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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Tuscaloosa, Alabama?

    Hi! Sorry, I've not been on the forum in a while and just saw your post. I'll let you know if anything comes of it!
  2. Anyone else live in Tuscaloosa/Northport, Alabama area and know of a support group????? I have a couple of friends who are gluten sensitive like me and we're interested in finding others. I have learned in the few weeks that I've been gluten-free that there are A LOT of people out there like us. And a few friends do it for their kids. It's very interesting how prevalent gluten-free is but I never paid attention before. So, let me know.
  3. Gradually starting to feel a bit better!

  4. Low Fat Gluten-Free Cookbooks

    You all are the reason I like to "lurk" and sometimes participate in forums like these. You give good, sound advice. A friend of mine suggested I try the paleo diet but that may be a bit much for me to take on right now. Although I've been doing Weight Watchers off and on for a few years (with success when I'm "on") I guess I still haven't accepted the fact that I'm no longer 18 and able to eat whatever the heck I want. Oh how I miss those days....... Processed foods are the devil, agreed. But dang they are so easy. And on those days when everything hurts, which lately has been more days than not, they are certainly calling my name. Luckily I do take several supplements, including fish and flax oils, and love seafood, meat and a fair amount of vegetables (do french fries count? ). Now, if only I could afford a personal chef. Again, I'll have to suck it up and get back to cooking. Off topic slightly for a sec; I need to vent....and explain myself a bit. When this recent RA flare began back in February it threw me for a loop. For the first time in years I felt in control of my life and healthy. Weight Watchers was going great, I had quit smoking, walking on my treadmill most days of the week and participating in 5Ks. Not much for some people but for me, well, I felt great! This year I turn 40 and had decided that it was going to be MY year. Then WHAM! The RA kicked in. And spread. All out of the blue as I'd been in remission for 10 years. Most of which, I now realize, was wasted NOT doing the things that I now can't. Five months later it's still going. And now this possible gluten sensitivity....Well, it's all a lot to take in. And here I am a couple of weeks into being gluten-free but not feeling any better. There is a possibility that gluten isn't the culprit but honestly, I hope it is because I need some answers before losing what little is left of my mind. Admittedly, despite having had RA for 25 years, I am a big ole baby when it comes to pain. Guess that's considered a low threshold for pain. Anyone that's had RA or similar symptoms knows what special hell it is. Today for instance one knee is swelling again, the foot of the same leg is swollen and hurts to walk on and both hands hurt like hell. Only the knees genuinely have RA though. The rest is what we are trying to figure out. Maybe I want a magic pill. What am I saying, of course I do! But also realize that it doesn't exist. And here I am with all of you hoping that the answers lie in the foods we eat, the items we consume. And I thank you all for your advice, support and assistance.
  5. hurting a little bit of everywhere today.

  6. Low Fat Gluten-Free Cookbooks

    Thanks so much GlutenGladi8or for the tips! I honestly think I would lose my will to live if I couldn't have dark chocolate so that's pretty much a given dessert (or treat) for me. Hopefully once I start feeling better I'll be up to cooking more. Right now though I'm hurting so bad in my hands, knees and foot that I'm leaning more towards quick stuff. I do try to keep a good supply of fresh and dried fruit at home. If I'm lucky my husband's home and can peel/cut/etc fresh fruit for me.
  7. Hi everyone. I'm new to the gluten-free lifestyle, about 2 weeks in. I've done what I believe most people do when first going gluten-free--search for alternatives to the baked goods we love. I'm discovering however that this isn't always a good idea. I have a weight problem and although the gluten-free bagels are delicious, at 9 grams of fat each they aren't feasible. So my question to you is this: can anyone recommend good Low Fat Gluten Free cookbooks? Please keep in mind that I'm not much of a cook nor do I feel like it (my rheumatic symptoms haven't subsided yet) most of the time. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I was NOT diagnosed with Celiac disease but have come to the conclusion, with the help of two of my doctors (my rheumatologist and chiropractor), that something I've been eating is causing weird, roaming rheumatic symptoms in joints that I do not have RA. So we're thinking gluten sensitivity. Also I have a few friends who have experienced the same symptoms and going gluten-free helped them tremendously. So here I am. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Again, I really have to watch my weight (these days I'm watching it go up and up even more!) so LF and gluten-free are the keys. Thanks so much.