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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Elevated Ana?

    Thanks very much! It really threw me for a loop. I will go and see the Rheumatologist but now I won't worry so much.
  2. Elevated Ana?

    I guess my real ? is - if I'm following a strict gluten-free diet could the ANA still be elevated just because of Celiac? I'm guessing the elevated ANA is coming from another autoimmune disease - but which one? I really don't have many symptoms so I'm hoping for the best!
  3. Is it normal for someone with Celiac Disease to have an elevated ANA? The Dr. checked mine and it was 1:320 - he is suspecting Lupus. I really have not had many symptoms other than minimal arm pain. I'm just wondering if this is something that celiac disease would elevate?
  4. I'm also curious about this. Do we have their pediatrician perform the test. What does a full panel involve? Is the ttg the blood draw? Is a blood test the only option we have?
  5. Overindulging

    Good morning and thanks! Midel and Kinnickknick- yeah! Do you have to order the Kinnick stuff only by mail? I went to their website and shipping was horrible! I haven't found it in any stores that I've been to. Just wondering.
  6. Overindulging

    Ok - please stop posting about this incredibly delicious food unless you know the name and where I can get it asap! haha! I MUST know who makes the oreos and also the doughnuts! They sound great! Pleaase let us know when you find out. Thanks!
  7. Does anyone know of a good gluten-free/dairy free fudge bar? Summer is here and I'm ready for a cold treat!
  8. Now I'm confused (what's new) re. vinegar. The Kroger quote says "unless your gut has not healed". I am new to the diet and my gut has not healed (I'm pretty sure). Should I be avoiding distilled vinegar? I'm still having alot of tummy troubles and I would like to see some improvement.
  9. Thanks celiac3270. I'm sorry if it's a bit odd, but I didn't know about cross contamination issues? Thanks!
  10. I'm wondering if Domino's sugar is gluten-free? I purchased it today not even thinking about it and when I got home and checked my delphi list it isn't on there - only brown sugar. I've called the co. but haven't heard back and I want to make a pie this weekend. Maybe I'll have to go get C&H. Also, does anyone know if Dairy Ease milk is gluten-free? I called the co. also and the man told me (at Land o' Lakes) he didn't think it was gluten-free because milk isn't gluten-free I'm pretty sure milk is ok so he forwarded my concern to the higher ups. ha! Thanks for your input.
  11. Gf In Salt Lake City Ut?

    Thanks for your help!
  12. Gf In Salt Lake City Ut?

    I would love some suggestions for gluten-free dining in Salt Lake. Thanks!
  13. I have celiac disease (recently found out) and my cousin has been diagnosed with MS. Her mother also had MS. I'm very concerned about this and I'm trying to tell her she should at least look into possible celiac disease. I just read something the other day re. lesions in the brain that also occur in celiac disease patients that look for similar to MS lesions. I would really like to talk to someone who was either diagnosed with MS or has MS like symptoms. My cousin's ? to me was re. spinal taps.
  14. I'm curious to know how long it may take for my D to go away after going gluten-free? I know it probably varies for people but I've been gluten-free about a month now and I'm getting anxious for things to improve.
  15. I took a centrum vitamin today and I am very bloated and gassy this evening. I was recently diagnosed and haven't met with my dr. again to discuss vitamin/mineral therapy. I think I will wait until my appt. to see what she says (May 9th). Has anyone else had this problem. I'm wondering if it will be like that in the beginning? As always, I'm looking forward to your input.