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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. interesting SK. I'm prego now, so i'm assuming the drug your dr gave you , i can't take. But i will look into it when pregnancy is over. Who know, maybe i will luck out and lose this horrible symptom.... as if.
  2. marilyn--- I noticed in your signature you stay away from some soy. I've wondered if i can tolerate fermented soy. It seems soy lechitin is a definite NO-NO. And soy lechtin is in everything. I haven't done a test yet as the end result can be so bad for me. it also seems i can tolerate aged swiss cheese and small amounts of goat and parm cheese.
  3. yeah, i've heard other people say they can't tolerate benadryl. I've been using benadryl for a long time... so i don't think it's the benadryl, but shoot you never know. interesting about quinona... i'm not eating it, as far as i know, but i never knew it was a potential 'stay away food' so it's not something that i have been seeking out OR not. I don't eat any processed foods these days, so... thanks you on the congrats! my first came very easy and the 2nd , took us 18 months. I see a reproductive immunologist who i think made my pregnancy successful... by keeping me prego. I'm in the home stretch, i guess that's what they call it, still 2 months to go.
  4. i 100% agree about getting your thyroid tested and all the testa above are spot on... like poster said a lot of dr's will jsut run tsh and tsh don't tell you shiat. For well over a year my incompetent dr was just testing my tsh and telling me i had no thyroid problems. By the time i went to a competent dr i was in the middle of thyroid hell. A lot of people who are hyp thyroid also have hasimoto's , and auto immune diseas, like other poster said, a lot of people who have hashi's are also gluten intolerant. before getting my thyroid diagnose i was dx'ed bipolar, depressed and anxiety. Bipolar is is so over diagnosed when a person is really hypo thyoid. I suffered a long period of time with diarrhea... and when i stopped eating gluten it went away. it's possible you have celiac as well. You gotta get both tested. Good luck.
  5. oh and i get VERY strong twitches when i eat gluton and just small movements when i don't eat anything incriminating (that i know of) i know the days i've eaten soy, dairy gluton as i get very wired at night (tired all day) , where i don't get drowsy from the benadryl/histamine dual.
  6. I sure hope it's prego related, omg do i hope. This pregnancy has been awful and then to not be able to eat anything has been double awful.i have a lot of immune prblems with this pregnancy, i have to inject blood thinners every day because i have MTHFR, a gene mutation , my body doesn't process regular b vits. I also have poor blood flow to placetna. Had to take prednisone up until like 20 weeks do to an auto immune attack on my placenta. I'm suffered anemia pretty much the entire pregnancy.Also high bp and am being wathced for pre eclampsia. what do you mean your nerves get effected by gluton? like your nervous system?? i thought i was having a nervous system problem w/ gluton but it happens when i don't eat it... it ha[[ens every night, just not as severe as when i eat G. i have big dreams of eating ginos east pizza the day i deliver and it worries me to know what will happen to my body if i do. I suppose i can take a zanax at the hospital and that will take care of it. Zanax will be about the only thing that will knock me out and knock the twitches out. it's been very depressing.... although on a happy note i've gained a little over 20 lbs;) i gained 60 with my first, thanks to donuts, pizza etc etc, i had high bp with hi and developed pre eclampsia--- which i'm on the watch for that too. But most of that weight gain was due to poor eating. oh my do i hope this is all prego related.
  7. i've been gluten-free for a year now due to having hashimotos. well, i've had some slip ups over the year, but I'm 29 weeks prego and have had very few slip ups since pregnancy. in march i started twitching at bedtime, the twitching would cause hottible insomni for me, I think what i am experiencing is periodic limb movement. When i ate gluten it was really bad, like insomina all night and nothing i could take (benadryl ) would be strong enough. I wasn't eating gluten and still twitching, and noticed dairy and soy were doing it to me , so i've been dairy and soy free for several months,m as well. my body still will twitch at night but it will only be a few if i don't eat any of these foods. I still need to take a benadryl and a prescription histmaine every night to sleep.... again if i 've accidentally ingested soy dairy or gluten i'm up all night with horrible insomnia and my body twitching, like strong, big twitches. my iron has been really low through out preg and my dr said i was borderline anemic. I started taking ferralet 90 several months ago and my iron kept going down( ferritin) homogloubin, hemocrit) i came to a conclusion my iron was going down every month because i was taking my prena;l 3x a day and i think the calcium in the prenantal was interfering with my iron. I have been taking a one a day prescription prenatal for a bout a month now, so we will see if my conclusion is right with the calcium/iron--- getting blood drawn tomorrow. So anyways i thought mayeb the twitches were becasue of low iron, but i twitch more when i eat the certian foods. I was in the hospital about 3 weeks go and my dr said my magnesium was low, i can't recall if my calcium was too. Anyways, she thought maybe the low mag was causing my body to twitch. But again, i twitch BAD when i eat the certain foods. I've upped my calcium/mag since being in the hospital... so hoping tomorrow i will get that tested too to see if it's still low. has anyone ever had these symptoms of twitching when eating certain foods? i want to get an immune testing when i'm doe with the pregnancy to see what foods are causing me problems. im at my wits end with these twitches and needing strong meds to sleep at night.
