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  1. Forgot The Name In Utah

    Good to have the info. I know there are quite a few places that are sensitive to people needing gluten free menus and products. I go to the Whole Foods Market when there is one in town, quite a good selection as well. I have a couple of friends in Orem that I haven't seen in almost 15 years and have already found a few restaurants to choose from there and then SLC on Saturday. I will be going to The Original Pancake House Sunday morning before heading back home. The gluten free pancakes are incredible. They taste just like the gluten ones that I remember having before having to go gluten free. I think I can cut a 10 hours drive down to 8 too. hahahaha Later, Ray
  2. Forgot The Name In Utah

    Thanks!! I figure, I better cover my bases before heading over. I found a couple of places in Orem where two of my friends live, so we can have dinner there when I arrive. Thanks again, Ray
  3. I know it was mentioned before, but I cannot find it anywhere. Someone had mentioned a gluten free bakery in I believe it was the Sandy area of Salt Lake City. I am traveling back up to SLC on the 20th and would like to find some extra options since I have not been there since about 2007 and before I knew I could not eat gluten. Funny thing is that it is my home town and I am going to visit friends by myself since the kids have school and all that and it's my birthday trip. I think I can make there in under 10 hours. I usually make to Vegas from my home in about 3. Thanks for any help, Ray
  4. I've heard of the bakery in Sandy and plan to try it out in January when I go up to visit friends and family. The Betty Crocker cookies, brownies and cakes are great. In Salt Lake is one of The Original Pancake House restaurants. They have gluten free pancakes that ae fantastic. I always make corn tortilla quesadillas flat (2 tortillas) and cut like a pizza. The kids will eat them with me like that. I also love to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Trolley Square in Salt Lake as well. As I said in a previous post, they have gluten free noodles and I was told that all their sauces (except meatball sauce) are gluten free and no croutons on the salad of course. I get the bread, but only eat it toasted. This is a personal opinion, but it seems to have the consistency of the regular old wheat flour bread when warmed. It has always seemed too dry just thawed. We had a beach trip one day and my wife had made sandwiches for the family. This was when we were first getting used to the gluten free thing. I got my sandwich out of the cooler and took a bite,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. It was too dry for me and I just ate the meat and cheese out of it. There is Kettle Brand potato chips in all different flavors including Bar-B-Q, it says gluten free on the front-side advertisment. I also buy the UDIs bagels. Their great for breakfast. Have fun! Ray
  5. Purposely Glutened

    I don't cheat and really have now inclination to. Whenever I have had some gluten,,,,,,, it usually ends (I am epileptic, possible due to gluten) with me having multiple mild seizures over a day or two, mostly just one day. This keeps me from wanting to cheat and eat. I drive my kids to school on my way to work. The whole roundtrip is about 70-75 mailes a day. I mean, I do look long and hard at fresh baked sourdough bread and love the aroma and all that stuff. I just think of my consequences and the thought goes straight out of my head. Later, Ray
  6. Here, I am cut & pasting from the other thread. This is the comment I made there. At our first Thanksgiving gluten free. My wife toasted some gluten free bread and we made a home made stuffing. Of course with the size of our family coming over, we usually have 2 turkeys and 1 ham. One turkey was "normal" (you have to remember as well, that when the turkey is being basted, there is gluten from the stuffing just soaking in the turkey juices) and the other was gluten free. Everybody that tried the gluten free one said that they didn't really taste a difference. My mother also cooked up a very good gluten free gravy for me! At my age and still spoiled by mommy . I had a niece that made a gluten free cake and my wife and I found some gluten free crusts for a pumkin pie and an apple pie. If you get the support, then Thanksgiving is just as fun as it always has been. Good luck! Ray
  7. Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

    At our first Thanksgiving gluten free. My wife toasted some gluten free bread and we made a home made stuffing. Of course with the size of our family coming over, we usually have 2 turkeys and 1 ham. One turkey was "normal" ( you have to remember as well that when the turkey is being basted, there is gluten from the stuffing just soaking in the turkey juices) and the other was gluten free. Everybody that tried the gluten free one said that they didn't really taste a difference. I had a niece that made a gluten free cake and my wife and I found some gluten free crusts for a pumkin pie and an apple pie. If you get the support, then Thanksgiving is just as fun as it always has been. Good luck! Ray
  8. I didn't give up milk. I just had not really had a craving for it lately. I do go and get me some milk (I like whole vitamin D milk) when I went shopping for my wife. She likes to give the kids 1 or 2% and she has fat free milk. You all got to talking about milk, I took a quick break from my office and ran over to the Circle K and bought a little milk bottle. Now I'm dipping my Lucy's Gluten Free Chocolate chip cookies into it. See. We all adjust as we get into it. Sorry, I'm not trying to rub it in anybodies face and I know it is a choice for most. I stay strictly gluten free, not dairy free. See ya! Ray
  9. My family and I went on the Disney Cruise line here in California. Now Disney is already good to Celiac or Gluten Sensitives. I informed the cruise line people when we made our final payment over the phone and also on the website itenerary. They were very helpfull and our waiter that stayed with us the whole trip insured that I got the gluten free breads and no gravies on my food. Even his assistant was aware of my requirements and made sure my meals were made correctly. I would get butter on my mashed potatoes, which I thought was great with some salt and pepper. We had so much fun,,,, we scheduled another cruise for this coming March. Have fun, Ray
  10. Well my wife and I had discussed this to an extent one time. She had told me of a lady she knew and that had a daughter that was celiac. The lady found that she could introduce some gluten products in a minimal amount and that her daughter was fine. My wife thought i should do that as well. I was very much against this and did not want to do it. I finally tried it one night and had a sandwich and something else. Nothing happened, but I figured,,,, why temp fate. A couple of weeks later, I was on a business trip. I was not driving or anything and said, maybe I'll try it again. I bought a chocolate bar and a chocolate croissant. I ate the chocolate bar that night since I was at my hotel for the evening and all went well (It tasted so good too!). When I got up the next morning, I was rushing to get over to the conference center and took a quick little bite of the croissant and threw the rest away. Well, about 30-45 minutes later just as I was sitting down for the first session of the conference, I felt my head getting all fuzzy and stuff (I am epileptic as well if you don't know me). I immediately got up and went out into the hall way where I proceeded to have a small seizure. These seizure are nowhere near what I used to get, I am fully aware and return to normal within a minute. But long story short. It doesn't matter if you want to try it,,,,, just don't do it. I guess I risk to much for myself and if I'm driving to work or something. I will never test it again and I told my wife the same after I got mad at her and myself. Overall I think that it was the small amount I took in with the croissant, I have eaten from those chubs of salami and a knife to cut through the chub for multiple slices. It looks like the chub is covered with some sort of flour and I figure that the flour gets pushed into the meat as I cut it and I have the same reaction. The already cut meat is fine. All I can say is that I will never try it again. Good luck to you, Ray
  11. Depressed

