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  1. Frankie's In Uxbridge Ontario

    Anyone ever tried Frankie's? Its in Uxbridge, just a bit northeast of the Greater Toronto Area. They have french press style teas and coffees served table side, as well as over 3 dozen different alcohol choices, including some fantastic wines. Its almost all locally sourced when in season and they have been getting great accolades from the Celiac Society. They also own and serve some amazing things from Frankie's Bakery, which is just down the street. Things like sticky toffee pudding and an amazing carrot cake. Worth a drive if you live near it. Its a completely gluten and nut free restaurant, so no special menu. Its fun to order and not have to explain anything. On their website is the story of how Frankie's came to be, including many family members with multiple allergies. Its a great story and such a positive way to overcome. We go about once a month, its not crazily priced and their panini's are unbelievable. My favourite so far was the three cheese panini, and the chocolate mint gelato. I also had some amazing wine there from Spain. The atmosphere is like a pretty bistro, with a chalkboard posting some desserts and specials. Anywho, I am rambling. Just excited, its been 4 months since I found them and I am still impressed :-)
  2. The Holy Crap Cereal

    Good to know then! Ty both for the info. I am going to grab a bag from a local store, but just one to see how it goes. I will hold off on the 3 pack/free shipping special lol. I like the idea of adding it to baked goods, since I already add chia seeds. Bit bland though? bummer, when I was reading the ingredients It 'sounds' like it should pack a flavour punch...but thats exactly why I wanted to ask the forum, so Thank you for that heads up too.
  3. Thinking of ordering some of this cereal for an upcoming trip to New Zealand. We will be travelling in a small camper van, but it has some storage and a fridge. The idea of waking up and eating this quickly before starting my day sounds amazing. It was on the Dragons Den, a rerun I caught this week and I was just wondering if anyone has heard of it? Its called 'Holy Crap'...which makes me giggle to boot! By a Canadian couple, out in British Columbia. This list was what got me interested... Gluten free Lactose free Wheat free Sugar free Nut free All natural Vegan Contains 8 full servings No cooking required Its also GMO free, and you only need 2 Tbsp's. I hope its not too good to be true. If anyone has tried it please post, I would love to hear from you.
  4. Focaccia Bread Recipe...

    Yes!!! That's exactly it. I love the ability to swap out anything you may have an allergy too (she has a full list to choose from, the above was her personal blend). Plus I adore baking by weight, so I appreciated it when she switched over to that style. I have a had a piece of the focaccia everyday since making it, and again OP, TY
  5. Any Celiac(s) From Canada

