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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Omg This Sucks...

    Well been off gluten for almost 2 months now... and guess what? I'm in no mood to continue. My general attitude towards everyone is bad going to worse. So I've taken a step in keeping my sanity in check: Back to the food I love. Unless my children are diagnosed with Coeliac, I'm sticking to my decision. I've lived with the pain most of my life, I can deal with it for the rest of it.
  2. Well the doc that gave me the news not long ago told me many of his patients suffer from various degrees of depression when going cold turkey... But everyone is different and unique. Getting a second toaster is a good start. Get rid of the obvious cross contamination... toaster or toaster-oven, cutting board, that pot of peanut butter with bread crumbs all around the rim. You get the picture. Good luck
  3. Sorry to hear it, I was hit with the news only a week ago, and like you I've probably had it most of my life. The best thing I can tell you right now, is research research and more research. Depending on how sensitive you are to gluten, I would suggest (remember this is just me, others may not agree) going off the gluten foods gradually. I've been off the good stuff for a week now, and I'm going bonkers. So what I'm saying is try to avoid depression. Check out the site, there's a list of what's good and not. And ask questions. Talk to a dietician and try to avoid the obvious...bread and pasta. Good luck,
  4. What Am I Doing?

    WhenDee... you just described what I'm feeling, minus that last part of things passing. lol
  5. What To Do... What To Do...

    I'd go with Jestgar on this one. One last whoraw... Enjoy the day, enjoy the family and friends... eat the food. As for being diagnosed with celiac disease, well: Welcome to the club, the one you never wanted to join. [man i love that quote]
  6. Nothing To Eat

    Happy to see you have a sense of humour. I don't know how you do it. Keep at it
  7. Hard To Believe What Ive Become

    I hear ya... guess I'm feeling something similar, losing the normality, the night outs. Got my biopsy results just 8 days ago, and I'm already going crazy. The prospect of no longer being able to eat out etc etc etc. Well I'm happy you stuck with the diet so long. I got a feeling I won't be as lucky
  8. Odd Benefits Of Going Gluten Free

    Wow..man maybe I'll finally get rid of that third arm.
  9. Omg This Sucks...

    Jeez... I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but I do enjoy it from time to time. And yes, it seems that US and CAN foods aren't automatically the same. That goes for distribution/manufacturing of products. For example, Kellogg's Gluten Free Rice Krispies. According to an email I got, there's no market for it up here so they won't make it available. So in keeping with the title of this thread.. man this sucks. At least now I know that special attention needs to be given towards chocolate.
  10. Office K-Cup Maker

    We have that at work also, so far I haven't had any cramps etc.
  11. Tostitos

  12. Job Interviews--How To Bring Up Celiac?

    You know during an interview at some point they usually say "Do you have any questions?" I would mention your condition then. No safer time seeing the floor is open to you...
  13. Omg This Sucks...

    As far as help from the Canadian gov. there's not much there besides a tax credit for gluten-free foods. Doesn't mean they don't help, but I haven't found much at the moment. I did however signup to the Quebec Association for celiac disease, should be getting a few books and info on how to cope, live etc etc etc. All this research is overwhelming I must say. As far as CC goes, well having been a tattoo artist at one point I'm well aware of it. Very easy to contaminate something if one is not careful, and all precautions must be taken I agree. But at this time, I won't be going RAMBO on CC in the kitchen (and the wife). Not until I know how sensitive I am to Gluten. So far we're being careful preparing meals, and I do have my own toaster. Everything is separated in the kitchen. I have the foods I can and cannot so as to make sure no one mixes. We are getting a dish washer... Must this forum is very active, and this calms me down a bit. Knowing that there's always someone logged in and ready to jump in with a comment, suggestion and/or kind word.
  14. That's why I wrote in "for what it's worth". But I'm not surprised. IMO, it comes down to the priest. My cousin's a priest, and he sees no problem with a gluten free alternative. Which is why I think a good long intelligent conversation with your priest/pastor/<insert name here> is something that needs to be done. If he/her won't agree, go see his/her boss and start over. I do think faith is important, you kinda need to be healthy to practice your faith. Just my 2cents CAD
  15. Omg This Sucks...

    Holy cow... thanks for all the great replies. I actually laughed today, which is something I haven't been doing much these days. Guess I have lots to learn, although I know I'm not alone in this. Nice to be able to communicate with other living with this condition. Knowing that what I'm feeling (depressed, sense of morning) is normal. I'll try that bread recipe for sure. I've made 2 loafs using another recipe already. Better then the store stuff, but still not great. Listening to teachers is something I'm used to. My mum is also a retired English teacher Some good news today; I ate gluten-free mac & cheese this evening (added Tabasco). Found a gluten-free store that actually delivers in my area. Expensive, but the quantities are larger then what the groceries offer: 2.2kg vs 600g. And I found some potato chips, that according to the ingredients, have no gluten. Ice cream and some chocolate syrup. Labels seem good. What's funny now, is I notice what other people are buying at the grocery line up. Like that woman behind me earlier this evening getting 5 baquettes, buns and other wheat products.... oh the smell. lol Words of encouragement is something I need right now and I'm getting those. Again thanks