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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Airborne gluten reactions

    Than you for your replies. You have given me a lot of think about😷
  2. Airborne gluten reactions

    Thank you for your response. I don’t work or live in a gluten environment but when I am out, often at a restaurant or grocer, I get these itchy reactions and I have not eaten anything. I may react differently to airborne gluten than others, but I have no doubt that I do have it. My hope is that there may be a way to prevent this from happening, other than never leaving my house. Thanks again.
  3. I have Celiac disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis. I have been gluten free for many years but still get very many itchy sores which have been diagnosed as DH. I seem to be reacting to airborne gluten and wonder if anyone else has this strange phenomenon. I also wonder if there is anything I could do to prevent this. Thanks in advance. Bananababy
  4. What Do I Have?

    I have had numerous blood tests and a biopsy but I'm not sure it was taken from the right spot. I've also had a colonoscopy and an endoscomy. I've never had a celiac panel - what kind of doctor do you go to to get that test? You are the first person to ever give me a definite answer - thank you!
  5. What Do I Have?

    I believe I have DH. After seeing several dermatologists, I am always told that the tests are negative and no-one knows what I have. I have read a lot of the forums and my symptoms seem to be different. I'm hoping the description of what happens to me sounds familiar to other forum members and hopefully I can have a more definitive self-diagnosis. My outbreaks occur on my hands, fingers, feet, ankles, legs, arms and, sometimes, my buttocks. I will suddenly get very itchy in one spot and the itch is intense. There is no rash but sometimes there are little bumps on the surface. I must scratch - there's no way I cannot. When I scratch the area, the skin starts to peel but only the top layer of the skin comes off (similar to peeling after a sunburn). Once the top layer of skin has been opened, the itch goes away. It doesn't bleed but the area waters and the next day I have a very red and sore patch where I scratched. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thank you in advance for your reading of my post and, hopefully, a response. bananababy