    Such fun! So many of us from all the provinces and territories. I am north of Toronto, off Lake Simcoe. Originally from Belleville Ontario. I took my diagnosis as the dream come true that it was to me. Finally a reason, a definable, medical reason, that others could understand. No more pain, no more embarrassment, no more bloating up and looking pregnant randomly, rashes from my job...I was a Baker :-)No more 2-3 times a year hospital visits, with an exhausted husband asleep by my bedside while I cried silently in frustration that I was back here AGAIN. I already knew how to bake and cook, though for a week or two I felt a bit overwhelmed and just ate salad and chicken lol. Then my appetite and creativity kicked in. I have always been the daughter that cooked for my family since I was 9, it was a passion! SO now, when we visit my mother, or sister or M-in law, I still make everything, but its all gluten free now. X-mas dinner was a mescalin greens salad with lobster in a lemon and butter vinagrette, followed by orange roasted root vegetables, mashed potatoes and Leg of Lamb. Pavlova with fresh whipped cream and berries for dessert. Anyone who says they don't know what to eat...give it time, you will find your way. It just takes time. Without my husbands support, before and after diagnosis..well I don't even want to think about that. To anyone trying to find certain items at a local store but coming up short, I would say, check out a recipe and have a go at it yourself. Making your own food is very satisfying and somethings that you may have thoughts were complicated are not. Things like beef jerky, or yogurt/sour cream, or even your own potato chips. All super simple things. If you need any recipes, PM myself, or check out the recipes section. I am super excited to see so many Canadians on this forum, lets keep this thread rolling!!
  6. I agree. I was diagnosed 1yr, 2 months ago. I had a huge pity party for myself, but then realized that being handed the answer to a lifetime of pain and discomfort, was something to celebrate. Instead of getting down on what you think you can't eat, get excited at what you can! Still all the fresh veggies and fruits, tasty unprocessed meats, eggs. You will get to discover new grains! Like Quinoa. You can still eat rice, potato, rice noodles/wraps. Anything fresh and wholesome is now your ticket for relief and fullness. Try a tasty stirfry, with fresh garlic, ginger and some hot chile's. You don't need a sauce, and when you aren't feeling so overwhelmed, then go do some more grocery sleuthing. Baby steps. Like grilled broccoli, with olive oil and sea salt as a side dish for a beautiful bbq'd steak and mashed potato's. You can do this, focus on the small things, the staples, and everything else will come in time. Also, depending on where you live, some natural food stores offer tours(free) and will highlight sections in the stores that will have what you need. Nature's Emporium is huge for that up here in Canada. Gluten free signs clearly marked in every aisle. Keep it whole and fresh! Good luck and know you are not alone. All of us were where you are right now.
  7. I am gonna sound a bit negative and I am sorry for that. Am I the only one that was disappointed that it 'wasn't' a fresh dough? I had already tried the kinnick pizza crusts months ago, but found the taste oddly sweet. When I heard about BP having gluten free pizza i was very excited. Unfortunately my server fibbed that it was a fresh made crust, since I recognized it by its rectangular shape. Maybe she was new, or just excited that they had something to offer, but my face just fell when I saw it. BUT, all that being said, the server WAS on point with what could and couldn't go on it, worked with me, and other than that weird sweetness, it was very nice to be on a patio, relaxing and heating a hot cooked meal. So at face value, its great for that. I still prefer homemade. I found a great recipe months ago and feel like I won the pizza lottery, which probably contributed to my feeling let down at BP. Still, every step forward is amazing to people becoming informed and interested in helping us enjoy eating out.
  8. Hello to all the Aussies and New Zealanders! My husband (no food issues) and myself (celiac) are traveling to NZ for the rugby world cup this year. I am not sure of what I can bring in my baggage so i still need to do some research. We will be travelling and sleeping in a camper van that we reserved last year for the 26 days. My question is, how much am I looking at for an average box of gluten free cereal, and are there any chains, cafe's or local places that you frequent that will have reliable gluten free choices and again, average costs. We have budgeted our fuel, our fun and our shopping budget, but I am at a loss for how much money we will need for food. Sorry, I know, thats a bit of a big request ugh :-( I am just nervous about being lost. I have a huge comfort zone with reliable brands here in Ontario, Canada but not all of it will travel well, or customs may yank it from my luggage. Thanks in advance, getting super excited about seeing your beautiful country. I had the good luck of visiting Australia, N.S.W. area and Sydney. A month was not even close to enough time spent. One of the best months of my life. Oh and we bought the Canada ticket packet, so we will get to watch the All Blacks obliterate our Canuck team lol :-)
  9. Naan And Other Indian Bread

    Those sound fantastic. I love making crepes but hadn't thought of a savoury style for a main course addition! Will be making these later this week, thanks for the inspiration ;-)
  10. Focaccia Bread Recipe...

    Thank you sincerely for the welcome. Its just because of the gums issue that I switched to chia seeds first (but the smell/taste and discolouration of whatever I was baking just frustrated me)Psyllium is new to me but in the last few things I have made, It has really been impressive. I used to be a Baker. Unfortunately, once I was diagnosed, the itchy skin, rashes and constant vomiting, headaches and nausea just grew too much to bear. I couldn't taste test anything anymore, and the flour was on my skin, under my baking clothes, that stuff got everywhere. The owners, for popularity reasons didn't want to switch to gluten free baked goods, so my career ended at that point. Anyways, life is much better now, and I totally rambled in the wrong forum topic lol. Please keep up the recipes for those of us re-learning!
  11. Focaccia Bread Recipe...

    Ok, so I am saying in advance that I used this as an outline, not a hard and fast rule. Its how I like to bake so please take that into account, BUT I never could have made this such a success without your fantastic recipe. I look forward to reading through more of the food forums to find your little gems!!! Changes I made, -I cannot handle gums, so I used 2 tsp of Psyllium powder instead. -I use a flour blend created by another website that I am sure many of you are already aware of, its gluten free girl. The Ahern's flour blend. It shares many similar ingredients to the OP, so I took the liberty since I had it all ready mixed and in a container ready to go. (Its flexible for many allergies, since it uses a weight ratio, subbing different flours in or out is so very easy) Ok, that was it for changes :-) This was amazing. I am not sure if my changes added that 'chewiness' everyone wanted, or If i just got lucky! It was chewy, crispy on the bottom, with this salty top that was tender and truly life changing lol. Just amazing and I sincerely thank you for this recipe <3