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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I wanted to get my son retested to see how well we have been doing with avoiding gluten. He has been gluten-free 6 months. So I was thinking if we redo the AGA IGg we should be able to tell, right? If we have been successful and he has had no gluten should I expect to see something low around 0,1 or so, or will it just be in the negative lab range (meaning < 20)? Has anyone done this? TIA
  2. According to the author of Healthier without Wheat, who is a GI, as of the writing of his book, he states that there is no evidence that people with NCGS can ever introduce gluten into their diet safely again.
  3. I just glanced through the posts but one thing that struck me was that you are off dairy, but you are taking probiotics. My son takes probiotic pills they are gluten free but they are made with milk. Be sure to check your label. Also have you tried taking the dairy aid tablets? My daughter gets sick after eating things from dairy, but is fine when taking the tablet. Her lactose intolerance test was "inconclusive". However, if it helps that will give you a little more information to work with.
  4. We are gluten-free and are doing a casein free trial. Looking for some quick start info. If an item is labeled as vegan, can I assume it is casein free? do you think that going casein free for two weeks is long enough to decide if it is casein is an issue? Thanks in advance.
  5. I agree. 5 days wasn't long enough to make an impact especially since you said you weren't even totally gluten free. The AGA is a good test for gluten intolerance.
  6. Gluten-free Dining In Northern Virginia

    I thought vinegar was okay to have....just not malt vinegar. Am I messing this up?
  7. Anyone have experience with Dominoes gluten free pizza? Any issues?
  8. Canola Oil

    I have a canola oil spray. It lists soy as an ingredient.
  9. I saw one yesterday. It was in a basket and it was $35. It was "out of stock" though. I think it was at the gluten free mall. If it wasn't there, you can probably find it if you google it. I think it was actually called a starter kit.
  10. However, if you husband was still eating gluten, why would he react to it?
  11. When you have gluten by accident, does your reaction vary with the amount of gluten you ingest? (tiny bit of gluten= smaller reaction, lots of gluten= big reaction) or do you find it is about the same regardless of amount. Also, we you are glutened, how long does it usually last before you feel like yourself again.(hours, days, weeks, etc)
  12. wow, there really is quite a bit he's allowed to eat. Thanks for the infomation.
  13. I am curious how the food plan thing panned out. My son will be returning to that school after being diagnosed. I called the food service and they said he could qualify for a special diet if he had a letter from his doctor. I see the original post was a while ago...
  14. Any luck finding stores in Lynchburg, VA? My son will be returning to school there after taking a semester off to get his health straightened out.
  15. I'm reading some gluten-free meals books and they say that homemade breads are much more economical than the store bought. Do you find that to be true? Are they also tastier? I've seen some recipes on here that people rave about. So the book recommends buying a bread machine to make life easier. It also mentions that gluten free bread dough is harder on machines than regular dough, and the machines burnout. But it didn't recommend any brands of machines that will hold up. I've never used a bread machine, and I don't want to waste my money because they seem kind of pricey. What brands do you recommend? Also- How long do the breads last in the freezer and/or refrigerator? Thanks for your help!!