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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. So About 3 years ago when i was 19 I was diagnosed with celiac disease. I've been gluten free for the better half of those 3 years have haven't gained a single pound, no matter what or how much gluten-free food i eat. I really just am tired of being underweight, I'm 22 and barely at 100 pounds, if my gluten-free diet doesn't work and I havent put on a pound, what can i do to make my body GAIN WEIGHT!??? I've been thin my entire life so I've probably had celiac disease for a long long time.
  2. alright i have a bag of tyson frozen chicken wings in the freezer they have bones but are non breaded just glazed with a sauce. are they gluten free here's the seasoning ingredients
  3. i take a gluten free vitamin everyday. also i don't know if one of the products i work with are doing it, it could be and I've thought of that, but for the most part have ignored it. there's a bunch of different powders we work with, such as dry mixed tocopherols, caffeine, potassium citrate, citric acid, maltodextrin, taurine, niacinamide, there's many more but i'd need to get a list.
  4. I've started a new job through a hiring agency at a vitamin plant where my parent's have worked since the 70's and my mom is currently the only one who still works for the company at another facility, my dad is 71 and has since retired in 1998. I've busting my butt, working hard and I've had my good days and my "off" days, but I have so many "off" days its killing me. I do stupid stuff all the time whether it be putting a pallet on an elevator without stacking it on right or just plain simply screwing little things up or just making myself work harder and not smarter. and I get criticized as to why I did what I did and told to do it a different way, and all i can say is "I don't know why I did that, I guess I wasn't thinking.. I know my co-workers probably think I'm messed up in the head, or not all there. It's not funny and it's truly making my life a living nightmare, I've got HUGE shoes to fill, including my brother who worked for the team I'm on for a year until I got in. I want to get a direct job, and if i keep this up I won't make it, and this job is my life, and if I screw it up I'll off myself or something. I can't live with myself for messing up and failing my parent's reputation, its not in me to deal with that as a man. I want to perform as good if not better than my brother did too, and my work effort is there but my common sense is OUT THE WINDOW! Its like I cannot focus, I have had Celiac for my entire life and i always thought since I found out this past summer that its probably left me well, dumb in the head due to the fact that my body never got all the nutrients it needed. I feel like i got the short end out of all my brothers. I'm only 100 pounds at 20 years old still. i seriously seriously need advice, i can't admit I have celiac because that would keep me from getting a job there. And I feel like neither of my parents don't take this disease serious enough to the point where they'd believe this "brain fog" stuff. I can't tell my dad I've been performing poorly at work and this is likely the issue, I just can't. I've been spiraling down everyday emotionally its now like everyday I have a day where I'm just "out there", i can't take much more of this. Is there and actual name for this "brain fog"? is it a mental issue? because its literally destroying my life one day at a time. I've been eating gluten free for 2 months as well.
  5. I've been gluten free for about 2 or so months I think now, and I haven't had any stomach aches from eating any foods while being gluten free so I don't think I've been glutened, I only believe this is true because i had a small sip of beer about a few weeks into being gluten free before i reset the time frame and 15 minutes later y stomach was killing me, uncontrollable bloating and turning of my stomach and instant trip onto the toilet. and i thought why did I get a sudden horrible, painful stomach ache so suddenly, then I realized what i did! well now its been 2 more months. I feel as if my hair feels fuller and well less thin. Not that I lost hair but it just feels way softer and has more volume, could it just be because of my recent haircut 2 weeks ago or could it be me being healthier? I also didn't go nuts on trying to bu a new toaster or anything for my gluten free waffles and different silverware or anything and have been fine as well. I've only gained 3 or so pounds since being on this diet, but hasn't went up a bit since. how long til I start gaining any weight, I'm 20 years old and am at 100 pounds, was just diagnosed before my birthday this past august. This diet is great for me and I do feel better but mentally I'm still pretty depressed about things including going out with friends and ordering a lame steak. I'm sick of rice, and Gluten free pasta haha. this life I'll never be used to, but I guess its the life I've been given, ill take it over feeling like crap. is there anymore things that I should see if I notice that have improved since I've been on this diet? other than less back pain and more energy??? how did you feel, what did you notice?
  7. well anyone have anyidea what in the ingredients might be a tip off of having or containing gluten?
  8. I can't seem to find an answer. my dad bought me some Amish potato salad. the great value (walmart) brand, it has a little box that says "allergen info contains "(egg)" but nothing else. i really want it, but wnat to know if you think they would list whether is gluten free.
  9. I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease after 18-19 years and no doctor or gastroenterologist when I was younger either took the time to realize in the blood test that I had celiac and mis- diagnosed me with a bunch of other sutff. Now I'm not very happy regardless of whether I found out why I'm almost 20 and less than 100 pounds. I am VERY upset about this, I feel as though I've had everything taken away from me, I've eaten normal people foods for my whole life, gone out to eat with friend and family now i cant do any of that without eating either nothing or garbage. i hope there's a way I could sue these doctors for basically wasting hundred of thousand of dollars on trying to figure out why i was always so thin no matter how much I ate, and essentially ruining all the qualities of life i could have have and the suffering ill endure for the rest of my life. now I'll basically have no life, I can't go out with friends because they'll know i can't eat with them. when I turn 21 I can't go out with my other 2 brothers and all my friends and get drunk and hammered and party til my liver falls out. nobody wants to date a person whom is as skinny as me so I've given up on really trying to find a girlfriend, and after reading what could happen if this goes un-treadted, for all I know I'll never look normal, which I'm almost positive i probably wont because I've had this my whole life. for all i know i have cancer. and if after a few month I don't gain a pound ill give up on it, i cant do this for the rest of my life, if my intestines are too far damaged. I don't want to live life the way I "should" with this stupid disease. people tell me its not the end of the world, but they dont know what its like and to me, this has become the end of MY world. now I'll probably die with cancer or some debilitating disease releated to it. from this day on i feel as though its going to al go down hill, and there's NOTHING I can do about it. and if i say im depressed ill me commited to a damn hospital and treated even worse that now. i can't do this diet, I'd really rather die, because it bothers me that much that all these years i could have lived and looked normal excelled in my highschool wrestling instead of dropping out of the team because of weight loss.