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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I always have to give myself several extra hours before I start work or have breakfast. If I eat right after I wake up, this ends up blocking up my system, causing a bloated stomach and extreme discomfort throughout the rest of the day. Anybody else have this problem? Also--although I love to have a snack late at night--I have to avoid this. Interestingly enough, just a small piece of rice cake can mess me up for the next day. Unlike my family, my weight can swing wildly in one day, sometimes up to ten pounds' difference throughout the day. I always thought that was just a personal quirk but has anyone else with Celiac/sensitivities experienced this?
  2. Emotional And Physical Damage

    I've lived in Korea for about five months now. I've heard that all the vinegar in kimchi is good for helping fight skin problems that surfaced as a side effect of gluten allergies. And thanks for the salt detox suggestion, I'll definitely try that.
  3. Emotional And Physical Damage

    Thanks everybody for the encouragement. As I'm living in a foreign country now, it's difficult to keep up with everything exactly. I have found that I'm sensitive to legumes, lactose (except when cooked in things), and caffeine. Another issue: anyone have any tips on how to deal with blotchy skin that flares up from time to time? I have a feeling that this is yet another aspect of my fight with Celiac Disease.
  4. Hello Everybody, During my childhood, I experienced a great deal of pain. Never knew what it was. I took ballet when I was young and the tights cut into my stomach, causing even worse bloating and diarrhea. I was a very, very active child, but I always had somewhat of a protuding tummy. My mother tried to encourage me to lose weight from about age 7, and I had a lot of disappointments from that with a seeming inability to control my ever-growing stomach. The fact that she would phyiscally discipline me for not losing weight on schedule has caused a rift in our relationship that's still present today. Some factors present early-on that I consider to be noteworthy: > I would always have terrible muscle cramps, neck and calves. So bad sometimes that I could barely move. > Going to the ER as a kid for such severe stomach pain that I couldn't move. > Constantly craving vinegar (?) possibly > Getting sick especially when there was a combo of starch and meat. > Always having a swollen stomach. > Having many skin problems. As I reached my late teens/early 20s, the problem rapidly escalated. I reached 250 lbs (and I'm a 170 cm/5'7" female). I could barely move. My face and stomach were so swollen. I went to several doctors and they told me to stop being so lazy. But I had actually been getting a good bit of exercise when I could manage to move. Anyway, I started cutting out all glutens ten months ago. I've lost 100 lbs. I'm about to turn 22 now, and I'm still dealing with the aftereffects, both the emotional and physical toll it's taken. Celiacs has damaged relationships and my body. Sometimes I can barely bear to look at myself with all the scars, and I'm barely out of my teens. My neck is killing me and has been for the last few weeks. My stomach is swollen, and I got my first hemmorhoid. Last night, I broke down and sobbed like a baby. I felt so sick and so tired.