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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Stomach Pain And Bloating

    I have been gluten free for about 3 months now. I was good for the first few weeks then I started getting pain again. I tried everything the doctors threw at me and some stuff they didnt. Started doing some research and found out the Celiacs have a connection with hypochlorhydria (too little stomach acid). After poisoning myself with Anacids for months i figured it would be worth a try. I got off all the antacids and started up on Betaine HCL with meals. I started off on a small dosage and plan on working my way up if I see some differences. Still fighting the big C but the pain has been a lot better since last Sat. So I have a feeling I am on to something. I had some malnutrition issues as well which I thought was just the Celiac, but now I think its more likely connected to hypochlorhydria. Ill keep you posted on the progress.
  2. Soy Or Milk?

    I started my diet back in July. I struggled with the dizzyness for a few months until I started up on some B12 supplements among other vitamins I thought I would be deficient in. But at the same time I started eliminating other things that I thought were hindering my progress. Soy and Milk for starters. I still had cheese without much reaction so I dont think its dairy. I figured it had to be something I ate because I have been feeling great as far as my head issues went. I have a suspicion that its the soy.....anyone ever had that type of reaction to it?
  3. Ok, so I have been trying to figure out this weight thing ever since self Dxing myself as a Celiac without freaking out. I started my Gluten Free diet back in July after a couple of weeks of being really sick. I have had most of my symptoms get better with the exception of what I believe to be a lack of stomach acid. I have been fighting the big C for a couple of weeks now and trying to get that under control. Back to the weight issue. I started out at about 275, im about 6'3" so I was overweight. I had high blood pressure and although I have diabetes in my family, I didnt have any blood glucose problems. I started losing weight fast, I know some of it was to the Gluten and some of it was that I just wasnt eating with fear that I would get sick. Jump to now.....I checked my weight this morning and I am at 243. Thats over 30 pounds in 3 months!!!! I no longer fit into my clothes and I went from a 40 waist to a 36. Not to mention my legs are getting skinny and I just feel thinner. For the most part I feel good, I did have some issues with malnutrition which I think came from the gastro problems I have had. I feel somewhat weak but I havent been able to hit the gym or anything like that either because I havent had much energy. My head issues are just clearing up. I have read through many threads and have seen a lot of weight loss posts but I guess im just freaking out a bit. I had my brother in law just pass from bowel cancer and I cant help to think that there is something else wrong with me. Im trying to eat more so I dont lose so fast but I think im setting myself back by doing so. I try to stay positive and enjoy the loss and the fact that my blood pressure is no longer high. It just doesnt feel healthy though.....
  4. Got word from the company that it is Gluten free. Must be getting my reaction from something else. Note that they instructed me to go to Celiac.com for more information. ha ha.....duh.
  5. So I have been doing farely well as far as my headaches and dizzyness goes. I have been avoiding Soy and Milk for a while now. Well yesterday I ate some Organic Prarie Jerky which isnt labelled to have soy but I figured it does. I also at some boyscout popcorn which is labelled to contain soy. I went through the rest of the day without much reaction although I felt a headache come on while trying to sleep last night. Kinda like a drunkness feeling. Not sure if its the soy. This morning I also realized that I was out of Rice Milk so I drank regular milk with my breakfast. Well about an hour or two afterwards I got a really dizzy type feeling that freaked me out a little. I dont really know if either is causing it but I figured since I havent felt this way since I got really sick a few months back and before starting my Gluten free diet. I eliminated soy in all the obvious places because I felt that if I was Celiac then there was a good chance of soy getting me as well. I also eliminated the Milk with the thoughts that it would help my gut heal a little faster. But I didnt give up Cheese or anything like that, just Milk. I have been drinking Rice milk until this morning. So do you guys and gals think it was the soy that did me in today or was it the milk. I have a feeling the Soy gave me the headache last night but could my dizzy spell and brain fog from today have come from yesterdays soy as well, or could it have been the milk?
