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  1. I have celiac disease. I get a lot of random symptoms. I can barely afford to eat more than plain rice most weeks, I cant afford to go to the doctor for every symptom. and the last time I tried talking to a doctor about unusual symptoms that horrible excuse for a doctor ran $500 worth of tests and called me to say the tests showed nothing so theres no point in me coming in again because she cant help me. i have problems on top of problems health wise. I have been diagnosed since May 2011 and I barely feel better. I am incredibly careful to avoid ingesting gluten. no matter what I do I am in pain from something every single day. and not only is there no doctors I have found that care to even try to help, I cant afford to search for one that would help and I cant afford to visit the doctor even if they would help.
  2. well if by some magic I find a large amount of cash lying on the street I will think about going to the doctor. also if i actually find a doctor in this town willing to actually try helping someone. until then i will just have to tough it out i guess.
  3. I had a strange thing happen to me today. It has happened before but I always passed it off as me just being significantly more tired than I realized. This time though I was not even a little bit tired and it was hours before bedtime. I was spending time with my fiancé and friends when suddenly I started feeling sick. My abdomen began to hurt and I became extremely nauseous. I curled up on the couch hoping it would help with my stomach feeling like it would explode. Then I began to have trouble keeping track of what was going on around me, my eyes kept closing. I felt incredibly dizzy. Then time kept skipping. I missed several parts of the conversation. I still didn’t feel tired during any of it, just felt dizzy. When it stopped I was aware of everything around me again but I still felt sick. I felt weak and shaky and dizzy. I was completely uncoordinated and my head was under pressure and it was hard to focus on anything. It really doesn’t feel like I fell asleep but that’s what everyone around me thought happened. Has anyone else had something similar happen? Does anyone know what this might be caused by?
  4. Diabetes?

    Thanks for the replies. They are very helpful. I have a really bad and intense sweet tooth and always have. I eat waay to much sugar. I am constantly thirsty, I pee a lot, I get really hungry some days but often have a bad appetite. I weigh more than I should by about 30 pounds and do not lose weight it would seem. I have begun to have almost constant headaches, some dull but lasting a long time, others sudden and sharp but short. I’m always super tired. I bruise really easily and it never seems to go away. I have really bad circulation in my fingers and toes (the literally feel like ice cycles most of the time) these are the reasons I keep wondering about diabetes. Juliebove your information about what levels actually mean is very helpful (no clue about this stuff) and I am thinking I might need to just test myself. I refuse to bother with the useless money grubbing filth that is the doctors in this town until I have something more concrete. I might also look for that A1C test to, thanks GFinDC.
  5. I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac here but I was diagnosed in 2011, I have been gluten free and I still am sick every day. I know I have celiac disease, I had both the blood test and the biopsy to confirm, but the amount of symptoms I’m still having just makes me wonder what else is wrong. I’ve been researching Diabetes a lot lately and I do have symptoms but at this point with all the crazy health problems I’m wondering if I’m seeing more than there actually is. Some days I really feel like I’m going crazy. How do you tell if you have Diabetes? How severe do the symptoms need to be?
  6. I posted on their facebook and even posted this link http://blog.swipely.com/loyalty/gluten-free-diners-restaurant-guide which has some good information. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they really don't know, they are a pretty small pizza place after all. so far no response but they haven't deleted my post either, maybe they haven't seen it yet who knows. but it's just so frustrating to never know if a restaurant is being honest when they say gluten free. I try to not be a jerk about my disease but sometimes it just gets upsetting how few options there are. I almost wish I lived somewhere a bit more gluten free friendly.
  7. I live in Great Falls, Montana. This is Montana so there isn’t a Lot of option when going to a restaurant but there are still several advertising gluten free options including 2 restaurants that do have fantastic gluten free options (Boston’s and Jaker’s) but both of those options are rather pricey and more sit down. When I heard a local pizza place (The Pizza Baron) advertising gluten free pasta and pizza I was excited. I mean they deliver. Its been years since I had food delivered. So I called them up to check…. They cook their noodles in the same pot. Same water. Same strainer… These people are advertising gluten free food but have no clue what that even means and are poisoning any celiac and gluten sensitive’s that take their claim at face value and trust them enough to eat it. I know they are doing this to jump on the gluten free band wagon (hello Dominoes all over again) but the pressure put on Dominoes led them to add warnings that the food was not safe for celiacs. Now after that long rant here’s my question: Is this legal? Is it legal to advertise something as gluten free when it is not. Is there really no system for this, no mandatory anything? People can just call whatever they want gluten free? I don’t know very much about laws but it just doesn’t seem right. Isn’t this at the very least false advertising? I can’t be alone on this sentiment.
