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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I used to love that stuff! Too bad I can't have it anymore. :-( I've been allergic to corn for 2.5 months. Sierra Mist Natural does have citric acid, which is almost always from corn in the US so I have heard on another corn allergy forum. So if corn is an issue for you, be cautious. Citric acid gives me migraines, dry itchy skin, and the same feeling I get right before I get a really bad cold...post nasal drip, achy, like I've been hit by a MACK truck...blech!
  2. I just had my first reaction to corn at the beginning of May of this year, so I'm still figuring this out. Here are my reactions: Corn kernels - esophageal swelling within minutes Corn syrup - lump in the throat Cornstarch - tickly scratchy throat Citric acid - hives and itchy/scaley skin, scratchy throat like post nasal drip and a migraine, usually next day White vinegar - hives and itchy/scaley skin Xanthan gum - hives and itchy/scaley skin I still accidentally get corned but I have been keeping a food diary since my corn reaction so I've been figuring most of it out thanks to this list I found on the net: http://www.cornallergens.com/list/corn-allergen-list.php HTH!
  3. Corn-Free Marshmallows?

    I think the corn-free alcohol list is short, but I do know potato vodka is safe (unless you have issues with nightshades). I haven't made my own yet, despite having purchased the potato vodka at the liquor store and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans from Amazon.
  4. I'm on another forum for just corn and members there have confirmed that Squigle toothpaste is corn free. The Xylitol is from birch. I don't get sores in my mouth from it, like regular toothpaste. http://squigle.com/ Cannot attest to the other allergies though, but maybe it's start?
  5. Corn in soaps makes my skin tingle/burn (like prickly pins and needles) and itch really bad. For example, I was bathing my son a few weeks ago with his regular Aveeno baby body wash and my arms felt prickly like painful pins and needles, so I switched him to what I've been using: Gluten-Free Savonnerie shampoo and local goats milk soap from our farmers market. (Why it didn't occur to me to switch him sooner, I don't know. I blame old age and pregnesia!) I use Earth Friendly Products Dishmate dish soap, as do a lot of other corn allergy sufferers I know from another forum and have had no corn problems. I am gluten-free and DF by choice, since I started having reactions to corn a couple of months ago and also because I have an autoimmune disorder, which my new diet seems to have helped. But since I am only gluten-free by choice, I don't know if the Dishmate is gluten-free or not. HTH!
  6. The smell of Greenworks gets to me, as I've gotten more sensitive to scents, and it makes my fingers and hands itch. White vinegar is corny, so best to avoid it. Here's a great list of all the corn allergens if you haven't seen this link/list already. http://www.cornallergens.com/list/corn-allergen-list.php Depending on your level of sensitivity, beware of paper products like paper plates, cupcake liners, styrofoam cups, plastic cutlery, toilet paper and paper towels (cornstarch), and all feminine products (cornstarch and/or polysorbate). Also, be very cautious of all medications (google for inactive ingredients), "___ flavor" ingredient, extracts with alcohol (potato vodka is safe) and perfumes....all corny. I've been "allergic" to corn since May of this year. Skin prick test was negative, but my esophagus swells when I eat corn, corn syrup, cornstarch. And stuff like citric acid, vinegar, xanthan gum gives me hives, headaches, GI upset, etc.