  8. thank you for your replies. It definitely sounds line periodic limb movement to me. I brought this up to the ob nurse a few weeks ago and she had never heard of PLM:( so i didn't get too far with that one. I definitely think it is my low iron too. It's just weird some nights are worse than others.The last two nights, i get it a bit before i drift off but it then seems to go away and ALLOW me to SLEEP. There are other nights where it goes on ALL night long. The nights it went on ALL night long happened to be days i had ingested gluten, so i thought there might be some correlation there??? i'm working on getting my iron up. I have an ob appt tomorrow , so we will test iron then to see if it has budged.
  9. and YES your tsh can be normal and you can still be suffering thyroid disease. The antibodies will tell you if you have hashimoto's , which is the autoimmune diseae attached to hypo thyroid:(
  10. Actually there is SOMETHING you can do when you have hashi's (besides treating your disease with thyroid meds) you can go gluten-free. gluten-free can stop the autoimmune attack on your thyroid. If you have hashi's you most likely shuld be gluten-free. Also taking supplements can help, iodine has controversy, i take it, and sellenium is know to bring down antibodies.
  11. TO check for hashimoto's you specifically need to get antibodies tested. TPO and your thyroid antigloubin (i think the 2nd one is called that). You also should get a full thyroid panel that consists of tsh, t3, ft3, f4, ft3, and the antibodies. Iron and vit D are important too.
  12. i have been off gluten since june , when i discovered i had hashimotos. I wasn't exactly strict about it. In Novenmber i went hard core gluten-free. I also became pregnnat in late Nov. I am 19 weeks prego right now and about a month ago i started having these ewird symptoms. My body would twitch right has my body was about to fall asleep. At this time i thoguht i was low electrolytes . I got electrolytes tested and they weren't alarmingly low. I do however have low ferritin (25) my ob said i am slight anemic. I was put on prescription iron about a month ago. I also started calcium/mag at night. the symptoms SOMEWHAT subsided, but the last two nights have been absolutely miserable. I have barely slept a wink. I know low iron can cause these problems but i wondered if being glutened can as well. I intentionally ate gluten friday and a very small amount sat night, too. The twitching started up two night ago. At the samw time of of the twitching i have a burning in my eye. Do these symptoms sound familiar to anything anyone here has gone through i am off gluten and will not eat it, especially if this is what it 's going to do to me, nevermind the autoimmune attack:( also does anyone have any remedies for me? i take restless legs at night, as well as calcium/mag, and a benadryl... does this sounds like a gluten thing??
  13. i don't believe i've been glutened but my sinuses are awful right now:( i made homemade salsa last night and i'm worried it's the tomatoes causing this? interesting about the steriod, i have predistone a dr gave me, i never took it though. I wonder if taking it would help ward off this nasty infection that seems will not go away:(
  14. I was dianosed hypo thyroid in june and also hashis. My antibodies are 263:( i too was sort of happy once there was a diagnosis out there, prior to that i was just made to feel crazy, I was diagnosed bi polar, depressed, anxiety (anxiety is probably true, although probably caused from going undiagnosed hypo for well over a year). I went gluten free (for the 2nd time) 2 weeks ago, prior to that i was gluten-free for a month and fell off the wagon... big time;) i now realize i can't have that happen again. it all sucks, i can't get prego, i've gained 25 lbs in the past year (maybe 2) i possibly have celiac, it seems i have a plethora of other allergies, i have adrenal fatigue... the list goes on and on. i feel my health has plumeted the last year:(