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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So results are in - biopsies are negative. I was told to take Bentyl, Metamucil, and Immodium as needed. Do it for two weeks, and if your not better then we will do a colonoscopy....by the Medical Assistant - the doctor didnt even call. I'm so very frustrated. I dont want to live my life on a regiment of drugs that are just working against one another until I strike a balance. How do we even call that medicine. I've been gluten free now since the 24th of June. Ive felt good. My anxiety has gone away a great deal, and while I'm still learning what to eat, I dont think Ive glutened myself much. July 4th weekend was bad (high stress at job too though - and traveling so I ate out a lot ). So was the other day. I couldnt identify any gluten the day before though the second time. I'm feeling at a loss of what to do. I dont know why, but I really needed that confirmation of diagnosis to make me feel better. It's been 10 years of not knowing and I've just had enough. Should I be staying gluten free? Part of me wants to go down a pizza/sandwich and just see what happens!
  2. I use spice mixes such as Shan and MDH. They are imported from overseas and I cant seem to get an answer from the company on the gluten content of the mixes. Ive looked at mutliple ones - some list wheat, while others dont. But I used one yesterday and felt really sick today - it lists Asafoetida, which after researching i see can be combined with wheat --- any ideas where else I can look up the info? Any labs test food for consumers? Any other ideas? Thanks in advance
  3. So, its been 11 days since the biopsy and no call from the doctor. I called and left a message for the medical assistant and she returned my call. She said the Dr. Was out until Thursday and would get back to me then. She said, "I took a look at the results, and there's no cancer or anything showuing, so no need to worry." We weren't looking for cancer! We were looking for signs of celiacs. I thought to proble futher but was just so saddened by the response that I just couldn't. She asked if I was stll having an upset stomach, then asked if I was taking any meds. Then we hung up. Part of me was hoping for an easy "Yes you have celiacs." Now I'm wondering, if the biospy is clean, what my next steps should be...
  4. I tried starting today by watching what I eat. Do you know of any good lists of what ingredients to avoid?
  5. Thanks for the help bin hoping something shows on the biopsy. The doctor took 7. 1 more than the 6 he initially planned to take. I feel good about that as I've read some only take 2-3. It's just really hard when everyone around u thinks ur not sick and just make yourself nervous. Especially when u know you dont feel right.
  6. I was hoping someone could help me read these results. Had a biopsy Friday but the wait is killing me. And if one more person says they think its in my head .... Celiac endomysial iga value negative Celiac gliadin set iga value 3.9 ref range <2.9 celiac gliadin ser igg value 2.2 ref range <1.3 celiac ttg serum qn value .9 ref range <10.3 celiac total serum iga value 184 ref range >13 yes to adult: 44-441 Summary interpretation: results may support a diagnosis of celiac disease. Serological markers for celiac disease detected. Positive DGP"s may also occur in normal individuals as well as in other GI conditions.