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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. No I was never diagnosed. I didn't have insurance or money at the time, but gluten was killing me so I cut it out and felt alot better. Recently though I started having symptoms again and seizures. I ended up in the ER twice so I had to finally try and get diagnosed. I think I was getting CC though and that's why the symptoms came back. I didn't think much about it back then but now I do! I agree with you the test was useless, oh well. I guess I'll just keep on with gluten free and being super careful about CC, it seems to be working so far. Regards! Marion
  2. Thanks for the reply! That's starting to make alot more sense. These results were from 1 week gluten challenge. I was off gluten for about 2 yrs prior, so the Dr. suggested a gluten challenge but I only made it 1 week because my symptoms were so severe.
  3. Hi All, I was wondering if you guys could help me to interpret these test results? These are from a celiacs blood panel that they did. Unfortunately I couldn't make it through the gluten challenge, I only lasted a week. Lab: CELIAC DISEASE PANEL Name Value Reference Range GLIADIN AB IgA 2.3 <7 GLIADIN AB IGG 0.6 <7 IgA,SERUM 272 73-347 MG/DL (tTG) Ab, IgA 1.2 <7 U/mL TTG IGG 0.5 <7 U/mL Thank you! Marion
  4. I used to have really bad C too. If you can I would recommend seeing a nutritionist familiar with people with Celiacs disease. After alot of trial and error, a combination of probiotics in the morning and a product called "Hydrozyme" with each meal plus a magnesium pill has eliminated the problem. C can be caused by a myriad of issues. For me it was lack of "good bacteria" to digest the food and a magnesium deficiency.
  5. Hi All, I was diagnosed about 3 months ago via blood test. I was gluten lite for a few years so I had to do a gluten challenge which was horrible and landed me in the hospital 3 times. Anyhow, It's been three months totally gluten free. I live alone so it was no problem to replace all my pots and pans and anything that may have been contaminated. I also checked all of my cosmetics and soap and vitamins and switched to gluten free ones. I don't go out to eat anymore or eat at friends or relatives houses either. When I went gluten free I went from not being able to get out of bed to being able to function fairly well. It's gotten about 80-90% better. But I still have days where I get really dizzy and weak and other days I'm really fatigued. I went on the Gaps intro diet for about a month, where you are basically eating meat and veggie soups and gradually adding in new foods. I didn't notice much of a difference as far as symptoms go, I was just really really hungry all of the time. Is there something else I could be doing? or is it just normal for it to take this long to recover? Thank you all, Marion
  6. Hi, I just wanted to second the option to fire your doctor and say that you are not alone! I literally went through NINE doctors before I found one who didn't say it was all in my head. One of my most striking memories is being in the hospital for the third time in a month, I was having seizures, unable to move, only semi conscious. I heard the doctors telling my mom that I was depressed and to get me to a shrink ASAP and stop bringing me to the hospital for goodness sake! Oh wait a minute, I thought doctors and hospitals were supposed to help people! It took my mom asking everyone and then some if they knew a good doctor. My boyfriend kept saying "we need to find you the real Dr. House" and guess what? My moms friend who has Celiac recommended her Dr. who I later found out has the nickname Dr. House because he is such an excellent diagnostician. So, hang on. It Gets Better. You need a more knowledgeable doctor, one who will actually treat you, not send you away like some mad cow. All my best, Marion
  7. Thank you for the replies! These baking mixes were probably discontinued I got them at grocery outlet. The company told me they do test for gluten but they're not made in a gluten free facility. The ingredients of the cocoa brownie mix are: Cane sugar, brown rice flour, cocoa powder (processed with alkali), potato starch, natural flavor (maltodextrin, cocoa butter), xanthan gum, sea salt, baking soda. I always thought maltodextrin had gluten in it? How can it say gluten free if it has maltodextrin? That's really interesting that some people react to gums, I'll have to do more research on that. I think for now i'm going to stick to non-packaged foods, seems too risky. Thank you, Marion
  8. Hi All, I keep getting gluted from something and I'm trying to find the culprit. I was wondering if anyone has had reactions to Simply Organic baking mixes? like the brownies or cake mixes? Thank you! Marion
  9. Hi All, I just wanted to let y'all know about a great Dr. In Grass Valley Ca. He's an amazing diagnostition, and very compassionate. He's also very open to any new research. His name is Dr. Frost, I would recommend him to anyone who has a hard to diagnose case, he's very good at listening to all the details. In fact, everyone calls him "House" after the TV show Dr. Good Luck!
  10. I've heard of a lot of people who get false negatives on their blood tests. In my experience with Drs. You have to just be very firm. I've had 5 different Drs. over 11 years tell me it was all in my head and try to give me antidepressants. Unfortunately your experience is very common. Try to get a new Dr. Just keep going to different ones until you find someone who actually believes you and will test you correctly. In the meantime do as much research as you can. That way you can push for the right tests. I know how frustrating it can be, keep pushing for answers don't give up. If you don't need a formal diagnosis you could just follow the celiac diet and see if the symptoms go away. Some people are ok with that. Sorry your going through all that, I hope you come to a resolution soon!
  11. Thank you for the replies! and thank you bartfull for the great article link. I went to my Dr. and he agreed that I need to go gluten free immediately since my symptoms were so severe. He said with my family history (Grandma is Celiac) and with my symptoms, he's just going to do a gene test, and if I've got the genes he'll just diagnose me. Jeeze! no wonder so many people forgo the gluten challenge! On my way to healing now :-)
  12. Hi All! Thank you everyone for all the awesome information on this site! My Dr. decided to have me do a gluten challenge for the next six weeks. I am now entering week two of the challenge. I have read that you need to consume 1-2 pieces of bread for your body to produce adequate levels of antibodies for testing. I've been eating 1-2 pieces a day, and along with all the regular symptoms, fatigue, bloating, cramping, dizziness, I also started having seizures. Sometimes I just feel really confused, like I don't know where I am. Sometimes its like I'm in a dream, and then my body starts convulsing. Most of the time I'm at least semi conscious when this is happening. My family is really concerned, seizures aren't fatal right? I'd like to just stop eating gluten but I really need the test results. Do you think I should just eat less? Would it make the results inaccurate? Thank you!
  13. It could be multiple food intolerances. At first when I went gluten free, I was still feeling sick ALL the time! then I realized that I am sugar intolerant. This mean any type of fructose. Cane sugar, maple syrup, honey, agave etc. So I cut that out too. I didn't even hardly eat fruit for awhile! Then recently I was still feeling gluted sometimes, and I realized I'm one of the 13% of celiacs that are Oat intolerant. So out with the oats. In the early days when you are trying to figure everything out, it can be daunting. But never give up hope! You will find the answer, just keep persevering. also, as others have said, never underestimate the power of contamination. I have on many occasions and I certainly have paid dearly for it. Good luck!
  14. Anyone Else Sensitive To Caffeine?

    I'm glad I found this thread. I was just diagnosed about a month ago and have been completely gluten free since then. Recently however, I noticed that I was getting sooo tired in the mornings right after I had breakfast. I thought it had to be a cross contamination issue or maybe I was allergic to coconut which I had been eating at breakfast. Now I am wondering if it is a sensitivity to caffeine. It feels very similar to being gluted but a little different. I don't get the digestive issues or gluten brain, My body just feels like it was run over by a truck. Does anyone else experience this? I'm so tired of feeling this way!!!
  15. This is an article I think everyone especially doctors should read: http://health.yahoo.net/articles/healthcare/9-signs-you-should-fire-your-doctor