  6. I dont usually have any type of DH issues (knocks on wood). Recently I started using Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 dry scalp shampoo and I seem to be getting soars and blisters on my scalp. I tried to do some research within the board but only found topics on the regular head and shoulders. I was wondering if anyone has had any issues with the 2 in 1 type and if soars would be a normal Gluten reaction on your scalp? Thanks ahead of time
  7. I have been battling some serious bloating and stomach inflamation the past few weeks and nothing has been able to help. Went to the Vitamin shop monday and bought me some Activated Charcoal, some Ginger, and some Golden Seal root tablets. Ive been an a minimal dosage of all three the past few days and I have felt significantly better. The abdominal pain that I had is almost all gone....the Big C that I have been dealing with is also getting better. Crazy thing is that I went to bed last night with a headache, 10 minutes after my head hit the pillow I felt a sensation that I have not felt in months. NO HEADACHE!!!! Not sure what one thing to credit with it or if it was a combo of the stuff I began taking. Im sure the Ginger had something to do with the headaches. My stools have been dark but not in a tarry kind of way. I did notice my heart racing a bit last night but I think it was more of the anxious feeling I got when the pain in my head went away. I havent been pain free in so long... Im taking the Charcoal about 30 minutes after I eat breakfast and dinner. None for lunch. Edit: Sorry Mods....didnt realize this thread was this old.
  8. Thank you, I had read that somewhere as well. I also heard that prolonged use of it can cause B12 problems. I tried taking my dose this morning first thing just to make sure it was on an empty stomach, lets see if I feel the difference.
  9. Thank you for your reply, I agree, im not saying I have a healthy GB, but I also dont think its where my pain is coming from 100%. I also dont think its what needs the attention at the time. Right now I just wanna stay Gluten free and try to get these deficiencies worked out. I just gotta find that strength inside of me to stick with it and let myself heal before I get discouraged again. I think going gluten free will help improve my Gallbladder, not sure why I think that but there just seems to be too much connection between the two.
  10. Yeah, I dont plan on staying on the Omep for too long, maybe ill just use what was prescribed which is one refill. The last doc that I went to go see seemed bugged when I mentioned the MMA test for B12. I think he actually googled it when I was in the room with him. He said, "let me look that up" when I mentioned it. Are you kidding me? At that point they get offended and they dont want to do anything anymore. He insisted that I shouldnt have my B12 tested because I had already started supplements. I told him that since I didnt have insurance and I was going to pay for it anyway, that I wanted to get it tested. So he approved it along with the Iron. Thats why I hope that my Iron shows something, even if my B12 tests are tainted, it would support my malabsorption claims and I might be able to get B12 shots from him. Because its been so difficult to get any medical support I had to go "underground" and by a mexican product called Beyodecta Tri which is a B complex shot in order to help me out. If I do have anemia im going to need it for good so I need the doc onboard. Like I said earlier, its hard to get things done when you are one step ahead of the docs.
  11. Exactly, I by no means am even thinking of surgery at this point. The thing is that I dont even believe that the pain I have is coming from the gallbladder. I have purposely tried eating some fattier/greasy type "gluten free" foods and have not noticed any change whatsoever. The only thing that makes sense to me at this point is gluten intolerance, and since I have been Gluten free now for a couple of months its too late to even try to get tested. I did go on a binge about 2 weeks ago that I am still paying for today, but I have since resumed my diet and I am feeling better by the day. My issue in a way is that I am one step ahead of the docs and I cant get things tested for because I choose to feel better before confirmation. For example my doc didnt want to test my B12 levels because my CBC didnt show any abnormalities. So I started taking supplements and I started to feel better. Then you tell them that and they say its too late to test because I am on the supplements. Im hoping the Iron tests I had done show something so that he believes my malabsorption claims. I hate that I have to make myself sick just to find out whats wrong with me when they had 5 ER visits to help me with it. Ok, now im venting but its been very frustrating. I hope and pray that I am on the right track but fear that something will eventually pop up thats going to send me back to square one again. So far ive had the following tested, CT scan of my head because I couldnt stand the pain of what I feel are the results of a severe glutening.(the binge I spoke about) EKG (a couple of them) chest xrays thyroid tests (because I asked for it not the docs) H pylori tests (which I also asked for) Gallbladder Ultrasound Hida Scan All of this out of pocket for a small business owner trying to keep his business afloat. Diagnosis so far for which they have prescribed me meds for Anxiety Depression Gastritis (which I believe I have) Acid Reflux Anxiety Anxiety Anxiety Everytime ive gone into see a doc they think im going crazy. Im smarter than that though, I have not filled any of those meds with the exception of Omeprazole which seems to help my tummy a bit. I know im not going crazy and I know that they are just pretty much guessing so thats why I choose not to take any of those meds. Ok, I need to stop this rant now.
