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  1. go see a GI doc
  2. ok how i see it is u can stop and feel better or keep eating it and feel like crap . i got my blood work back and it was positive i stopped eating gluten right there and then 6 weeks later i saw the doc 3 weeks later was scoped down the mouth then 3 weeks later took a pill(cam) not so good then 4 weeks later scpoed other end way worse then they though pollip the size of sode pop cap my doc told me he has never seen one that size that isnt cancer befor or someone my age so i say stop
  3. hi my name is venessa a brain fog is like a part of ur bain has left u for a little bit if u ask my dad he ur brain goes dead . u need to tell ur husband that its very serios its not good if it happens to much a day u need to get a mri to see if theres calcium on the front of ur brain (my dad does from celiacs ) so it can be very serious