    For me it was a much easier switch to the gluten free lifestyle. It was either stop eating gluten or continue having seizure from epilepsy. I found that gluten ended up being a contributor to the problem. I have also found so many gluten free products now as well. The major grocery store chains here like Vons (Safeway in other areas), Ralphs, Stater Bros and other health food stores. About an hour away is a Whole foods store and also in Las Vegas for when I go there on business trips. A lot of the big restaurant chains have also started serving gluten free foods as well. One of my all time favorites is The Old Spaghetti Factory. They now serve gluten free noodles and I was told that all their sauces besides the meatball sauce is gluten free. Friends and family do come around after awhile and like is said, bring your own products to parties and such. Sometimes you'll find people that want to try it as well. It can be kind of fun at times when they come around. It is a change, but something that is for the better and there is so much available. Just be careful. I went to buy some of the Amy's Gluten Free burritos and ended up buying the regular ones instead. The packaging is exactly the same in coloring and all. It's just that the gluten free ones say gluten free on them. Good luck! Ray
  12. Does It Annoy You?

    I have a vegetarian mother-in-law. I give the same response to her in that she has a choice whether or not to eat gluten products or stay vegetarian or whatever. She can be a bit oblivious of what she is doing or saying at times. Most of the time for me is when there has been some good looking cinamon rolls, or cookies or something. She will be standing right infront of me telling me how delicious the item is. I just look back at her and tell her how happy I am that she can enjoy it. From time to time she has eaten meat at family events, like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and it does not seem to bother her. The fnniest thing is that now she tries to say that she feels that she should go gluten free beacause the wheat sometimes makes her feel sick. I've never noticed that to be the case. I have told her as I have told others, that they are doing these things out of choice, while I am doing this out of neccesity. If I eat any gluten, I will end up having at least one seizure at any time following that. I drive 35 miles each way to get to work and home. My mother tries to be vegetarian from time to time, but I get the best of her when I cook steaks and chicken or other meats. She is always very concious of my diet restrictions though. See ya! Ray
  13. Completely gluten-free Resturaunts?

    Here in Temecula, Ca is All Of The Above. Great food and gluten, dairy, casien free foods. Either all at once or you can buy food that is one or the other. I got a great carrot cake there last time and I always get a delicious chicken salad sandwich, They even had some fantastic individual pineapple upside down cakes one time. The only problem for me is that I live an hour away while at work. I couldn't justify taking a 2.5 hour lunch break and they don't open until 9:00a.m. and close at 6:00p.m.!!! I olny make it in if I have some meeting in town or some other reason, like going to get stuff for the office. lol Later, Ray
  14. Me + Non Gluten Free Family= How?

    Our house is 95% gluten free. Except when I am gone on a business trip, then they go on a gluten free for all, lol. We all had grilled cheese sandwiches yesterday and we as usual broke out a pan for the wheat bread and a pan for my bread. After you get used to it, the whole famaily makes changes. When we go to family dinners or gathering, they all have something that I can eat with them. It's been a year and a half now and we all still work well at it. If you were down here, I'd know what restaurants to suggest, but since I have not been to Canada in quite some time, I cannot help there, sorry. Later, Ray
  15. How Did Your Doctor Tell You?

    I started checking it out when suggested through somebody on epilepsyfoundation.org gave me links to information describing my epilepsy diagnosis with gluten sensitivity. My neuro couldn't read the paper that I printed out for him, but sent me in for a blood test. I went to my primary doctor and when he read the medical paper that I had shown my neuro, he said, "Well that's got your name written all over it. Doesn't it." He looked at my blood tests and asked if I had already started a gluten free diet before the test, to wich I replied that I may have (I couldn't remember, but think I had )". I guess the test came up with for tests of my blood, two of wich came up positive and two negative. He told me that it could've been that way if I had already started a gluten free diet and the best way to find out would be to go back to gluten for a month and see if there is any difference. I tried that and started to have mild seizures again in about a week. My doctor has been able to help me out since his daughter has celiac disease and they have actually written a cook book on the subject. I haven't bought their book, but have gone gluten free. I have not had many seizures, but may have a mild one or a few after consuming gluten now, luckily no where near to the degree that I used to have. So that's my story on it. Gluten sensitive, but not celiac, thank goodness. Later, Ray