  12. I was wondering if anyone here can help me shed some light on my Hida scan results. I know most of you here are not Docs but I trust many of you more than I do the MDs at this point. I havent been officially diagnosed but after 4 months of pain and suffering, trips to the ER and urgent care, I still havent been able to get a straight answer from anyone. Fortunately, I choose not to sit back and suffer through my symptoms and have been proactive in trying to get better. My "docs" are still at the "we are not sure but lets do the most invasive, expensive tests (I have no insurance)there is to try to figure this out" phase. I decided to go gluten free a few months back with different levels of success. While the gluten free diet seemed to cure a lot of my GI issues it did nothing for my "head" issues. I was still getting very dizzy and had terrible headaches as well. Once it went beyond what I thought were normal withdrawals, I ended up in a couple of more doc appts trying to find help. Of course I got none. After doing the research myself I decided that I must have some type of anemia. To make a long story short I had some B12 shots given to me by a relative and started up on B12 supplements as well as some other Vitamins I thought wouldnt hurt. Well, im glad to say those symptoms have gotten a lot better ever since. I still struggle with fatigue and slight brain fog but I figure that just needs time and possibly a better way of taking vitamins. I am currently waiting for my Iron levels that I had checked by one of the docs. I wanted to make sure that I covered all the bases, so I went in and had a Hida Scan done. They had already done an ultrasound in the ER during one of my flare ups and it showed no stones. I was still having some GI issues which I figured was gastritis from either the anemia or the heavy use of NSAIDs that I had been on for the headaches. But I wanted to make sure it wasnt my gallbladder. I received my results today and this is what they say, Initial uptake and configuration within the liver appears normal. Activity first seen within the gallbladder at 10 minutes with continued accumulation. Activity reached the duodenum by 25 minutes with continued passage. Following CCK, the gallbladder did contract. The gallbladder ejection fraction was estimated to be 31%. Normal ejection fraction is 35. Clinical correlation would be recommended. Clinical correlation? Does that mean they want it yanked? lol I have read up a lot about Gallbladder issues but I hear people mention functionality, would that be the same as ejection fraction? Either way I wouldnt have my gallgladder out for that number anyway. I have heard a lot of people talk about wishing they had not had their gallbladders removed until being off of gluten for a while. I can already see my docs blaming all of this on my gallbladder just to get me off their backs for now, then me ending up back in their office a couple of months down the road with the same issues. I never really thought my gallbladder was an issue, but how do I move on not knowing for sure that it isnt?
  13. Can some of you tell me what your symptoms were?
  14. Been gluten free now for three weeks. I've been really sick for a few months with all the common symptoms you read about on this site. All of a sudden tonight I feel great, no pain, no headaches, this wierd light feeling overcame me. Parts of my body feel different but not in a bad way. Great right? Wrong. I started having an anxiety attack. I feel like there is something wrong with me because I don't feel bad. Does that make any sense to any of you? I have not been diagnosed officially but I have learned enough to know that I needed to go gluten free in order to get better. I dont know how long I've been sick, just know that it hit it's peak a few months ago. Did any of you out there feel so different that it scared you? Im worried that im going to feel ways that I haven't felt and not realize it's me getting better. This migh not make any sense to some of you but this is all new to me. Unfortunately after a few hours of laying here in bed worrying, I'm starting to get a headache again. Oh well, hopefully these are the signs of recovery.
  15. This is very true. When I got sick and before I knew what was wrong with me, my mother gave me pepperming tea and it really helped.