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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you for your replies! My sister-in-law would rather not go gluten free while she's breastfeeding, and it sounds like she really doesn't have to. I appreciate the help!
  2. I have celiac disease, my mom has it, and both of my children have it. My brother, however, tested negative. His wife is now due any moment with their first child and they are wondering if she will need to avoid gluten while breastfeeding even though my brother does not have the disease. They are concerned that the baby might have celiac disease, but neither of them wants to have my sister-in-law have to avoid gluten if it's unnecessary. I'm not sure how the genetics of celiac disease work so I thought I'd ask the knowledgable people here. Can a child have celiac disease if both parents don't? Thanks so much!
  3. Gluten Free Vegan?

    I'm a gluten free, soy free, vegan. I think the hardest thing in our house is the combination of all of our different intolerances and allergies. My husband is allergic to corn, wheat, oats, all legumes and tomatoes. My oldest child and I are both soy intolerant, and have celiac disease. My youngest has celiac disease but, so far, no other food allergies or intolerances. It's like a guessing game on who can eat what at any given meal!
  4. Do They Need To Worry?

    Thanks for the reply. That's pretty much what I thought but I wanted to be sure.
  5. I am celiac, as are my two children, and my mother. My brother tested negative (though I don't know if he's been tested for the gene). My brother's wife is now pregnant with their first child (YAY!!!) and I'm wondering, since he tested negative, do they have to worry about their baby being celiac? Should my sister-in-law avoid gluten while she's pregnant? Thanks for any help. I really appreciate it.
  6. The best gluten-free food I've ever had was in Italy. The Italians know how to do gluten-free right! If your husband and his family are insistent that you can "sneak pizza" once in awhile, go to a place that does gluten-free pizza and eat that. Where are you located in Italy? I might be able to help suggest some restaurants.
  7. Seriously?

    The worst comment I've ever gotten was from a friend. When I was newly diagnosed and still having a lot of trouble coping with the fact that I would never be able to eat my favorite foods again (now at almost two years in I'm over it) she invited me over to her house for a "cookie party", at which there would be nothing I could eat and the entire point of the event was for people to try all these delicious gluten filled cookies. When I told her that I didn't think I would enjoy that she replied "If you don't come because of food, I'm sorry but that is totally lame. I give up sugar and stuff for Lent all the time. It's not big deal." Yeah...that's EXACTLY the same. Exactly.
  8. I tried to post this once before but it disappeared, so my apologies if it posts twice. Like the other poster mentioned, I have a sign on my front door. It reads: "Due to concerns for our children with Celiac Disease, we ask that you please 1. Remove your shoes upon entering 2. Wash your hands immediately 3. Do not bring any food containing gluten into the house Thank you for doing your part to keep them healthy and safe!" Not only does it serve as a reminder to our friends to leave their goldfish, etc in their car, it also scares away salesmen!
  9. I totally agree with MitziG. I was diagnosed with celiac disease at 38 years old, long enough for my celiac disease to trigger the start of another auto-immune disorder that I was just diagnosed with, Meniere's disease. For me, having celiac disease is a walk in a park on a sunny day compared to my Meniere's. I wish my celiac disease had been diagnosed MUCH earlier, if only to save me from developing another auto-immune disorder. Cheating is NOT worth it.
  10. Not Today!

    I wholeheartedly agree, he is a winner. And he won a few years ago anyway so he already has a beautiful statue for bragging rights. Along with a stunning wife who didn't throw up on anyone. ;o)
  11. I also practiced extended nursing for both of my kids. (The first nursed until he was two and a half, the youngest nursed much, much longer) My gastro doc said that he was convinced that my little one was healthier than a "normal celiac" because of it. I delayed introducing solid foods with my little one because he wasn't interested in them until he was about 13 months old. My first started solids at 6 months. Both have celiac disease, but both are very healthy otherwise.
  12. Not Today!

    Well, he lost. But we had a great time anyway. I wasn't able to stay the whole time because I felt just awful, but I was able to hide it long enough to meet some great people and be proud of the man holding me up so I didn't wobble on my high heels and throw up on someone. Thanks for the advice and well wishes!
  13. My family took Juice Plus for five years. We just stopped recently when we realized that my youngest son is very sensitive to oats and JP has oats in it. I called the company and they are seriously considering removing the oats from the product because of the gluten issue. They are very up on it, and told me that only the greens have oats, (the oats by the way, they called "gluten safe", not "gluten free") all the others are made on separate lines and have no risk of cc from the greens. So, if you want, you could just take the reds and purples and forgo the greens. I honestly think it's a great product and will be very happy to buy it again once they remove the oats.
  14. Not Today!

    Well, I'm in the dress. Make-up is done. Trying desperately not to throw up. Wish me luck!
  15. Not Today!

    I woke up this morning, after a very rough night's sleep, realizing that I got contaminated at the ONE restaurant we go to. My suspicions were confirmed when both my kids, who have celiac disease also, woke up sick too. My husband has a big night tonight. He is nominated for the biggest award in his field. We have a fancy dinner and ceremony to go to. He looks gorgeous in his tux, and I have a slinky dress and beautiful new shoes to wear. However, every joint in my body now hurts. I'm running back and forth to the bathroom. I have a terrible headache. And my tummy, which has to fit and be flat in this dress, is totally bloated. On top of the fact that I also have two sick kids to take care of! I could just kick myself. Why did we go out to eat yesterday? It was my idea, and I am now feeling really stupid for doing it. UGH! Thanks for listening to me vent. Hopefully I'll be feeling a lot better in the next few hours so tonight is not a total disaster.