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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you all so much for the help and replies - I am so relieved that I didn't know I had Celiac before the internet came around! I did find the crackers and bought them - my daughter was so excited and she tried them and really did not like them at all. She keeps trying because she wants to like them but she doesn't eat more than one without an explanation "it's too.....[any nonsensical word]". My son (age 6, also Celiac) refused to try them. My husband thought they were ok. I didn't try them - I wasn't interested in another snack food I guess. For what it is worth, a friend of mine who has no dietary restrictions loves them and prefers them to traditional goldfish - go figure. I am fairly satisfied by the email Adalaide posted - thank you for that and for the information on the phone call - that was so nice of you to take the time to help out! My daughter has had a lousy digestive week but I am in no way prepared to blame the crackers and would try them again if she asked me to buy them.
  2. I have seen some reports today about gluten-free goldfish puffs by pepperidge farms (here is one place: http://celiac-disease.com/review-gluten-free-pepperidge-farm-goldfish-puffs/ I cannot find any information on pepperidge farm website about it and my efforts to contact them are failing (website only allows me to email - not call - but the email form won't send). Has anyone tried seen this product or tried it? It seems as if it isn't certified gluten-free and is made in a shared facility but I don't know anything about the safety (or even the existence!) of this product. My daughter would just love to try it if she could - there is a big plastic goldfish at a local grocery store that mocks her every time we go in and I would try this if I could. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the thought! I do think that is important - the only thing that gives me pause is that 100% of the people in my immediate family with the gene did develop the disease. The population statistic doesn't seem to apply to us. In my (pretty large) extended family, nearly all the people have elected to not get tested and to suffer various health symptoms that I think might indicate that some of them have it. Of the three people that did decide to test, all of them tested positive for celiac. Not sure if that is relevant.
  4. I can't figure out the right sub forum for this question: I was diagnosed 2.5 years ago. I have two children and they were diagnosed at the same time (they were 1.5 and 4 at the time). Our house and our lives are entirely gluten-free and my husband never has gluten around me or the children under any circumstances. So, I am expecting our third and have been asked several times about this baby and gluten. Since I am strictly gluten-free and there will be no gluten around the baby, it will just have the gene but not celiac - correct? You have to have gluten ingested to trigger the actual disease? So, while the baby would never have gluten from me, around me or in the presence of it's (excuse the pronoun use of it!) siblings - what about out in the world? Birthday parties of peers or at a meal with just it's Dad? I can't figure out the status of what I would allow or how the baby should think of it's health. It is obviously genetically predisposed to have celiac and should therefore probably just stay from gluten as best as possible but does it need to be as strict as if already diagnosed? I may not understand the nature of how celiac develops - please help me out if I am on the wrong path or if you have any insights! Thanks!
  5. Here is the email response: Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at Earth Balance. We always appreciate hearing from consumers who care enough to reach out to us with their comments or questions. We are happy to report that all of our products are Gluten-Free. We use Whole Grain Oats that are gluten free certified. We will pass along your comments to our packaging team to label as such going forward. Thank you for choosing Earth Balance® products. We hope you continue to enjoy our products for many years to come! Sincerely, Your Friends at Earth Balance
  6. I already sent an email to Earth Balance (the phone number was busy) and will let you all know if I get an answer - but I bought Earth Balance PB Popps today and the are labelled "naturally gluten free" on the front and "gluten free" on the back of the package. The ingredients list "oats" but not "gluten free oats" as I am used to seeing in gluten-free products that contain oats. I know that regular oats can be susceptible to CC with wheat and am concerned there might be some unacceptable traces of wheat in the product. Anyone try it yet? Any thoughts?
  7. Gluten Free Prenatal Vitamins

    The Target brand is labelled gluten-free as well!
  8. Ok, I am back and if anyone else is planning a trip to Vegas soon I wanted to let you know about my two experiences! Lazy Joe's isn't on the strip - it is about 15 min drive - but it was fantastic! Not healthy - it is fried food - but we never eat junk and it was really fun to order it - onion ring, fries, mozzeralla sticks, fried mushrooms, zuchinni fries, so much seafood, etc. The owner was absolutely awesome - so friendly and aware. A really great experience. He said a woman had a taken a cab from the strip just to eat there gluten-free and he felt bad, so he drove her back to her hotel! We also went to Rainforest Cafe for the kids and the food was safe the chef was nice - our wait for the food was so very long (1 1/2 hours) but we did eat safely. I drove up to the gluten-free bakery but they were closed for the day unexpectedly - a last minute thing. Hopefully this helps anyone else!
  9. HI, I am going to Vegas in a few days and will be renting a house with a kitchen but am hoping to go out a few times. I found Lazy Joe's Fish and Chips online and was wondering if anyone has tried it - good experience? Although I found a few places that seem to be good at accomodating, I always want more input and suggestions (that are kid-friendly please!!)! Thanks so much!
  10. Not sure if this is new, but it was new to me - for people looking for gluten-free labelled body wash, the Kirkland brand at Costco (it is "natural citrus" - an orangey color) is labelled gluten-free on the back of the box. Two bottles were inside - they aren't labelled on the bottles that I can see, but the box clearly is labelled. Just wanted to throw one more option out there!
  11. Thank you for the reply! I feel better - we are going to give it a try!
  12. I was reviewing discussions of the straw bales that are in pumpkin patches/hay rides/etc. in the past couple years and was hoping some of you can help me sort it all out. My daughter's birthday is in a few weeks and I would like to have the party at a pumpkin patch, but I can't tell how serious the risk is of being glutened at a pumpkin patch. My understanding is the "hay bales" are often made of straw from a gluten containing plant but the offending part that contains the gluten would rarely be there and this would make the risk of airborne gluten small and therefore breathing in any that could cause a reaction even smaller. Do you all go to pumpkin pathes, etc? Do you react? Can I breathe easy about this or is this another area of concern?
  13. I have been really uneasy about spices for a while - I feel fairly certain that I was glutened by Frontier poultry seasoning. I have been ordering Spicely online - it is certified gluten free/pure spices and seasonings and the selection is really big. It has been working really for me to do it this way - just need a bit of planning ahead if I am making something!
  14. Just wanted to share that my kids and my gluten-eating husband really liked the new Rudi's gluten-free tortillas - we tried both regular and fiesta. I always hate to buy new products for fear they won't be liked and it will be a waste, but these were a big hit!
  15. Maui Tips?

    Hi, While I have been to Maui numerous times and know it well, this will be my first time gluten-free (it was actually the last trip I took before diagnosis a couple years ago). Anyway, I will be cooking in the unit mostly but just wanted to check and see if anyone knew of any hidden gems. We are a pretty sensitive bunch so I am not up for any gambles. I am going to go to Mama's Fish House and probably Tommy Bahamas. Anywhere else? I'll be in Kihei. Thank you!!