  8. I haven’t posted on here in awhile, I have just been so stressed out and busy lately. I’m a full time college student, I’m taking online classes because how much trouble I had health wise when I was in high school. And I also work part time at Sam’s club as a cashier. I was diagnosed June 2011 and I have been struggling ever since. I read all these post about how great people feel after going gluten free. I have had a small amount of improvement, but not much. I still struggle daily. I’m always sick. I tried seeing a doctor recently and she ran a bunch of tests and called me to say that my vitamin d is low and there’s nothing more she can do for me. At this point I can’t help but wonder if I have something else in addition to celiac disease. I also keep wondering if my job has been making me worse. First let me just state that I was having a hard time before I started my job and I am so used to feeling bad that I don’t always notice when my condition worsens. I am a cashier at Sam’s club and for those that don’t know Sam’s Club is a large bulk item store that you need a membership to enter. It sells electronics and clothes, but mostly it sells food. Lots of very large packages of food. 50 pound bags of flour. I have never had a skin reaction to gluten (I do have constantly dry hands to the point that they crack and bleed but I also wash my hands Constantly) but sometimes it just really worries me. This worry might not be necessary but when you pick up a bag of flour it’s just not possible to avoid getting some on your hands and clothes. Unfortunately even if my job is causing problems I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it. I have tried switching to another section but all sections end up in contact with food product and they wont switch me anyways. And I can’t get another job. I put in 100 applications when job hunting. Sam’s club is the only one that gave me an interview even. I have applied for places since then but none would give me a chance. And on top of that I honestly can’t even think of entry-level positions that don’t involve food in this area. Maybe I’m not thinking outside the box enough, I don’t know. Also Sam’s pays better than any other part time entry-level job around here that I know of and I already am struggling, I just can’t afford to eat on less money than what I am making now. I also just have to wonder, am I the only person with this problem. Did any other celiacs have trouble with their job when they were diagnosed? With the amount of people diagnosed I think its highly unlikely that I am the only one that’s worked around food. Sometimes I get so stressed out when reading forums because so many suggestions involve spending so much money. Yes I do know that’s its for my health but that doesn’t change the fact that I cannot afford most of it. I make just enough money to pay rent and gas and have maybe $100 left over for food and any other necessities that come up. I do not have any health insurance and I can barely afford my food let alone any extras like vitamins.
  9. Thank you guys so much for responding. It’s so amazing to post and actually get a response. And honestly I have never been able to talk to another celiac before. I have not been taking multivitamins. I have a couple vitamins in the cupboard (and I have started taking the Vitamin D since I got the results) but I have never regularly taken vitamins for several reason, 1. I was once told that if you take them to often it’s not good. 2. I have never known what to take and no doctor has been able to suggest anything. 3. They are so expensive I don’t see how I could ever afford to buy them very often at all I have never actually tried digestive enzymes or probiotics. I have never thought of them, I don’t really know what they are or anything. I will read the post in the newbie 101 thread though. I do suspect that there’s still damage in the intestines but I keep reading all these posts and articles from celiac’s saying how much better they got after going gluten free. I just don’t understand why I’m not better yet. My doctors never did tell me how damaged my intestines were when I was diagnosed (not sure whether or not they can tell..) I started a food diary… but I just started it Monday so it will be a bit before there’s enough information for it to be helpful. Unless a miracle happens and I suddenly become rich I will definitely not be able to go to a celiac center. I moved to Great Falls in February and I still haven’t been able to save up enough money to drive the 170 miles to Missoula to pick up the rest of my belongings. You guys posted such helpful suggestions. I just don’t understand how anyone can afford all of that.
  10. Hi, My names Jade and I have been a member of this forum for several months but this is my first post. Honestly I'm not fond of forums but there are no support groups I've found anywhere close to where I live. I’m not sure if this post is in the right place but I don’t know where else to post it so I apologize if it’s misplaced. In May 2011 my doctor said I might have some problems with gluten and put me on a diet to see how it worked. I couldn't stand the diet and refused to be on it unless I had to. So she did a blood test and told me I had celiac. I did research which said the blood test is not 100% definite so I went to a gastroenterologist who put me back on a gluten diet for 2 weeks then biopsied my intestines. About a month later the results came back in and I was diagnosed with Celiac. Which is a disease most of my family wont accept as a real health problem. For a week I went catatonic and barely ate. Everyone of course got pissed at me for being unreasonable and told me its not that bad and to stop whining about it when I could have something so much worse than this. I started seeing a nutritionist but I only saw her a couple times because it’s not covered by my insurance. She was not very helpful though, she gave me a few websites, told me a little bit about celiac than told me I’m too picky an eater and to just shut up and eat the food. For a long time I kept finding out that stuff I was eating thinking it was safe wasn’t and kept having to readjust my diet. Since then I have come to accept my disease and my diet. I have begun experimenting in the kitchen and making gluten recipes into gluten free recipes. And other than some accidental glutenings here and there I have been on a strict gluten free diet for almost a year at least. And yet I still have symptoms on a Daily basis. By now I have completely lost faith in doctors. I haven’t met any that know much at all about celiac and most of the time they just want your money. I also at this point do not have insurance and can barely afford a gluten free loaf of bread let alone a doctor’s visit. But my mom has decided to be a hypochondriac for me and has decided I must have something else. So she offered to pay for a doctor’s visit and a bunch of blood tests. The appointment went mostly good. She used the word allergy….. But she agreed there might be something else here and said she would “look into it” and signed me up for all kinds of blood work…. Couple days later I get a call saying my blood work came back fine other than I have low vitamin d and should start taking vitamin d supplements and there’s no need to make another appointment. That’s it. No idea what low vitamin d does (until I looked it up online of course) and no indication from her as to how low it was. Got the outrageously large bill the next day (kind of wish they had sent the actually results with it but I intend to call and request those Monday) Here’s a list of all the tests: Triiodothyronine (t3), vitamin D, comprehensive metabolic panel, thyroid stimulating hormone, thyroxine (t4), CBC W/ auto differential, iron, transferring, vitamin B12, and folate Needless to say, I feel terrible, I hate doctors, I’m incredibly broke and stressed, and I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m not completely certain what the point of this post is and I apologize for rambling. But I need to make myself post something once so I can start actually posting on forums because there is no where else I can go.