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  1. Hey, I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia here My symptoms have been body pain, memory problems, and fatigue. I went on a "no carb" diet and voila, I started feeling better. On days that I would take a break and have flour, I would flare BIG TIME and get IBS problems. Now, I eat carbs, but not gluten and I feel SO MUCH BETTER!! My fibromyalgia has definately improved. I'm wondering if I ever actually had fibromyalgia and if it was always the gluten intollerance. Seriously, right now my faith in my doctors is pretty close to nill. I'm still taking my low-dose Cymbalta, but mostly because getting off of it is such a bear and it does help alot with the neuropathic pain. I look at all the health problems I've ever had and 99.9% of them are all symptoms of gluten intolerance, even dental problems and easily broken bones. Right now, my husband is in Afghanistan. He'll be home in about a year from now. I'm thinking that he's going to be coming home to a brand-new wife Just Rosy "The errand of angels is given to women"