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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have been symptomatic for 2 1/2 years but only recently diagnosed. I had negative blood work and positive biopsy. My biopsy actually read "treated celiacs disease. This may be because my rhuematologist mentioned that he felt I had celiacs or Crohns disease and I somewhat altered my diet (breads, pasta, bakery items). A few years ago I had lost about 10 pounds, my hair starting falling out and I had horrible knee pain. The weight and hair loss were attributed to "stress" and the knee pain was thought to be arthritis due to years of running and cartilage damage. After being seen by two orthopedist, having Hylagan injections and no relief I was sent to a rhuematologist that evaluated me and referred me on to a gastroenterologist. I also had 9 months of stomach pain, and woke most nights in a sweat so sleep deprivation became an issue also. I started to see a therapist in the middle of all of this because every time I mentioned my symptoms to friends/family they informed me that it was "stress" and I was doing this to myself. I began to think I must be really nuts if I could inflict all of this on myself and not be able to get it under control. After being on the diet for the past 3 weeks, my pain is mostly gone, the night sweats are gone, my hands are not swelling , I can almost bend my toes painlessly and I am sleeping better. However, my hair is still falling out, I am very tired, and my gums have started bleeding when I brush. If anyone can recommend any vitamins/dosage I would appreciate your help. I currently take a multivitamin specifically for hair/skin/nails and glucosamine.