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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Drugs And Celiac

    Another thing to consider is that taking the drugs may be an attempt to self-medicate the neurological/emotional effects of your celiac. Just a thought.
  2. This is my experience. When others literally trample my boundaries by telling me their version of my reality I tend to cut them off (which clearly you cannot do). I have been sick for so long. If someone does not get it it is not necessarily up to me to teach them. I have a great deal of work to do maintaining my own health. I do agree with a previous poster that those that tend to minimize or invalidate my health challenges seem to be people who may have their own food challenges. I am a flight attendant who lugs around a cooler full of food. About 50% of the people I work with could care less. The other half? Wow - lol. Amazing comments - "you think you are so healthy." - eye roll "you are so good (nasty tone)" - eye roll "why are you on a diet - you are so skinny (nasty tone)?" eye roll...last week I told a coworker - "hey, you know an eye roll is a form of emotional abuse?" haha I really do not have any advice - you have a beautiful child and your husband does not seem to grasp the import of diet. I sincerely hope that your husband will come to accept that your diet has nothing to do with his(or that he tries your diet and realizes he feels fab . The truth is we are all making amazing efforts to better our health and our lives. Yay for all of us.
  3. Anyone Ever Feel Like Giving Up?

    I can honestly say that yes, sometimes I feel very hopeless. What I can also say is that everytime I come through a challenge around celiac my life condition improves markedly. I was diagnosed last fall - it has been a rocky road - loads of reactions to supplements, individual foods, etc. I found that any soy or dairy will cause debilitating depression - this is just my story and we are all unique. I have also struggled with intestinal candida which manifests in brain fog and extreme depression (again - my story). I am going through a rough patch again as it appears the candida may have gained a foothold in the last month or so...I know and believe that the depression and anxiety are physical - but, wow. it certainly feels hopeless. But as my doctor (who is one cool guy that stuggles with these issues as well) said yesterday "knowledge is power." He also once told me "you know you're not crazy don't you?" Just the fact that we know something is wrong is huge. When I get in this dark place I find that acupuncture, chanting (my spiritual path is buddhism), laughing out loud, and reaching out to others (encouraging them about their challenges as well) all help. The truth, however, is that it is hard for me to remember that this too shall pass. I related to everything you wrote. Thank you for posting.