched ooze a clear liquid, just horrible. It almost feels like I have tiny little creatures crawling all over me - at the moment my arms, shoulders, neck, scalp, back and legs are insanely itchy and I doing my best not to scratch them. i have so many scars on my arms from where I've scratched this rash in the past. So the reason for posting is firstly what can I use to stop this itching, at least so I can get some sleep? I have not slept now for 48 hours due to this horrible itching and this in turn is making my headache all the worse. I have been examining my diary and the one thing that stands out is whenever I eat anything containing gluten, bread, pasta, cakes, biscuits (even things I didn't think contained gluten), my symptoms worsen. So this is where I'm up to, I spoke to a pathologist I work with and he thinks it sounds like the gluten is causing it and it could be coeliac, hence why I'm off to the docs tomorrow. I have family members who've been diagnosed with coeliac so it's in the family. I think after suffering with this horrible rash and bowel problems for 11 years that there has to be more to it, especially as nonw of the treatments are working. What shall I expect at this stage? if it is coeliac I'm just not sure how I can cope with a gluten-free diet, I was looking at the ingredients lists on the food items in my cupboards and roughly 75% of it contains gluten, or MAY contain gluten, or was produced in a gluten containing factory etc... it's just such a daunting prospect. I shouldn't worry so much, especially as I've not yet had the tests done, but I feel 90% sure that this is what is wrong with me. I guess I'm just preparing for the worse. Anyway, ranted enough now, any helpful information from others in a similar situation would be really useful xx