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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Mouth Sores

    I get them on my tongue, inside mouth and lips! Normally dont last long. 1st couple times they gave me this mouthwash but now I just wait and it goes away. I have tested negative for celiacs but have went gluten free before the testing. My tummy and back pain so much better but so hard to watch. Especially using pans, utencils etc cross contamination. I have not gone that far yet! So much stress watching everything that enters the mouth. I also have IC wich limits diet!
  2. I have found some things that I can eat that do not bother me. Gluten is in almost everything! All the special flours and recipe ideas sound like a lot of work to me. I like simple when it comes to the kitchen. I am a 37 yr old who is down to about 97 lbs 5'3 and cant seam to put the weight back on. I feel like I am slowly dying. I am not sure if its gluten, soy, dairy. I just know that when I get rid of those things I feel much better. My symptoms are tummy and back pain. The physical therapist says my muscles just tighten up. Couldnt figure it out BUT since I have gotten rid of the gluten to the best of my knowledge the muscles have stopped tightening. I dont sleep with aheating pad every night and the bladder is even better. Help me enlarge my food choices. I obviously am not that creative. With the bladder disease and then this I am limited in every way. I have 2 children and want to live again, just seams so far out of reach.
  3. Soy Intolerance

    How can you know if its the gluten or /and the soy? Most of the time they are both in a product. I am suspecting soy also. What product can I try thats just one or the other?
  4. More Questions

    It could have been the brownies that upset the bladder. Chocolate or caffeine is something to watch with IC.
  5. Can you get mouth sores from eating the gluten? I have had many neg tests(frustrating) but find getting rid of gluten has really helped my tummy pain. I ate gluten yesterday and by the end of the day had mouth sores. I have had them many times but never connected the two. Just did not know why I got them. Tired and frustrated and looking for help! Doctors can only help so much. Realizing their not Gods.
  6. So you can have mouth sores from eating the gluten? I continually test neg but find that eliminating the gluten helps. I however have constipation worse since going gluten free. Ate some gluten yesterday and had mouth sores by bedtime. I have had them many times before but never put the two together until now. Very frustrated and tired. Lost a lot o weight and not sure how to put it back on.
  7. Gluten is in almost everything. Most taco seasoning also have MSG. That could be a problem for you. I am also watching soy.
  8. I am also frustrated. I am a 37 yr old who weighs about 97lbs. I just want to eat. Endoscopy and colonoscopy good. I am concerned about gluten, soy, dairy. Not sure! I know that since I gave up gluten my tummy is so much better. I can not eat sweets, breads, pastas or should I JUST say what I can eat? I can eat baked fish, sweet potato, canned carrots, green beans gluten free pasta, GFcereal. Whats odd is when I do gluten-free waffles they bother my tummy and a couple other products. The other common ingredient in those products is soy?? I am now having constipation issues worse than usual. Possibly from rice bread/rice pasta/rice cheese, etc. Drs suggest constipation, IBS and doing gluten again to retest. Not really worth it but I feel like a hypocondriac when they dismiss me. I would love to gain 15-20 lbs and just dont know how. Doing Boost! Help!
  9. Lactose Int- 2002


    2010- mild peanut allergy

    Digestion Issues-trying to get relief! Possible gluten, soy issue?????

  10. I have a question for mushroom. If I have been avoiding gluten, will a colonososcopy still show celiac etc? I actually have Constipation, nausia, horrible back and tummy pain. Is that normal for the back to hurt? Its so hard to figure out what to eat because almost everything has gluten or soy. I stuck to the meat and cooked vegi/sweet pot diet and water for a couple weeks and actually had relief briefly. I obviously added something that has me a mess. Going to go back to the plain diet. I get a little rebelious and want something enjoyable and ya know . . . just something a simple as adding spices. Plain chicken gets old and I cant hardly tollerate fish much more. Interesting to hear that IC and muscle weakness go along with gluten issues I have never heard that. One of my previous theories is that the bowel pushing on the bladder(inflamation) might be increasing the bladder pain.