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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What Is A Gluten Challenge?

    Thanks =] I'm not planning to! It sucks I don't know for definite, but it's not worth it. I usually just say I have Celiac Disease and leave it at that lol.
  2. I've heard two different things 1. You're on a gluten free diet, then you introduce enough gluten for a period of time so you can have testing done for Celiac Disease 2. You're eating a gluten free diet, you introduce gluten, if you feel terrible you 'failed' the gluten challenge. Someone recommended it to me because my mum and uncle both had positive biopsies, I have the genes and my antibodies were weakly positive. I had a B12 and foliate deficiency and stomach problems. I was moving cities and was told it'd be 6 months + to get into have a biopsy, so my doctor advised I go gluten free. I did, not knowing at the time that I wouldn't get an accurate biopsy. My deficiencies improved, my stomach problems resolved and my antibodies are now normal. I commented that it sucked not having a definitive answer, but the way I feel when I eat gluten is terrible. I'm sick for a week. I've been gluten free for 4, nearly 5 years. Someone recommended a gluten challenge, when I asked which one of the two they meant and that the way I react when I eat gluten was so bad that it's not worth, they just got angry with me! Thanks for any help!
  3. I definitely felt like I had more energy, but that could be because I'd had deficiencies for years that wouldn't sort themselves out until I went gluten free. I was diagnosed when I was 17, so I don't have a lot of experience about the wrinkles! Lol Good luck.
  4. It can happen. Endoscope overrides blood tests.
  5. What Does The Gene Test Mean?

    Thanks everyone. I live in New Zealand so that sending the swab away thing is probably not available here. I'm not sure which of the gene tests I had done, the doctor just said it was positive. Thanks everyone.
  6. I love this research article. Finally it tells everyone what we all knew! Hopefully they'll find some markers to help test those with sensitivity rather than celiac disease.
  7. My Mum and Uncle both have had positive blood tests then positive biopsy. I had the blood test done which was normal and gene test was positive. I was having stomach problems and b12 and foliate deficiencies (b12 injections and foliate tablets did nothing) . I'm a chicken and I was moving cities, so I decided I would trial a gluten free diet to see if it helps. That was 4 years ago, my b12 and foliate are normal. My GP and dietitian said that they thought I definitely had some damage to the villi because of the way my deficiencies went normal. I'm just wonder, does anyone know any good websites that explain the gene test? Or any experience with it being positive, but negative Celiac test. My GP (who ran the test 4 years ago) said people with this positive gene are more likely to develop celiac disease and are more likely to be sensitive to gluten. Thanks.
  8. Test Results...

    They all look normal to me. But keep in mind you still might have a gluten problem without being Celiac. I'm not sure if you've had the gene test, but if not you should ask to have that done. My GP said it gives a good indication of whether someone will develop celiac disease or have a sensitivity to it. Good luck
  9. I always thought it was 1:100. It's not going to be possible to get an accurate picture. There are people who have celiac disease and are asymptomatic or can't be tested or just accept it's normal or told they have IBS or people who are too embarrassed to talk to their doctors. There was a lady I use to work with, her daughter has celiac disease, but doctors wont test her because she's over weight! I said 'find a new doctor!'
  10. Can I Say I Have celiac disease?

    Thanks. I do try. I was babysitting my cousins today and my aunt came home. There was a chocolate cake on the bench and she turned and asked 'are you still off gluten?' and I said yes and she said 'oh I guess you can't have any of this delicious cake then'. I didn't reply.. It's like they find any excuse to bring it up and be rude about it. My Mum is very quiet. She has the same problem with the family but about other things (i.e. how to raise my brother and I) so she doesn't provoke or want to start arguments. In the past she's attempted to but in, but they just shut her down. Thanks for your advice everything.
  11. Can I Say I Have celiac disease?

    Thanks everyone. My Mum had the blood test and biopsy, so in my family's opinion she has it and I don't. I don't care what they say, but when they do start, they don't stop. It ruins everyone night and I feel guilty. Thanks all.
  12. I'm 21 years old and my symptoms started when I was about 15. I got very sick from Mono/Glandular fever. I developed stomach issues, but they weren't major. When I was 16 I had some blood tests done and it came back with low b12 and foliate. I ate meat and dairy nearly every day and I ate plenty of fruit and veges. My diet was pretty healthy. I had foliate tablets and b12 injections for over a year, but it made no difference. When I was 17 and a half, my uncle was dx with celiac disease (blood test then biopsy) and a month later my mum was dx too (blood test then biopsy). I had the blood test. My result was 17 (0-20 normal). I had the gene test, which I was positive. I was then retested, I don't know the number, my doctor said it was higher than my previous one and wanted me to have the biopsy. My mum had the biopsy with no sedation and said it was horrible. I was moving cities for university so it was going to be a hassle. But mostly I didn't want to do it because I'm a chicken. So I went gluten free. About 6 months into the gluten free diet I started to feel better. About 1 year into the diet I felt like this was so beneficial I wouldn't go back. And my deficiencies all went normal! I went to a dietitian who said that she had no doubt I had some damage to the villi. My GP agreed and said I must stay on a gluten-free diet unless I want to have the biopsy done. When I eat gluten, I know about it! It usually takes me about 5 days to recover. I've been gluten free for 4 years Many people in my family are doctors/nurses/pharmacists. They often bring it up that I don't have Celiac Disease so I don't need to be on a gluten free diet, or that I'm just making myself think I'll feel better so I do, or that if anyone was to remove gluten from their diet they'd become sensitive to it. They make me feel bad and like I'm making this up.. To people who don't know much about Celiac Disease, I just say that I have it (because it's easier), but can I really say I do? And any tips for dealing with the family? Thanks
  13. Kiwis?

    Thanks for your reply! =] I'm from Dunedin! I don't blame you getting away from CHCH. I've got family there and they're barely coping. I have to say, I haven't tried any of the things you recommended except the Vendini (sp?) bread. I thought it was pretty bad lol. I usually get Pure Bread Young Buck (it's the best, but hard to get in the South Island) or Burgen. Thanks and I hope you're enjoying your time away! =]
  14. Kiwis?

    Ki Ora =] I see there's a post below for NZers and Aussies, but it's super long! I'm wondering if there are any Kiwis here and what your highly recommended gluten-free products are?
  15. This is a super long thread, so I don't know if my reply will be read. But hello! I'm Sarah =] I'm from New Zealand. I've been gluten free since I was 17. Diagnosed by the blood test then feeling better and my deficiencies going away on a gluten free diet. I was too much of a chicken to have the biopsy. My Mum and Uncle both have it too. We do have Bascos in NZ, but it's super expensive. They do a yummy apricot cereal, but it's about $12 a box. =]