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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed 2 years ago this July and after looking back on everything I probably had symptoms for at least 5 years before I was diagnosed. I have been on a strict gluten-free diet with no cross contamination. I don't go to restaurants and I prepare my own food at home. I am very careful about checking lables on everything right down to hand lotion. 2 years ago I had almost every symptom on the list except for seizures or thyroid problems. Since I've been on a gluten-free diet my symptoms seemed to have gotten better, everything seemed to have healed so I don't have digestive issues anymore and I've been fairly healthy. But over the last few weeks it seems that some symptoms have returned. I am very tired all the time again. My muscles are cramping, twitching and aching. My blood pressure has gone up again. My skin hurts. I am bloated and retaining water. And my hair is falling out and very dry/brittle no matter what I do to it. I do take extra vitamins (Multi, B Complex and D), but I just had bloodwork done yesterday to test levels. Is it possible that even after 2 years I could have issues again or still with absorption? If not what are other possible issues? Has anyone else gone through this? Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Hi Everyone. I am so glad I found this forum and all of you. I am self diagnosed and will not go back to gluten just to be tested. This is my story. I have been having problems for at least the past 3 years or so (can't remember for sure due to the "brain fog"). It started with chronic diahrrea and I just always assumed it was IBD, so I just lived with it and took anti-diahrrea meds if I traveled or spent the day away from home. But my other symptoms have shown up since then. I associated the symptoms with getting older, I am 43. About 8 months ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and put on medication. I have had to change my meds every month because nothing was working. Each time I went to the doctor I told her about different symptoms that were really bad at the time, which consisted of: fatigue, depression, hair loss, anxiety, memory loss (and I used to remember EVERYTHING), joint pain, muscle pain, muscle tremors, severe leg pain at night when I lay down, very easily bruised (my dog hit the back of my leg with her tail one day and I had a bruise 5 minutes later as big as a softball), dizzyness, brutal PMS, itching and allergy like symptoms, small rash bumps over the tops of my arms, gas, bloating, my teeth are terrible due to loss of enamel, swelling in my feet and legs, overweight and starving all the time, low vitamin B and D (taking supplements which aren't helping), white spots on my finger nails, spells where I get dizzy, very hot and feel like I will pass out for no reason, constantly thirsty, and most recently the high blood pressure. For the bruise on my leg when my dog hit me my doctor said the dog hit me just right to make it bruise like that. She also said the joint pain was onset of rhematoid arthritis and gave me a prescription. For the itching I was given Allegra for allergies. The swelling in my feet was from the high blood pressure. The pain in my wrists was from carpel tunnel. The dizzy spells and fatigue is from the high blood pressure. The pain in my legs and the muscle tremors were from low vitamin B and D. The depression was just depression and I was given yet another drug. Never through all of this did she ever once put it all together...how could I have so many symptoms and nothing unusual be wrong with me...so I of course assumed it was from getting older. Two weeks ago I was searching online for yet another diet to try and lose weight. I am about 60 pounds too heavy. I can literally put away a quarter of a pound of pasta with six meatballs and be starving a half hour later...something really wrong there. So I came across the Gluten Free diet. I started reading about it, then the association with Celiac Disease, and I read all of the symptoms of that. I was AMAZED!!!! I instantly knew that is what is wrong with me. I had almost every symptom on the list except seizures and, of course, weight loss. That night I went to the store and got gluten free cereal, fruit, yogert, chicken, rice and veggies. I started the diet on Sunday. Monday I was only in the bathroom ONCE ALL DAY!! I thought it was a miracle and won't ever look back. I called the doctors office and told her I thought I have this. She looked over my records and said "You may be right". Gee, thank you for that! It makes me want to cry because I used to live on pasta, bread and chocolate chip cookies. I was gung ho when I first started because I was so happy that I finally figured it out and it wasn't all in my head and it isn't just because I am getting old, but now almost two weeks later I am very depressed thinking I have no choices in my food intake anymore. There are only so many things I can find...and reading lables on everything makes a 15 minute shopping trip turn into an hour and a half. I can't even buy frozen veggies because the bag says it may contain wheat....veggies containing wheat????? So now I have to pay double for fresh everything. I am on unemployment and can't afford the food I have to eat. I also don't want to not get enough of something and get sick because of that. Now I am having issues with cross contamination...which I learned about on this board or never would have known it was so bad. I also think I may be having problems with milk and some of the harder to digest things as many of you have. I just don't know what to eat so that ALL of my symptoms go away, so I start healing and get this all behind me. I know some things may take months or years for repair, but I am scared that I will eat something wrong and have a bad relapse, or take the chance of getting another disease associated with gluten intolerance. Any suggestions about what is absolutely safe and easy to digest that I can start out with so I know I'm not eating anything bad? I would appreciate any advice or your stories that might help me. I am just so overwhelmed I don't know what to do. Thank you in advance!!!!